Pharaoh Ant Invaders Killed My Entire Colony – SAD EPISODE

Pharaoh Ant Invaders Killed My Entire Colony – SAD EPISODE

Let’s wish the Blood Legion a long and prosperous
life ahead. We did good today, AC Family, and it seems
all was well in the Antiverse today. At least that is what I thought…. For when I looked into the Hacienda Del Dorado
that day, I was not prepared to see what I saw. Oh no! I can’t believe this. They’re back! This is not good! Please SUBSCRIBE to my channel, and hit the
BELL icon. Welcome to the AC Family. Enjoy! I can’t believe they’ve come back! The Pharaoh ants swarmed the western grounds
of the Hacienda Del Dorado, like a blood-thirsty army, sweeping the lands to take whatever
they could eat, drink, steal, and kill. In case you guys haven’t learned about pharaoh
ants yet, these ants are probably one of the most devastating ant invader species in the
entire world! They’ve conquered nearly all nations of the
globe, destroying native fauna, capable of joining forces with other pharaoh ant colonies
to form supercolonies that span entire countries with thousands if not millions of queens,
and have been known to even transmit diseases and sickness to humans. If you’ve been following the channel for awhile,
you know we’ve had wars against these ants in the past. Two years ago, they annihilated one of our
most beloved ant colonies, and we had to literally trap them to rid the Antiverse (our Ant Room)
of their devastating work. If you haven’t seen that video, be sure to
watch our War vs Pharaoh Ant episode from two years ago after this video! But now two years later, they’re back, and
this time they’ve targeted the Hacienda Del Dorado! But why? What is it they want here? Suddenly, a rustling in the shadows caught
my eye. Little did I know there was actually already
an epic battle happening right in the thick of things! A large warrior was weaving her way through
the swarm of ants dealing her own damage as she plowed through the invaders. It was a fierce worker of the Jawbreakers,
our trap-jaw ant colony that just recently acquired these lands. Now watch this… A panic among the pharaoh ants breaks out,
as they learn of her lethal presence. The emergency pheromone has been released
to let all pharaoh ants in the area know that there is danger amongst them. The alarm message spreads quickly to the rest
of the colony, and the ants clearly begin to enter hi-jinx. It was at that moment that I began to panic,
as flashbacks of the Pharaoh ants murder of our Titans two years ago replayed in my mind. Were the Pharaoh ants here to kill and ransack
the Jawbreakers? Was there going to be an ultimate ant war
of the colonies? I hoped not! The trap-jaw ant delivered powerful blows
at the ants that came within her mandibles’ reach. Now, if you’re thinking that her great size
means definite victory against tiny ants like these Pharaoh ants, think again. In the microworld, the rules are completely
different, and in many cases being smaller is advantageous especially when there are
many of you! But either way, this trap-jaw ant was not
going to let these tresspassers win, clearly unafraid to face the pharaoh ants head on,
leaving several immobile and painfully twitching their way to death on the ground. I knew those trap-jaws were devastating weapons
of destruction. In case you’re new to the Jawbreakers, trap-jaw
ants possess one of the fastest moving appendages of any animal, with a jaw shutting force peaking
at 300 times the body weight of the ant, kinda like dropping 12 SUVS onto something if the
trap-jaw ant were human-sized. One blow from those jaws is enough to deal
irreparable, lethal damage! The Trap-jaw ant began to circle the periphery
and attempt to attack the colony from the sides. I bet she was trying to get them to retreat
or keep them from advancing further into the territories by attacking their scouts. I watched as her jaws bang bang killed pharaoh
ants on the spot. Wow! She was definitely a warrior! I then held my breath as she began to plunge
deep into the swarm. This was so dangerous of a move for her, as
she could have been subdued by the aggressive swarm. She slowly proceeded in, slashing her way
forward with her jaws. Whoa! See that ant she sent flying? She was determined and fierce seeking pharaoh
ants that dared come close and killing them effectively with her jaws. As all of this ant blood shed was happening,
I noticed that the pharaoh ants had made their decision. It looked like they had decided to retreat. It was not worth remaining in these lands. I tried to see where they were retreating
to, and then spotted where they had broken in and entered the kingdom. Ah ha! Up there! The pharaoh ants were heading out of the Hacienda
