Penampakan Kepala Terbang – JEJAK SPIRITUAL – Eps 1 Part 5/5 (Eng Subs)

Penampakan Kepala Terbang – JEJAK SPIRITUAL – Eps 1 Part 5/5 (Eng Subs)

This is the real iron This is a roof tile This is neon light This scene is only done by a professional, don’t try this This is a bonus One of inner power training Which was studied by the student of Padepokan Ki Prana Lewu Maybe From many various of phenomenon, we are going to prove it right here Let’s go there The clock is showing 04.30 in the morning -Spelling enchanment- -Ki Prana began to spell Al – Fatihah Show your self When the searches, everything was so brave Now, when evidentiary no one brave to show me -Ki Prana begin to spell Shalawat of the Prophet -Spelling enchanment- -Voice phenomenon began to be felt- I heard some voice phenomenon but just a lil’ -See the arrow bellow- I see there are the eyes -Apparition of the eyes behind the window There are the eyes -Ki Prana come near to the eye apparition- -The sound of falling objects- I see the eyes over there A pair of eyes There are some voice -The appearance of the eyes disappear when chased- -A hard object hit the floor- -The phenomenon of the sound of crying- There are the sound of ghost This phenomenon began to be heard -See the arrow bellow- Allahuakbar,, i see the eyes phenomenon again, disappear -(Replay) The eyes apparition cross the window- -The sound of falling objects phenomenon- -The phenomenon of the sound of crying- The sound of crying still louder -Phenomenon of thrown object sound- There is a sound of throwing object The sound more louder There’s a voice over here -The phenomenon of the sound of crying- There’s a voice over here, but there’s nothing in here -Ki Prana searching sound source by him self- -The phenomenon of the sound of crying more louder- There’s voice phenomenon over here Show your existence More louder I put a camera on the top The sound came from the top The sound from the toilet, but nothing on there -The sound of falling objects phenomenon- Show your self!! Do not only your voice, show your existence -The phenomenon of the sound of crying heard again- If only the voice, the kids also can do that -Phenomenon of thrown object sound- After I conclude from the various phenomena that happened In one of the residential is in South Jakarta Residual energy or occurrences in the past recorded in the current dimensions Because the earth absorb the biggest energy And there are the figures that try to disturb human mind caused by jinn who collaborated in it Always increase our faith in God, in order to create courage And qualification of our thinking more positively I’m Ki Prana Lewu, stay watching Jejak Spiritual on KPL Channel And don’t forget to subscribe Ki Prana Lewu on YouTube Channel

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  1. Ayo lah kawan2 tolong cepat2 di subscribe nya dong biar kita bisa menyaksikan bang Ki prana lewu menangkap jin dan jalan diatas airπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

  2. Ki prana klw bisa k.Jambi, saya mau liyat peno mena apa aja yg terjadi di rumah sakit budi graha sampe tutup sampe skrng rumah skit budi grahan di jambi kosong…. Respon nya ki

  3. Lanjutkan kpl untuk penelusuran yg lain nya #2019 #juni masih setia nonton kpl.. Semoga 2019 dan k depan nya KPL tetap lanjukan penelusuran misteri lain nya

  4. ki dateng dong deket rumah aku dr kmren habis lebaran ada penampakan putih terus di depan rumah aku. rumahnya itunkosong udah 6-7 tahunan .

  5. Suka banget dgn acara ki prana lewu,Nyata banget,bikin Bulu kuduk Gw naik merinding,tpi knp gk di Tayangin lagi sih Di ANTV??

  6. Mahluk ni adalah iblis boleh menyerupai pelbagai bentuk dan rupa dan kamu mesti percaya bukan kita sahaja dijadikan tetapi semua mahluk diciptakan sebelum manusia dibangkitkan dari tanah yang jijik dan kotor kita beruntung walaupun dijadikan dari tanah kita dianggap Manusia yang paling mulia

  7. Assalamu'alaikum sy suka video Ki Prana Lewu dia slalu melantungkan Ayat2 suci Al-Qur'an dan tidak lupa juga dia menyuruh kita slalu istiqfar

  8. Ki mau donk rumahku dirukiyah krn pernah dipendemin tanah kuburan sama org, gangguan datang silih berganti klo didoain gitu ada aza suara lemparan diatas genting, rumah di bendo magetan. Keluarga ku kristen tapi klo bs bantu saya sgt bersyukur sx……bpk ibu sering sakit kasihan saya😞😒

  9. Ki prana lewu,boleh dong ikut penelusuran nya,sy puranama alam asal bandung,ingin mencoba mengikuti jejak seperitual
    ,0821 3016 0517,tapi sy bekerja d denpasar bali,sy pernah ada jln padanggala d daerah denpasar bali pernah penelusuran yg pernah mas tukul jalan"sampai memberhentikan syuting nya d karenakan mahluk astral nya tidak bersahabat,sy selama penelusuran 4 hari d siang maupun malam,banyak penampakan yg extim,ada cerita nya tersendiri d tiap hari nya,semoga sy bisa ikut penelusuran jejak sepiritual,terimakasih dsn sy tunggu undangan nya

  10. Assalamualaikum wr ada sebuah toko yg berada di kota negara jemberana bali yg sangat serem dan penuh misteri dan banyak yg bilang sering melihat penampakan aneh namanya toko wong ki tolong pecahkan misteri itu

  11. Salam saya dari Kal-Teng .
    Salam juga dari Macan Putih dan Macan Kumbang..
    Salam untuk ki Prana Lewu..πŸ˜ŠπŸ™
    Salam satu hati,satu jiwa,dan salam damai .

  12. Keren ki prana walaupun tampilan nya sangar, kek aura kasih πŸ™ŠπŸ˜…,tapi ke imanannya kuat 😍😍😍😍😍

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