OCG – Solo Out Of Map Glitch on Horizon Lunar Colony

OCG – Solo Out Of Map Glitch on Horizon Lunar Colony

67 thoughts on “OCG – Solo Out Of Map Glitch on Horizon Lunar Colony

  1. Neat glitch! The old one for the defenders spawn is kinda hard to do now (reaper/df) since it was "patched". Need a new one so that ppl on attack and defending sides in a custom game can glitch! Thanks.

  2. Just something you should know, dva on no cool downs is really good for when yo I get out of the map. Just fly with L1

  3. Lol someone from here used it in qp. Our Mei killed everyone who came from the upper side door while begin on the other side of the glass

  4. I can easily wall myself out of space in a custom game (walking to the spawn is a different story without falling off map lmao)…but I tried doing this in a comp game and I couldn't wall myself out…I wasn't behind the wall either – It appeared I was "in" the wall. So, does this work in comp? Maybe QP?

  5. You are the greatest overwatch glitches YouTuber, you upload content faster than the other ones, I hope you're channel grow up and congrats for what you've reached BTW if don't understand something its because I'm still learning english?

  6. lol i tried this and it worked and if you're out of the base there is no skybox so you can fly so high until you can't see the base anymore?

  7. I actually did this glitch on a real match and I was Sniping the enemies from the window
    I also went on the roof as widowmaker and sniped more people

  8. "Blizzard will ban you."
    More like raging 10 year olds. (yes I am ten but I do not rage or curse like some ten year old genji mains)

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