Myths and Facts about Turkish Culture

Myths and Facts about Turkish Culture

hello guys I’m Lara and this is my first youtube video ever on YouTube and I’ll be talking about Turkish culture and I will try to explain that the things that actually you have questions in mind yeah for my first video I decided to do some kind of myths and facts part so I’ll told I’ll tell you about the myths that are has been telling about Istanbul Turkey and I’ll also tell you the facts which are actually true so since there’s a lot of questions about Turkey these days I decided to do this video because the best way to know about Turkish culture is actually hearing it from a Turkish person so yeah for this myth number one I have the thing as Turkish people always drink Turkish coffee which is not true we always drink Turkish tea we’re not some kind of people who always drink coffee yeah that was nonsense anyway yeah we always drink tea I don’t know why because we drink tea at breakfast we do tea at I don’t know Anna meals which are between the main meals and we also drink tea for no reason just to chitchat or just a talk myth number two they think that Turkey actually have camels everywhere which is not true we don’t have camels we don’t feed camels we don’t use camels we don’t use camels anywhere yeah that’s another myth the only camels which are living in Turkey is only for touristic purposes we don’t actually write camels yeah if you ever come to Turkey don’t pay a guy which is so weird walking around with the camel and just trying to giving you a ride myth number three there is another myth that turkey is actually a Muslim country which is not true we don’t we don’t have a religion as a country we have the Muslim majority which is another thing I mean if you’re Christian if you’re Jewish or if you’re from another religion you can live in Turkey there is no such rule so you can’t live here or you should wear your hijab or something else you can just really live here I don’t know we also have Christian Jewish and the other and the people from other religions also and we live in Istanbul together and there hasn’t been any problems on my side myth number four the Turkish girls are conservative and they always have to wear hijab that’s not true I don’t put your hijab and my friends don’t wear hijab there’s people who’ve ears it actually but I mean we don’t always have to wear hijabs also men doesn’t have to wear that hat which was after Ottoman Empire which is totally not fashionable anymore yeah we don’t have to be your head scarves we don’t have to be your he jobs everywhere yeah that’s another myth there’s girls also which are conservative there’s girls which are not conservative and Turkey but if you have to say something about Turkish girls you can just say their families are too conservative that they don’t let them go anywhere because they’re their families are generally so overprotective the myth number five if you ever watched any Turkish series series TV series which are about the Ottoman Empire or the life after that and stuff like that you so you obviously saw the palaces the for right thing the harems there might be people who thinks that it’s true which is not because having four wives as the other countries in Turkey is not legal sorry guys but you’re not allowed to have four wives in Turkey yeah which one accepts it actually but there is people who has four wives in Turkey but they just do it in a religious way they don’t actually show it to the government which wouldn’t approve it I mean that’s illegal in the end yeah and we don’t live in palaces you don’t live in palaces we just live in apartments like everybody else maybe in you know maybe some rich people live in some other places like palaces but we don’t I mean the regular Turkish people don’t live in palaces sadly like number six there’s people who thinks that we speak Arabic or Farsi which is not true we don’t know Arabic yeah there’s people who’s who can only read Arabic because in Muslim families you should learn how to read Arabic because the Quran is actually in Arabic so in order to pray you should know how to read Arabic but you don’t necessarily know what it means so you can’t actually communicate like when I was a child I also knew how to read Quran but right now I don’t know yeah that’s kind of like a culture we learn it we forget it I don’t know there’s people who doesn’t forget it of course it’s just a joke don’t judge me myth number seven Turkish people don’t drink oh my god who told you that people we obviously drink but you know not all of us but there is people who drinks which are also Muslims you know miss Sims also can drink and we even have a cultural drink alcohol named raka which is in our language and we say lions milk and yeah we drink that and also you can see it in Greece raki and you can see it in row man which is rakia yeah that’s all we drink we even drink in Ramadan we drink everywhere and there’s people who doesn’t drink which are totally Muslims and maybe there’s people who prefer not to drink I don’t know but there is also people who drinks in Turkey so you don’t have to be afraid when you when you’re just drinking something in Turkey just let’s imagine that you’re Tristen turkey and you’re just like could I kill me nobody’s gonna kill you Paul you can drink meThe number eight Istanbul is not our capital city Ankara is our capital city and Istanbul is a mega city which it which have more population than Ankara it might be confusing for you but it’s true yeah if you have any other questions about Turkey or Turkish culture or about me you can just comment down below you can dress I don’t know like this video or subscribe me for more videos and also see your maybe questions answered I will always read the comments down below please don’t judge me for my English since I’m Turkish this is not my native language so I’m sorry yeah it’s all for now I’ll see you later

