Obama’s Dijon Burger: The Worst Scandal in Presidential History | The Daily Show

Obama’s Dijon Burger: The Worst Scandal in Presidential History | The Daily Show

– As you all know, President Obama is a
real man of the people, and yesterday, he dropped by
a popular Virginia restaurant to grab a burger with his pal, Joe. Now take a look at him ordering his burger with a very special condiment. (echoing voice)- Condiment – Just your basic cheddar cheeseburger, medium-well, I just want mustard. No ketchup. If you got
like a spicy mustard, or something like that or a Dijon mustard, something like that. Dijon mustard something like that. (Dramatic voice) Dijon
mustard something like that. (dramatic music) – [Interviewer] Do you ask if
they had any Dijon mustard? – Who eats a cheeseburger
with Dijon mustard? What’s that? (camera shutters) – He doesn’t like ketchup? – Alright, I hope you
enjoyed that ‘fancy burger,’ Mr. President. (patriotic music) (upbeat music)

100 thoughts on “Obama’s Dijon Burger: The Worst Scandal in Presidential History | The Daily Show

  1. Obama ate a burger with only mustard and no ketchup? Ohh the horror and descecration of our American traditions. I just don't understand why he wasn't immediately impeached. And for all you clueless right wing trump cultists and syncophants, that is what we non snowflakes call sarcasm. Seriously, though, I truly miss the days when a president's worst scandal was suit style and condiment selection.

  2. Agolf Tweetler & his poorly educated fan base are obsessed with Obama! i always have my burger with mustard & no ketchup, same as i do with hot dogs & brats! real folks dont put ketchup on meat!

  3. When you're such a classy and likable human being and so committed to your job that this is the worst thing they can come up with to criticize you…smh. I expect full daily coverage on how Donald Trump is obsessed with McDonalds from here on out–or better yet maybe Fox News can talk about how he is a vile lying narcissistic with no class, let alone quality taste in food who is also a complete insult to the office he holds. That could work too.

  4. Sean Hannity is an idiot. Him and Donnie live thrive on hating President Obama. They trashed him but yet ordered fast food to serve at the White House and don’t see the irony.

  5. Obama ordered his hamburger and put some swag on it?! How controversial can it be? But Donald Trump eats fast food everyday and goes to England and can't fit in a tuxedo where's the irony.

  6. Totally nic picked President Obama for damn near everything from his cheeseburger to his tan suit. A tan suit even tRUMP worn a tan suit.

  7. I'm perfect dijon mustard man. Focus your eat Hannibal . Burger Hemburgers.Trump is making us hate us others. 🙁 We need focus environmental issues Like ice melting in ico pole or gay Tyson Fury

  8. Obama was a horrible President & leader. To name a few reasons why…Sealed all his personal records once he took office. Can you imagine President Trump doing that? Liberal media didn’t care. Weak in foreign/domestic policies.. Double talker. Bailed out Wall Street & Banks. Fast & Furious, expanded 2 wars to 7 in Middle East. Founded ISIS, gave them weapons & funded. Set the Middle East on Fire. Uranium One Deal, Fast & Furious, Secret Iran Deal & Cash payments, attacked, harassed, targeted Conservative journalists, 9T missing from FED, Benghazi, Obamacare mandatory, unConstitutional IRS penalty HRC pay2play State Dept, Haiti, slush funds, building cages for illegals at DHS facilities & separation of families 2014 then blaming President Trump for doing it. HRC unauthorized bathroom server, bleachbit & hammered devices scandal (some of her classified emails were retrieved off his Executive office computer. He had said he knew nothing about it. Liar.), obstruction of Justice in MidYear Exam, Crossfire Hurricane, weaponized Gov agencies including IRS on Tea Party Groups, private citizens, Republican Presidential campaign & candidate, a duly elected incoming President. He & his Admin were a criminal crime spree. Who helped lead him to Senate & Presidency? Soros. Saul Alinksky. Bill Ayers from Weather Underground. Read Obama Nation & Obama’s Rising Star, Clinton Cash. Popular, Liberal Media kissed their asses & still do. Huge network & database (Maxine Waters interviews) Colluding with paid leftists Main Stream Media Echo Chamber on DNC talking points & agendas (actually read the unaltered, verified emails of John Podesta & Media Matter Media guest lists & dinner parties & Admin corruption on Wikileaks. Shadow Gov, Deep State. OFA, Obama Foundation. He wasn’t that rich when he went into the Whitehouse. Now Obamas multimillionaires like Clinton’s. Quick Clinton Cartel studies. Still actively sabotaging a sitting President (OFA emails).

