Nicole Scherzinger Is a True Paula Abdul Stan

Nicole Scherzinger Is a True Paula Abdul Stan

-I don’t know
if y’all know this, but you two have been friends
for a while, actually, before you worked together
on “X Factor.” Paula, how did you two meet? -Well, first, fans. I was so excited to meet you. And I remember being in Arizona At one of those, like,
Jingle Ball type things. -Mm-hmm. -And all I wanted to do
was meet you. -Aww!
-Okay, wait. Guys, let’s keep it real. -Here we go.
Spill the tea, spill the tea. -Now, it’s Paula Abdul. And there was two idols.
I had only two idols growing up. That was Whitney Houston, and
the other one was Paula Abdul. So I was the fan of hers, and I was geekin’ out
when I saw her at, like, Jingle Ball
or something. -It was. And it was in Arizona. And my friend Rich
introduced us. I said,
“You have to introduce…” Thank you. Yes.
-We’re so cute. Oh, my God. We’re so cute.
-Guys, we’re the cutest. No, but seriously. -I’d like to say.
I was backstage. I wanted to meet you.
Then you heard that I was there. And then you came out
and met me. And I was dying,
’cause I was such a huge fan, and you’re so beautiful
inside, out, and talented up the wazoo. And the coolest thing you said
to me was, “We were just — The girls and I were working out
to your fitness tape!” -Yes. -And I just about died, ’cause
No one can make that stuff up. -You were a big fan, so how — Before meeting Paula, how —
Be real with me. What was your fan status?
Were you a creeper fan? How much did you know
about Paula? -I was creeper.
-Yeah? -I made —
-I respect that honesty. -I made these
really beautiful collages. I would take a poster board,
and then I’d cover it with, like, a sparkly translucent
wrapping paper, and then I would cut
Paula’s face out or her dance, like, out,
and I’d just make these
beautiful collages. -Is this the first time
you’re hearing this? -Wallpaper all over my room. And, guys, I had a Paula Abdul
Trapper Keeper. Thank you. [ Laughter ] -So, this is funny
you mention this because the first time
I met Paula was at WE Day. And I had approached her
and said, “Oh, my God. I’m such a big fan. But most importantly,
my sister is a huge fan.” And I told her this. And I actually I never told you
or showed you this, but back in my young days,
I was at an amusement park, and we actually re-created
a Paula Abdul music video that was, like, one of those
really janky remakes. I have a clip
I’d like to show you of me playing piano
to one of your songs. -No way.
-Check it out right here. -Oh, my God. So good. -Oh, my God! ♪♪ Oh, my God! Look how cute! [ Cheers and applause ] ♪♪ -Oh, my God! -you were still serving back
then. You were like — -Can we just talk about
my musicality? Like, it’s a piano solo,
and I’m like… -You were servin’ it.
-There’s the worst — But, yeah, we were huge fans
for a long time. And you are obviously a legend.
You have your Vegas residency. I wanna know, has anyone else
that has had a residency given you any advice? Like
Britney Spears, Celine Dion? Have they bestowed any wisdom
upon you? -I guess the best advice
I’ve been given is really go big or go home
on your rider — A rider is —
[ Laughter ] “Go big or go home,”
meaning you have to put down everything you want
in your dressing room. And I’m — I’m pretty basic. Like, I don’t really need a lot.
I need a teapot, tea, honey. I want fruit, some vegetables,
you know, kombucha, whatever. Water.
I don’t need much of anything. But they’re going,
“Come on, Paula. That’s it?” I went, “Oh, let me think
about it for a minute.” -Yeah. Make ’em work. -And I started writing down
pickled pigs’ feet… herring… escargot. I started — Like, things
I would never, ever eat. I was just kidding.
-Oh, my. -I just wanted to see if they
really would do it, and they — -Obviously. You’re Paula Abdul.
Come on.

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  1. Love them both and the red one beside them is my favorite. Kidding…… I love your energy and super smarty woman brain, Lilly. ?

  2. Noww.. She is SHiNiNg !And is in her element. Her interview skills are truly Brilliant? you made me interested in two individuals I barley know or care about ??

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