Polymanga 2020 – pop culture is good

Polymanga 2020 – pop culture is good

Hello everyone ! I’m D.I.A.N.A
the virtual presenter of Polymanga Polymanga is the huge Swiss event on pop culture video games and manga
that takes place every year at Easter in the famous 2M2C in Montreux.
For the 16th edition of the event from the 10th to 13th of April 2020 at the 2M2C of Montreux, I decided to update my software ! It’s time to launch a new kind of festival. Polymanga will be even better,
more supportive and more entertaining. A real level up ! Here are all the major changes presented to you in the form of a love letter to the 40’000 visitors who have been following us for more than 15 years There are more than 16 different improvements,
but to summarize: More highlights with friends or family
in the mythical Stravinski Hall and more special moments in small groups
with our guests. New VIP guests, from fields as varied as pop culture, video games, manga, movies, series, internet videos as well as Japanese and international guests. Impressive new shows created by Polymanga The Polymanga messenger, a new interface that allows a direct and friendly contact with guests A new concept of charity show that will confront Polymanga guests in pop culture duels for charity ! But that’s not all ! Polymanga will also fight for visitors to always have more for their money with: Free entrance for children from 1 to 8 years old A new concept: 40,000 gestures for the planet, an immediate gift and an economy for all. The price of food on site will be defined from 5 CHF There will be better price control on the booths and the development of special offers: we want you to do good business
and save money at Polymanga. In terms of infrastructure:
Polymanga 2020 will be created with a brand new floor map There will be new areas for the artists’ village allowing more creators and designers to exhibit their artwork for free There will be a huge renewal of exhibitors to keep Polymanga fresh and interesting for you Polymanga will also offer new benefits to its visitors The happy first 2000 owners of a 4-day Pass will have a lightstick as a gift Quick-access badges will be distributed to people who have met our challenges between two activities The Polymanga wristband will also offer discounts outside the festival, during and after the event. New benefits will be added throughout the year. In the same time, Polymanga hopes to achieve a new objective on the theme of “POP CULTURE IS GOOD”.
We believe that pop culture, as well as being fun for you, can be great for doing
good things around us. The concepts of charity duels and 40,000 gestures for the planet are part of it, but this is just the beginning! By the way, let me explain one of the concepts. 40,000 gestures for the planet: an immediate gift
and an economy for all. At Polymanga, we have decided to get rid of cans
and pet plastic bottles. This decision reduces our waste by more than 50% ! In return, we offer the official re-usable bottle of Polymanga 2020 to everyone who takes their first drink. It’s waterproof and you can keep it long after the festival. Better still: if you already have the Polymanga bottle or if you come with your own re-usable bottle the 3dl refill of your bottle is half price compared to the price of a classic drink! This way our visitors are used to using re-usable bottles they are offered as a gift and the price of drinks for visitors is divided by 2 once the re-usable bottle has been acquired.
The new Polymanga will soon be developed in text, image and video… so stay tuned! And book your dates
from April 10th to 13th 2020 to discover a new type of pop culture festival. Polymanga … POP CULTURE IS GOOD 4-days tickets available on POLYMANGA.COM

11 thoughts on “Polymanga 2020 – pop culture is good

  1. Super le geste pour la nature, autrement les cadeaux ont l'air géniaux. Hâte de savoir quelles seront les activités hors convention 😁

  2. Nous ce qu'on veut le + c'est une application polymanga avec tout les horaires et changement en temps réel et surtout un moyen d'envoyer des messages sur l'ecran de la grande salle directement depuis l'app parceque le site lag (et avec une mini D.I.A.N.A comme une petite siri sur l'app si possible)

  3. Bravo pour les gourdes ! Ça c'est du changement dans le bon sens. Je me réjouis déjà de recharger la mienne ! en plus ca fait un souvenir utile et sympa.

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