  9. Oh Lordy!!! This scandal is even worse than when Obama wear a tan suit!!! ?Why those 2 idiots of Fox News r still on air, it baffles me!!!?

  10. I dunno, I eat my burgers medium rare with Swiss cheese and A1 steak sauce.. I don't even really care all that much for lettuce or tomatoes, with a side of onion rings

  11. Now I want to try a cheeseburger with Dijon mustard and I'm not even a mustard gal. It kinda sounds good.

    If Obama likes it, I love it.

  12. Obama's entire legacy was erased from history in Trump's first six months of office.
    But Trump's wall will still be there, 800 years from now.

  13. Obama-'So I uhh, I want you to jerk of a bull, collect the semen, strap a cow to a rack, put your fist in her ass so you can insert the tube of uhh, semen through her cervix, then as soon as that calf is born take him away and kill him. Then uhh, suck the mammary secretions out of her nips and filter most of the puss, blood and shit out, congeal it with bacteria from a hole in cows side for rumen access, kill the cow cause she's getting pretty worn down from the continuous sexual exploitation, dismember her corpse, grind up the mutilated corpse parts, slap that shit into a cylinder, and cook it thoroughly so I don't get mrsa or tapeworm cysts in my brain. Then flap a bit of her uhh, congealed mammary secretions on there, because I uh, sorta still nurse even though I'm an adult and that's not my mom. Oh and put some ground seeds and root on there.'
    Fox-'? GROUND SEEDS?! That's so strange'

  14. People from Chicago that's who!!! I hate ketchup on my burgers when I ate meat and even now with my veggie burgers. It's all about the good kosher pickles, onions, spinach (or sprouts), tomatoes and mustard on the bun!

  15. bu amerikanın başına ne zaman düzgün bi adam gelcek arkadaş hayır romanyanın başkanı olsa sikimde değil ama u.s nin başına gecen götünü başını dagıtıyor

  16. I pray every single night.I hope and dream that the people at fox’s news and trump get to one day come across the daily show videos and just seat there watching it like….wtf was wrong with us lol .

  17. Travor Say something about your brothers in south Africa white people lough on us what are we doing now 'killing each others

  18. All the racist shit he says, all the hate he has encouraged, but eating pizza with a fork… The fucking humanity!?!?! Lol (yes, I am fluent in sarcasm)

  19. trump separates families and keeps children in cages but Fox news bitches about Obama's burger?! on behalf of us that have the ability to think,Fox news- you suck.

  20. i guess you are aware of what your south african brothers and sisters are doing for past few days?, if you dont know , they are stealling from other africans and killing them in a manner which i now feel even ISIS looks more better , pple that helped your pple in trying times.

  21. If president Obama ate Dijon mustard, while wearing mom jeans, and a tan blazer, Sean hannity’s potato head would explode.

  22. What kind of scandal is this? Why can’t any form of media tell the truth once in a while? It’s crazy that almost no informative platform tells the hardcore truth!

  23. Black man bad?
    That's so ridiculous.
    Make prison great again 2020! The soap just got three feet lower on the ground, Mr. Trump.

  24. still waiting for trump to go for a jog… have you seen this fat guy jog??? i have seen obama jog.. i have seen many presidents jog.. but trump???

  25. This is a sad example of trying to find a reason not to be a racist publicly even though you are

    I am literally poor and unfortunate but I like to figure out a way to make the crap burgers served at fast food restaurants taste good. Except checkers. Big Buford with bacon is the shit. If you don't like beef then "Deep sea double"

  26. Trump orders fast food for the troops when they visit the white house because he is cheap, and wants them all to have high cholesterol like him.

  27. Wonderful memories…what a decent human being Obama is. And nowadays: I wonder how parents explain to their children why the President, who should be a role model, lies about everything. Friends of mine had to explain to their 9 years old daughter, what a “pussy grabber” is, because she heard it on television. Trump is toxic! Stop this mentally ill idiot now!!

  28. What man of Trumps “wealth” and “status” eats a well done steak with ketchup? Why is it so appalling that someone would eat a burger with only mustard and no ketchup?

  29. America with obama you had all the respect from your allies!!!!!!!!! What do you have now?????????? Nothing only more hate and disgust with this horrific racist inhumane greedy traitors coverment!!!!!!!! Great job you are now the mockery of the whole world.!!!!!!!!

  30. You forgot a laundry list of Obozos scandals. Fast and furious, Benghazi, IRS, Solyndra, Tarmac meeting, spy gate, etc…

  31. I eat burgers with mustard or chilly paste without cheese with fried unions or garlic. I'am not an American fagot. So America keep your shit and corruption to yourself and stop telling others how to live their lives.

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