Del Dorado, a good sign as it meant they weren’t nesting in here. But, I knew I had to find where their main
nest was, as I was certain it was somewhere in the Ant Room. More about that later. But back on ground level, I was mind-blown
that it only took this one trap-jaw ant to send the entire swarm of pharaoh ants retreating
like hurt, yelping puppies, and many unlucky workers lay dead or twitching in pain on the
ground, as she BANG finished off any stragglers sticking around. I guess nobody messes with the Jawbreakers! But AC Family, check this out! I noticed something happening here in this
area. As the final retreating pharaoh ants began
to vacate the area, I suddenly noticed this. A herd of springtails, who we call the Springcleaners,
were being rounded up in a group like sheep. The Pharaoh ants were up to something! And suddenly, I realized the pharaoh ants
were actually catching the springcleaners and taking them home! This was why the pharaoh ants were invading
the Hacienda Del Doroado. They were here to steal Springtails as food! This was a big problem because not only are
the Springtails vital at keeping the lands clean of mold and decaying matter, but as
you may recall, springtails are a primary food source for the Jawbreakers. So although the pharaoh ants may prove unbeatable
against the Jawbreakers, having the pharaoh ants completely exhaust the lands of it springtail
population would be lethal to the Jawbreakers and to all life in the Hacienda Del Dorado. This was not good! In just a few minutes, the entire pharaoh
ant colony was gone, having stolen a handful of Springcleaners to take back to their camp
to feast. We had to find where they were nesting, AC
Family, and we had to find it immediately! But guys, you won’t believe where they were
brooding, and the damage they’d done in the process. This episode is sadly not a happy one. AC Family, looking around the Ant Room that
night, I was not prepared to see what I saw. AC Family, behold, at a relatively undisturbed
corner of the Antiverse, lay the Palace of Mounds, home to our resident termite colony
the Terminators. But something within the Palace of Mounds
caught my attention. Have a look, guys! Towards the ground, the familiar glistening
of wings against the light, brought complete joy and delight to my heart! OMG! A termite nuptial flight was happening! The termites were farmed from just a king
and queen pair I saved during an actual wild nuptial flight happening in my Ant Room last
year. They eventually grew underground and and started
creating some impressive wooded mounds and structures from wood and mud, including these
cool tunnels built up against the glass. Since then, I rarely opened up the Palace
of Mounds because the termites actually had all they needed in life in their living space,
i.e. moisture, soil, and decaying wood. It was only that one time to film for an episode
that I excavated a chunk of termite mound to show you guys their progress. We saw babies, their soldier caste, sadly
no queen and king, but we knew they were well on their way to success, so I gave them all
the privacy they needed… And alas tonight, AC Family, proof of their
success had come to light, as the termites were having their very first nuptial flight! I can’t believe they had produced reproductives
in just a year and… Wait.. hold on. Oh no! When I looked closer I couldn’t believe my
eyes. Pharaoh ants! Oh no! It was a pharaoh ant nuptial flight happening
in the Palace of Mounds! My heart sank, as I scanned the territories
of our beloved Terminators. The pharaoh ants were all over the place,
not a single area free of the pharaoh ant invaders. They were all over the driftwood rejoicing
festively with their alates ready to mate. They covered every termite structure, mound,
and landmark. No! This was really bad news! The idea that the pharaoh ants had killed
our Terminators haunted me. I mean could the Terminators have possibly
retreated deeper into their subterranean tunnels to escape these pharaoh ants? How did they even get into this tightly sealed
terrarium? How long have they been brooding in here? The fact that there were so many and a tonne
of alates suggested to me they had to have been living in here for awhile, and because
this was the least maintained territory in the Antiverse, I hadn’t noticed they had slipped
in right under our noses to grow stronger in numbers and unleash their ultimate spawning
event which would seal the deal to conquering the entire Ant Room! Can you imagine hundreds of pharaoh ant queens
pregnant and nesting in the Antiverse? That would be disasterous! I followed their parade of alates up to the
