OSHO: I Am a Spiritual Playboy

OSHO: I Am a Spiritual Playboy

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  1. Thanks to internet and YouTube for having such stocks of videos to enlight and broaden the view of life of future generations. Love Osho.

  2. I am Polish, so like 99% of Polish people I was raised Catholic… It really messed my brain while I was growing up. Catholicism in Poland at the time was way more conservative than in America. The church taught me that being rich is a sin, that a rich person cannot go to heaven, etc. The worst was that sex before marriage in a heavy sin, masturbation was a sin too. Do you know what the other term for masturbation in Polish is?? A self-rape… The churches tactics were used basically for control. Priests were like Gods. I agree with Osho. There is unnecessary division between what's spiritual and physical. Everything is one, only in different form.

  3. Osho was the realist. That's why I have so much respect for him. Everything is life. The good and bad.

  4. #Neerjo… I have simple question was gautam Buddha atheists… In


    Nd another question can I add video of osho in my channels… Or it is not available to upload…. Plz reply… And good day

  5. i agreed with everything been said, but the only thing im not really understand, when he said about the sinners and that the hell could be the most beutiful place in the world, did he mean the killers, the rapists and such sinners by that? im just not really get the idiome how Lao-Tzu, Zhuang-Tzu and such awakaned beings could be in the place such as hell…

  6. I wish he was my grandpa. That being said, I don’t see him as Bhagvan. He is a truly free soul and I can only envy him

  7. There isnt even the possibility of arguing with osho, his words are beyond that, hes just describing truth and inviting you to look

  8. The world is really lucky to get such kind of playboy who played with his disciples in a spiritual way.

  9. Osho I am really lucky that I got chance to listen your precious thoughts even though it is just a play for you.

  10. "I am a spiritual playboy. Is there something wrong? I don’t want the dichotomy of the spiritual and the material. I want the spiritual and the material as one whole. They are! The division creates a schizophrenic state in humanity. And all the religions are criminals in that sense. They have created a split in man. Your body is separate, your soul is separate, you have to fight with the body, you have to remain celibate, you have to fast, you have to torture the body. The more you torture, the more spiritual you are. To me this is simply garbage, just nonsense. There is no need to torture the body, because the body and the soul are not two things. Existence is one. Body is the visible soul and the soul is the invisible body. But it is one mystery, don’t divide it and don’t make a conflict between them. So when I say spiritual playboy, I am not just joking. That is my basic standpoint towards life. What is wrong if Buddha is dancing in a disco? It looks so beautiful. And why should the Buddha be afraid, is not his meditation strong enough that he will be pulled towards carnal lust? Is he afraid of falling back from his enlightenment? Then, he is not enlightened at all. Because there is no way to fall back. Once you attain, you cannot fall back. It is your own inner being where you are going to fall back. Once you know it, you know it. And whatever you do, that knowledge is always there. Whatever you do, that fragrance will always follow you. And there is no act which is un-spiritual.

    Even lovemaking is not un-ispriritual. In fact if love making is un-spiritual, then every other act will be un-spiritual. Lovemaking should be the most spiritual act. It is so delicate, so soft, but the religions had created the division, and created on the one hand saints, which are just dry bones, and sinners. If I had to choose, I don’t want to choose. If I have to choose, I would rather be with the sinners, rather than be with the saints. They stink. Sinners are at least colourful people. If all sinners go to hell, then hell must be the most beautiful place in the world, and heaven must be the most ugly because all those dead, dry bones, long faces, will be sititing there eternally doing nothing. No entertainment, no dance, no music, not even football match, no Olympics, saints don’t participate in such things. They can’t drink, they can’t smoke, what can they do? Just go on praying and nagging god. They must have killed that poor fellow long before. But in hell I can see all the beautiful people in the world. Lao Tzu will be there. Gautama Buddha will be there, because he did not believe in god, he was an atheist. Socrates will be there, Plato and Aristotle and Heraclitus, all great painters who have gone, Picasso, all great thinkers, Jean Paul Satre. Hell will be real company and very colourful. Omar Khayamm will be there, and all kinds of juicy people, the whole Hollywood, all actors all actresses, all great showmen, all carnival circuses, hell must be from end to end a tremendous rejoicing. But I don’t want to choose. I want them to mix. I want only one place, where saints can become again alive, can start breathing, can start dancing, can start loving, can become spiritual playboys.

  11. This guy is a complete fraud. I have studied his facial expressions, body language and voice inflections carefully and it is clear to me that he is lying most of the time.

  12. Anyone notice his eyes shifting back and forth to a reptilian slit in this particular video? I d k I liked his ideas but he looked kinda out of it sometimes . For an enlightened man to deny s creator doesn’t make too much sense to me .I loved the heave and hell mixing thing he said though that was the best part

  13. "If I were to chose between heaven and hell I would rather chose hell ! It's colorful. "
    This is a powerful piece.

  14. He's sharp in his answers, I think no body has met somebody as him, but I'm curious about what can I change in my personal life with his teachings there is nothing to lose if you follow your heart desires… Or somebody else has a better offer

  15. Love u OSHA I saw u when I was a 7 years old kid , but still I remember the personality of this grt man and his charming charisma , the man who came so early in this world miss u lot osho

  16. This is the video which hammerd me and changed my Life.But it's took me so many years to change myself relates with dogmas, principles etc.But now also I'm suffering from those unnecessary baggage of past philosophy seriously but atlast I can say one thing that we can't leave our past life but we need to inculcate our present so that future will be certain.This is the video where i introduced first time to listen great master Osho and changed my life…

  17. This playboy disavowed family and community. Ironically clinging onto language. If we are to take this reasoning to it's logical end then those ardent followers must denounce the world, the body, denounce children, progress/regress and commit to the embrace of death alone.

  18. U were the biggest garbage ever that's why you looted thousands of people drugged them. Used them for your personal agenda..

  19. "spiritual playboy" very useful term. When people ask me to go and join any religion. I told them I am a "spiritual playboy" and I choose "hell" more colorful life. Hahahahahaha

  20. sir celibacy does gives u power to do sadhana.i say dont follow any go by ur instinct nd inner say thats all.al have different mind set swami vivekanad could slap osho.

  21. What is wrong if I meditate in the morning and go to a strip club at night and enjoy a strip? Does that make me less spiritual??? actually visiting a strip club is on my bucket list???

  22. I want to make a compilation and informative video about osho and his teaching can I use your clips?

  23. Such a magnetic personality, deep insight, loud and clear message.. No doubt, he was not only the spiritual playboy but also the spiritual terminator for the age old religions and politicians.

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