NOVA CORPS: Cultural Index

NOVA CORPS: Cultural Index

So I guess I should really put together a
new cultural index… What won the vote this time? Nova Corps, not by much though. Ah but
man, I really want to go watch Endgame again…so good.
“Attention Richard, it is critical that you pay attention at this time and respond
to your viewers.” Gah!? Blazes, Worldmind, fine, tell them I
am responding. Why do you sound like my mother, that’s terrifying.
Hello, welcome to the viewer voted index series where we look into the lore to analyse an
alien culture from a sci-fi franchise and this week, we’re looking into the Nova Corps
as depicted in the Marvel Comics line-up, as opposed to their portrayal in the MCU.
First off, let’s begin with their original base of operations, the planet Xandar in the
Tranta System, located near the Verge in the Andromeda Galaxy, Dimension 616. This planet’s
populace were known as Xandarians and for all intents and purposes, resemble humans.
They possessed a monarchy that presided over all matters military and political, the most
notable of which was Queen Adora who, alongside Tanak Valt, a founder of the Nova Corps.
Xandar also possessed technology common to intergalactic powers but had several outstanding
traits that would go on to form the bedrock for the Corps. The first of these was a cosmic
level well of energies that they harness and dubbed the Nova Force and the second was a
network of minds referred to as the Living Minds of Xandar. These minds were originally,
literally the brains of deceased Xandarians who were linked in a Multiple Mind Democracy.
These two technologies went on to save the planet and its culture from extinction, several
times over. Xandar sees itself as a bastion of peace and
progress. Indeed, the functions for the fledgling Nova Corps, originally called the Xandar Space
Corps, were that of limited exploration and also planetary defence. The original number
of corpsmen numbered around 500 officers as well as numerous support staff, not a sizable
number in the grand scheme of things. These officers were termed Novas and were
given access to a small fraction of the Nova Force to work with. This energy served to
bolster their durability as well as enhance their strength and reflexes. It also substituted
the body’s own energy and rest needs, reducing the empowered individual’s need to sleep
and eat. The most notable power it provided however, was the ability to fly with a combination
of gravitational manipulation and expending energy in blasts that gave them their namesake.
With higher ranks in the Nova Corps, greater access to this energy source was permitted,
allowing for larger feats. Higher power levels could create energy blasts using the same
system that allowed them to fly and they were able to emit radiation and electrostatic signals
of all kinds. Even higher levels allowed for the creation of Stargates, effectively wormholes
to other parts of the universe. The Nova force was a limitless power source,
though only a finite amount was ever present at one time. No one individual could possess
the entire Nova Force, without aid, as this would severely damage the body over prolonged
exposure and break their mind in the short term, rendering them insane, though it is
mentioned that a single, charged shot from an officer with the full force at their disposal
could destroy everything within a 3 mile radius. This swirling mass off energy was eventually
used as a power source for Xandar itself. I mentioned that the planet faced extinction
several times over in its history and I wasn’t exaggerating. Originally the planet was attacked
by Zorr and almost destroyed if not for the intervention of another entity but the planet’s
domed cities were attacked by the Skrulls shortly thereafter.
Nebula would then go on to lead another raid against Xandar and this time, the populous
was almost reduced to zero with only a few survivors. With the diminished number of Xandarians,
a Nova called Garthan Saal ended up possessing a much higher percentage of the Nova Force
and after losing his mind; the Nova Force was used to reawaken the Xandarian Worldmind.
It is impossible to talk of the Xandarian culture without mentioning the Worldmind.
This is the Artificial Intelligence at the centre of the Nova Corps and the entire culture
of Xandar, seemingly developed from the Living Minds after the first razing of Xandar. Technically
it is a Class G Collective Artificial Sentience created to safeguard and maintain all of Xandarian
culture. This its Priority one, and it’s second? To protect and preserve itself.
As an evolution of the Living Minds, it is a conglomeration of the minds of Xandar, both
alive and dead. It functions as a Database for all their acquired knowledge and is the
custodian of the Nova Force. This means that it decides when and how the Force is allocated.
Over time, it adopted the responsibilities of communication and intelligence analysis.
Later in its life time, it disengaged from its mainframe on Xandar and became a being
of pure data or energy, as demonstrated when it was able to upload itself into other networks,
such as a Nova helm or even a dormant Ego the Living Planet. Honestly the exact nature
of the Worldmind is unknown, it is clearly more than just information, but is not limited
to the organic nature of its founding minds. When a Xandarian dies, not only is their knowledge
uploaded to the Worldmind, but their personality template too. The Worldmind has adopted a
personality in order to better communicate with its charges, meaning that the Worldmind
has emotions. If the Worldmind is contaminated or corrupted however, it can reformat itself
and recreate a new personality to preserve its function. In its disembodied state, it
has shown the ability to infiltrate most security networks with ease and provide telepathic
shielding. As it literally houses the memories of every
