New Hero Hammond & the Horizon Lunar Colony Map (Overwatch Theory)

New Hero Hammond & the Horizon Lunar Colony Map (Overwatch Theory)

Is Hammond the name of the next overwatch
hero, and if so who, or what, is he? With the Horizon Lunar Colony map now live
let’s take a look at what details we can find of what went on there, and what information
we can gain about the world of Overwatch now that we have a bird’s eye view! First up let’s take a look at Hammond. He is mentioned in 2 locations, the first
is an email titled “Have you seen me” in which one of the scientists talks about
a missing specimen, this was of course sent a number of years ago, prior to the deaths
of the scientists on the base. The second location is much more recent, this
is a report from the monitoring system in the colony that remains active, we can see
that Winston and Hammond are both listed as missing, however the other apes are still
in the base. Winston of course came to earth and we know
his story, but what about Hammond? The email refers to his as being a “smaller
test subject”, in fact the specific wording is that “I dont know why we thought it was
a good idea to have smaller test subjectS”, not a smaller test subject, so does that mean
that whatever species of animal Hammond is that there is more than one of them?! It also says “his cage has been empty for
a week”, which again differentiates him from the gorillas who have their own personal
rooms. Now I have looked all over the map and I cant
find a cage, but if you have seen one please let me know in the comments! Another of the emails talks about strange
noises coming from the ventilation, and in game if you listen closely you can certainly
still hear some strange sounds. What those noises could be is anyone’s guess,
we know the apes are loose in the rest of the base, maybe its them, or perhaps it’s
whatever was making the noises back when that email was sent, could this be Hammond? Maybe he’s still on the base but undetected
by the monitoring system. So what could hammond be? Essentially it’s possible he’s anything smaller
than a gorilla, but that doesn’t really narrow it down. Some people have speculated a chimpanzee,
and there is a voice line from Tracer that could possibly support this: [Chimpston!] So maybe this is her response to meeting another
space ape? Or perhaps she’s just joking with Winston,
we don’t know yet. Another interesting fact is that the first
chimp to be sent into space was actually called Ham, and although possibly just a coincidence
Mond is german for Moon. But as it stands there is no rock solid evidence
to support this, however there was another so called “leak” about the map and a new
hero. Now nothing here is official, however since
similar leaks have been relatively accurate in the past I’ll give you the highlights. The post claims that the new hero is a Chimpanzee
with Cybernetic enhancements. He’s a support hero who places barriers and
a stun beacon. The rest of the post talks about the new map,
and is semi accurate, this post was made before the map came out. It also says we will be getting an animated
short giving us more info on the moon base and the new hero, as well as some new cosmetics
added to the game. One thing that gives the leak some credibility
is that the author noted being able to change gravity in custom games and that’s a little
bit of an obscure thing to guess. However other elements are incorrect such
as the release of the map and some specific details of the maps structure. So take those details with a pinch of salt,
there is nothing to suggest that this is at all true and so far just as much is wrong
in the post as is correct. For now let’s get back to some details that
are definitely in the game and what happened to the moon base itself. Lucheng Interstella set up the Horizon Lunar
Colony on the moon with a number of scientific goals in mind, among them was testing the
effect of prolonged habitation in space on a group of genetically enhanced gorillas. One ape became close to Dr. Harold Winston
and was taught science and a love for the planet earth by his beloved father figure. However the other apes were more restless,
the endless days of experiments and study eventually took their toll and the apes launched
an uprising, killing the scientists and claiming the base for themselves. Throughout the map and in a blog post from
Blizzard we can see messages between the scientists talking about some of the apes being trouble
makers, in particular one called Simon. The scientists confined the apes to their
rooms in an attempt to keep control but later there are reports of trouble with one of the
air locks. The email sent by “Winston” calls the
other scientists to come help him, but could this actually be a trap? Perhaps the gorillas sabotaged the airlock
to draw the scientists towards it before locking them outside? One email does talk about missing tools so
maybe they used them to break the lock? Or perhaps the whole thing was a lie and the
email was sent by one of the gorilla’s with the same goal in mind? Until we get more information its hard to
tell exactly how the scientists lost their lives, let’s hope that leak is legit and we
get an animated short telling us the full story. Finally we have the telescope and some interesting
details relating to earth itself. If you actually look through the telescope
you’ll get a unique voice lines from your hero as well as a view over part of Europe. There are a number of locations marked as
potential landing sites as well as watchpoint gibraltar. This is probably left over from Winston planning
his escape to earth, but maybe its whoever Hammond is planning on following Winston? However what I think is even more interesting
than that are the 2 large circles of lights, one in Spain near Murcia, and a second in
France near Bordeaux. What are these things? They are very large and clearly brightly lit. Could they be Omniums? If that’s the case they are phenomenally large,
as big, if not bigger than most human cities. They could also possibly be cities built by
Viskar, the corporation has built cities using their hard light technology in India and worked
in Brazil, reports in the past have said they have a global presence so perhaps these cities
were built by them? The perfect circular shape feels like something
they would desire. Also we can see quite a lot of lights along
the coast, but what about major cities like Madrid? They seem to no longer exist?! What do you think about Hammond? Will he be a Chimp or something else, will
he even be a playable hero? And what are those circles?! Let me know your thoughts in the comments
below, as always this is James for Curse saying thanks for watching, and enjoy
the game! This video brought to you by Elder Scrolls Online Morrowind