top of the terrarium. I had to see where they had managed to slip
inside and if they were sending the alates out of the terrarium somewhere. The parade took me to this little corner of
the tank. There! Oh no! That’s how they managed to enter. The Pharaoh ants were small enough to fit
through the little space between the glass and the sliding track. They were also sending out the alates! Lucky for us, I noticed later that the only
alates that were emerging were the males. I saw no queen alates on site. This to me said that this wasn’t a full out
nuptial flight for these pharaoh ants, but just a sort of practice run. Sometimes ants for whatever reason will have
these practice or mock nuptial flights where only males or only females will emerge. This was great news because it meant there
had been no mating within our Antiverse yet. We managed to catch this supercolony of pharaoh
ants right on time, in the beginning stages of a nuptial flight, but all after having
used the Palace of Mounds as their temporary brooding camp. AC Family, I’m afraid to say this but we had
no choice. The Palace of Mounds was going to leave the
Antiverse tonight. But the burning question now was, what happened
to the Terminators and were they still even alive in there? After completely cleaning out the Palace of
Mounds, it is with a heavy heart that I announce that I saw no Terminators anywhere, only tonnes
of Pharaoh ants, brood, and queen and male alates. I’m so sorry, AC Family. I feel like I’ve failed you guys. It was an important lesson to me that although
a created kingdom had all it needed to sustain itself, it’s still important to do regular
check ups just to ensure they’re ok. Thankfully, all my other ant colonies and
inhabitants in the Antiverse were safe, including the Lumberjacks, the colony of carpenter ants
sitting on top of the Palace of Mounds. I was certainly going to miss the Terminators,
and although my neighbours who may be watching this episode rejoicing, I’m super sad at this
termite colony loss. They were such an interesting and unique addition
to the Antiverse, gone too soon. I hope to one day keep termites again, perhaps
in a different, impenetrable setup, perhaps in an AC nest or something. May you Rest in Peace, Terminators. In the ongoing story of the Ant Room, and
all the inhabitants that live in it, sometimes it’s a tale of success and triumph, sometimes
it’s a story of wonder and awe, and other times, it’s tragedy and loss. These real life stories happening within the
walls of the Antiverse are microcosms of what actually happens in the outside world of the
wild. Life falls prey to life all the time, everywhere,
every day. But one should remember that the prey also
gives life to life, and it’s this constant cycle of life producing more life that Mother
Nature intended. So, we as the Creator of Worlds, have no choice
but to simply do our thing, observe these lush and thriving kingdoms under our care,
as their inhabitants live out their lives, as we do everything in our power to give them
everything they need to succeed, and continue building new intriguing worlds to marvel at. Which brings me, AC Family, to this. Although we say goodbye to one colony in the
Antiverse, there’s something on the opposite side of the Ant Room that has been erected,
something I know for a fact, you guys will be ultimately thrilled about! AC Family behold, the framework to what will
be the future home to one of the greatest species of social insects I know, and our
next kingdom construct set to be our greatest of all time! AC Family, did you enjoy today’s episode? It’s sad that we lost the Terminators to these
nefarious pharaoh ants, but they’re gone now and super exciting, I’m thrilled to introduce
to you another highly coveted and requested colony joining the Antiverse next week for
our 3 Million Subs episode! Yay! Can you believe there are 3 Million of us
now? Huge occasion so trust me! You guys will absolutely love these newcomers
in next week’s episode, as well as my epic plans for their new elaborate setup! So guys, smash that SUBSCRIBE button and BELL
ICON for notifications now so you don’t miss out on the coolest ant species I know that
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can follow their stories and better appreciate how these ant kingdoms came to be, and why
we love them so much! AC Inner Colony, I have left a hidden cookie
for you here, if you’d like to see a hidden spoiler of the new kingdom we are building
in next week’s episode! Trust me, you guys will love it! Or at least I hope you will. Hehe! And now it’s time for the AC Question of the
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