Xandarian and Nova Corps member, with the survival and reactivation of the Worldmind,
after Xandar was razed, the entire populous was recreated, albeit as clones, complete
with their experiences and personalities restored. This is how Xandar avoided extinction for
the third time. In its new status quo, Xandar decided to expand
the Nova Corps, recruit from a wider pool and act as a more universal police force.
It had been made clear that their prior attempts at self-preservation were woefully inadequate
and so they set about trying to bring order to the universe.
It flourished into a much larger organisation and at this time it had at least 27 battalions.
As a battalion is a variable amount this is a difficult number to objectify but could
be at least 21,600 if a battalion numbered 800 persons.
Despite its larger structure, the Nova Corps was not an army outright but closer to a militia
or police force. It had some policies such as a strict uniform code, a code of conduct
and an on-duty to recreation cycle as well as permitted leaves of absence.
To correspond with its larger size, it invested more in interstellar travel and created several
spaceports, which managed the incoming and outgoing traffic through Nova policed systems.
The Nova Corps established numerous precincts around the Andromeda and the Milky-Way Galaxies
from which the Novas were assigned to operate in specific sectors under their jurisdiction.
The uniform of the Nova Corps was made of an unknown material that could act as a both
solid and fabric as necessary, allowing for a mixture of protection and flexibility. They
typically wear dark blue with highlights of yellow or gold and featured the Xandarian
crest. Most iconic, were the helmets, referred to unflatteringly as “buckets” by many.
These came in several varieties depending on the requirements, most commonly, the domed
and visor versions. The uniform offered 6 hours of air for travel
in a vacuum and featured minor variations for different species. The helms had advanced
communications, Heads up Displays and sensors in them which tied into the Worldmind’s
network and the Common Band, a form of intranet. They continued to operate their series of
ranks and allocated the Nova Force access on the need and seniority of the officers.
At the bottom was the recruit, often depicted as a trainee wearing a dark red uniform. Above
them were the Corpsman which had limited access to the Nova Force and relied more on the use
of tech and ships for travel. Above the Corpsman was the Millennian, who
was allocated a higher percentage of the Nova Force, they wore a single sun crest on their
chest and the beginins of the Xandarian sigil on their helm. Above them was the Denarian
who was afforded more power and responsibility then finally the Centurion. A Centurion could
access as much of the Nova Force as was safe which allowed them the ability to open Stargates
among other large feats. These all reported to the Nova Prime who made
decisions based on the Worldmind’s recommendations, a position once synonymous with the Royalty
of Xandar. Of course, trouble would find Xandar once
again in the form of the Annihilation War in which it was almost entirely wiped out
once again. As before though, the Worldmind survived and uploaded itself along with the
entirety of the Nova Force into a single individual, one Richard Rider of Earth. After a long time,
the Worldmind was successful in creating the beginnings of a new Nova Corps, under the
mentorship of Rider and the Worldmind, but these efforts were stagnated once again with
greater threats from an alternate reality. The nova force and Worldmind were cut off
from the universe and it seemed as if Xandar was forever lost. However Comics.
Post-Annihilation, it was revealed that there was a branch of the Nova Corps known as the
Supernovas, that were effectively a black ops branch. These officers were equipped with
self-contained Nova Force generators and a mini-Worldmind in each black helm. However,
these officers were originally derived from criminals who had hunted the Nova Corps in
taken their tech as a trophy, but were folded into the system for their aptitude and greater
moral…flexibility. Naturally existence of this division was kept supressed from the
general corps. One thing that stands out from the Xandarian
culture is that it has been all but destroyed. Xandar was a planet, and entire populous with
only 500 o fficers in the corps originally, but they paid a hefty price for their peaceful
ways, being attacked time and time again. And by much more capable military forces,
despite their advanced technology. Over time, the Worldmind has been able to restore them,
but they returned with a greater focus on protection, expanding the Nova Crops. Their
very monarchy was placed at the position of Nova Prime in reflection of this. And Xandar
has become synonymous with the Nova Corps itself.
Fortunately, their peacekeeping ways resulted in the utilisation of the Nova Corps as a
galactic police force rather than becoming another race of warmongers, but nonetheless,
despite their best efforts, much of their original culture is lost with every catastrophe
and now only the Nova Corps remains. They may be restored in full in time, for so long
as the Worldmind exists, so does the knowledge of every Xandarian and Corpsman who ever lived,
but this too was almost lost saving the universe. Thanks for listening to this index. As usual,
the viewer votes for the next episode can be seen in the comments below and the choices
for next week are another race heavily involved in AI, the Geth of Mass Effect, actually they
are AI. Or a race of hunters from Star Trek’s universe, The Hirogen.
Thanks for watching once again, and until the next video, I’ve been Ric, thanks and
goodbye. Hey I got through all this without making
a green lantern comparison.

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