100 thoughts on “New Hero Hammond & the Horizon Lunar Colony Map (Overwatch Theory)

  1. Honestly, I'm thinking that the next hero is probably going to be defense rather than support since so far, in order, they released a support, an offense and a tank. (Now, maybe the FIFTH new hero, though…)

  2. Hammond is actually Jeff Kaplan himself who will go around fire his primary fire "update" as there are enough patches to be used as ammo

  3. I Think they are landing site that got deleted because hamond he deleted it so if Winston came back and looked he would not notice hamond is trying to kill him because Winston left.

  4. Hammond is a xenomorph? I mean he crawls in the vents and he could be the cause of all the scientists' deaths
    Pls don't judge me I'm just guessing

  5. ….Imma ship Hammond with Winston even though the only thing they probably have in common is that their both primates…

  6. Hi I'm a big fan of your youtube channel also maybe you don't have to look but listen this is what I'm saying listen for the first place where the sound is heard and follow and there might be a secret location on the base and also maybe the map that you look in the telescope might be a map for the lunar base and the dots would be the starting point and also the big shiny circle is where Hammond is and I'm saying about the sound theory because maybe if you follow the sound they might be diffrent each time and maybe the right sound will lead you Hammond and if this theory works give me a shout out on your channel it would be an honor.

  7. This could be a horrible comment but Hammond could be a jet pack cat they were going to put him in the game he got change for winston tho or maybe Hammond could be doom first

  8. what im wondering alittle about is the windows in the gorillas room show the top of the moon.. yet just above the room is the door that leads out.. and solid rock all over the place.. any1 know why..

  9. In the leak, it said that Tracer will get a voice line, and it's a portal reference. I hope that happens soon.

  10. In the room halfway between tack point A and B there is a giant glass wall that reveals a tank with a synthetic jungle inside to your left

  11. Maybe gorillas took over Blizzard ,killed Jeff and now they trying to make an army from overwatch comunity to take over the world

  12. If Hammond was a playable hero, I would like to think he would be similar to a Fan Made hero I saw awhile back. This Fan Made Hero was a Dog that gave a speed boost to allies, collected Health Packs around the map to bring to teammates, and have a device that have either a damage boost or a defense boost for a short time.

    If he was this type of support, he could be small and it be justified. He should be the kind of hero that needs his team to secure kills and mainly be there to keep the team together.

  13. Hammond?
    That tiny reptile?
    you've got to be kidding me…

    because someone just fisted there way in to 25th
    and, you guessed it,
    Sadly he is not voiced by Terry Cruise

  14. I thought Hammond was Winston because in the overwatch animated shorts the scientists last name was Winston and he was like a father to "Winston" so my guess is that Hammond is just Winston besides as of today we already got doomfist

  15. This is kind of clickbait.You can't say that the sources you got this info is not really sure this is going to be a new hero.And give the thumbnail the name new hero hammond.

  16. Though I am excited about Doomfist, I would like another character from Horizon, so we could possibly understand more of the lore surrounding the colony.

  17. i was watching a ton of these theories and when it showed all of the heroes i saw an omnic that had the a in athena so athena looks a lot like a leader of some god program or linked with the eye but none the less athena is an omnic???

  18. What if he's a dog who was adopted by the younger brother in the museum trailer and they become a new hero that would be da best

  19. I hear a romur that the makers of overwatch are making a immortal hero or a anti hero its just a romur or maybe real I don't know you guys tell me

  20. After looking at the screens showing the monkeys we can identify a few of the monkeys by the numbers they wear, which accounts for
    Specimen 26 – Ellie
    Specimen 23 – Hypatia
    Specimen 20 – Susan (which you used as you thumbnail)
    and a specimen somewhere in the 10-19 range which included leaves 6 monkeys in the pictures that we cannot 100% identify, and only 5 names on the list (excluding Winston who we know to have left to earth) these images also show 3 different species of monkey on the lunar colony, which reveals more about the story.

  21. Hammond is an orangutan. if you go to the attack room of horizon where the camera's are you'll see winston fighting an Orangutan

  22. New PvE event
    Winston,tracer,pharah, and mei clear out the facility and the final boss is Hammond
    Which have a epic anime battle ending with Winston being forced to snap hammonds neck when he tries to use his laser vision to kill the other three
    Wait that’s the ending of man of steel

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