NRA, Houston Police Union Denounces Police Chief’s Plea For Stronger Gun Control | NBC Nightly News

NRA, Houston Police Union Denounces Police Chief’s Plea For Stronger Gun Control | NBC Nightly News

38 thoughts on “NRA, Houston Police Union Denounces Police Chief’s Plea For Stronger Gun Control | NBC Nightly News

  1. The Chief of police is correct. He is not saying get rid of guns, he is wanting stricter laws and that's appreciated actually.

  2. When you take firearms away from law-abiding citizens, who need the firearms to protect their families, you're telling the criminals it's open season. Criminals know the police can't be everywhere at the same time. When seconds matter and the police are minutes away, you're done. When the criminals don't know who may be armed with a concealed weapons permit or who may keep a shotgun ready in a corner of the house, their odds of success tumble. I can understand the frustration of those in authority when violence occurs, yet, common sense should prevail regarding public safety matters. An armed society is a polite society.

  3. Hes right. And Republicans know it.
    How many laws have been put on McConnells desk only to collect dust? Better min wages, gun laws, infrastructure plans…all have seen the house but not the senate.

    If they are paid to represent us and Vote in our interests and they cant even get this done for us, it begs the question of why do they still have jobs?

  4. Houston Police Chief Acevedo is still in the doghouse from a no-knock narcotics raid on a home in January 2019 that left a husband and wife dead, four officers wounded and the lead detective in this case facing prison time for using a perjured affidavit to get the search warrant. The Houston police smashed in the home's door with a ram, shot dead the barking dog and, when the husband fired at what he thought was a home invasion, the cops gunned him and his wife down as well. The police justification for killing the unarmed wife is one more lie. Whether any of the cops were shot by friendly fire is something Acevedo is not talking about. The cops later found some marijuana in the house but no black tar heroin. Who even smuggles in black tar heroin when the CIA is smuggling in tons of pure white heroin from Afghan poppy fields guard by the U.S. Army? The reason for this speech is that Chief Acevedo has his eyes set on getting a high paying federal job after he goes out on a 75% tax free police disability pension from his current job.

  5. New Jersey has some of strictest gun laws and they did not stop this shooting, gun laws obviously do not work at all as the people who had guns had broken New Jersey gun laws and still did the shooting. Gun laws did not stop these shooters, they had broken gun laws and still did the shooting. Gun laws obviously do not work

  6. So he got the gun illegally. What does that have to do with GOP or NRA? Even with stricter gun laws, he would have gotten it ILLEGALLY!!

  7. All rights described in the “Bill of Rights” apply specifically and solely to the People, not to the government or any component of it. If the framers wanted to specify that government-controlled entities could be armed, they would have included language to that effect elsewhere in the Constitution. That the rights of the people to keep and bear arms is in the Bill Of Rights is confirmation that it is an individual right of each citizen, just as much as all the other rights described in the first 10 amendments.

  8. The NRA is to America what Aids is to Africa. Kills scores of innocent people every day, has absolutely no benefit, no mercy, and no conscience — but people are totally unable to get rid of it.

  9. The police chief should read up on FBI stats … guns are used far more often to save lives & prevent crimes, than the times they are used to commit crimes.

  10. THE N.R.A. is a collection of millions of people!!! No a one thing or some moster,or business company say like Google out for their own profit!!!STOP DESCRIBING IT LIKE IT IS!!! That " chief " is a disgrace!!!!

  11. The same police chief who's crooked detectives faked a warrant, and caused a shoot out killing an innocent couple, and got his own shot up. He's got no business wearing a badge.

  12. I would fire the police chief or anyone who swears that he said the 'P' word. Swearing is wrong! Police officers and Police Chief suppose to upload the law and be good examples to one another and the public.

  13. You can't stop it.
    There's too much money in it for them. Many politicians are supported by by the NRA blood money. Stock holders are sending Becky and Bobby to college off blood money. They want more.

  14. 0:30 – "Who's side are you on? Make up your minds." I already have you fat POS, I side with the 2ND AMENDMENT, the supreme law of the land, something you swore an oath to protect & serve fat boy.

  15. Apparently, this police chief is alineing himself to the radical FemiNazi movement. He fails to mention that Males are the #1 victims of all violence in the country, whether the perps be a man or woman committing the violence. He still holds on to the old notion that "Men" are the "disposable gender," not worthy of the same protection as Women and children. The question is : if we value equality soo much, why can't we call it "Violence against everyone act" instead of only recognizing one group of society ?

  16. You can tell the NRA pays marketing companies for comments supporting their view. The like's to non likes, tell the story. A majority of Americans aren't so crazy as to choose guns over their children's safety, but the extremist minority in the comments, would like to have you believe so. My proof as their to education level, will be proven in the replies. Grand generalizations like "freedom" "socialist" "Constitution" "Liberty" ect, are signs of an abundance of emotion, but probably not intellect…Though they believe they are smarter than any snowflake PhD. Kew the Mericanisms!

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