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  1. hi im korean
    i know that korean grammar and turkish grammar is similar ( subject + object + verb)
    "I eat apple" in english
    but in korea and turkey "i apple eat"
    for koreans learning english is very hard because korean grammar is different to english grammar.
    From the same point of view, the Turkish people will also have difficulty in English.
    But you are good at english ,
    I want to know that how did you learn english

  2. My grand grand father was soldier in Romania against Ottomans and bring beautiful Turkish girl as his wife back to Russia now all my cousins and me looks like Turkish. I check my DNA I have 10.5 % Balkans which means "Europe Turkish".

  3. Love love love Turkey…visited Istanbul last year now planning a grand trip again..I m a traveler from California..
    Please follow me on my Instagram @zee_travelblogs i wanna know more about Turkey:)

  4. u are trying so hard to appeal to the western culture, and no muslims are not allowed to drink but there is some who do anyway , and in my opinion now more than ever the western culture is failing and ppl who use there minds will see what islam was teaching is nothing but peace..

  5. Myth 3 – Wrong, Turkey IS a Muslim/Islamic country…. Just look at your sultan erdogan. No longer are you considered a secular society all thanks to the current dictatorship.

  6. congratulations in your first video. i love everything about turkey since i visited there several times already. i wish i can work there as a Filipino.

  7. i used to work at a travel agency in sultanahmet for like 3 years as a tour operator and i met lots of people all around the world.. But in this 3 years i saw only one ppl who was expecting me to take her hotel by a camel.. Only one. And yea, she was so excited and wore a headscarf before going out. i was like ! "Mum, calm down please, you are truly safe" i just couldnt understand, didnt she google before she come.. Maybe accidently bought the ticket or maybe a promotion that she wanted to use. What i mean is, it is also a wrong information you got that people think we live in a desert. We got bomb attacks in sultanahmet and than some media organizations like fox tv serviced that news as a daily routin in Turkey. Many agencies closed like mine.. Than i opened a cafeteria and no bullshit guys ! Believe or not, i met some turkish ppl who were drinking 50 glasses of tea in a day.. Tea men !

  8. Secularism is not beneficial at all girl .Revise yourself before it is too late. I think you have exceeded some limits of fact exaggeration. If you drink, it doesn't mean that all people drink. If you don't recognize Turkey as a Muslim country ,millions do. Don't generalize.

  9. Merhaba ben bir türküm hakaret etmiyorsun ama giden senin gibi olmayan insanlar var sen iyisin❤❤❤❤????????????

  10. Hi, am from Bangladesh, and I worked in Turkey for 5 years. And my experience there was absolutely worst. The Turkish people are 100% racist. It was the most racist experience of five years of my entire lifetime, as a Bengali.

    Turkey is a very much beautiful country, but the country’s people are toooooooo much racist and also and thinks only the Turks are the superior race, while others, including the Bengalis are inferiors………?

  11. Dumb when they say Muslim country it means that the people are Muslim. I.e the Turks are Muslim.
    You talk a lot of crap and belittle Turks.

  12. Present day Turkey is quiet different that Ataturk Turkey. Presently Islam is dominating Turkish life more rapidly.

  13. Mongols are the ancestors of Turks and they just steal culture. That's why Turks are so "lovely" and never aggressive muahaha

  14. Thnx for the info; however, I have to admit that I dislike the way u want to sound positively modern to the extent that u r talking about drinking in "Ramdan" as if it's fine. It's a negative thing, and if muslims dont drink, it doesnt mean tgat tourists or foreigners cannot drink. So u dont have to prove it by drinking. And another thing, saying that u pray in arabic without understanding is totally something against u. I bet u have a turkish version that at least explains what it's written and what u r saying during praying.

  15. Netflix'i izlemeyi severim, bazı sabunları gösterirler, türkiye'den insanlar, sevgiyle insanları gördüğünüz her kültürde çok benzerdir. Programınız için teşekkür ederim Umarım bize yaşam tarzınızı göstermeye devam edersiniz, Tanrı sizi korusun.

  16. That's it! Turkey is a completely secular country. Our language is completely different from Arabic and Persian. Turkish language contains some Arabic and Persian words because Ottoman Empire. And you know what? If you ask to what extent we live free, (I'm sorry) Turkish people can have sex without marriage which is unlike Islamic countries. (Islamic countries have death penalty for having sex without marriage.) And one last thing, Turkey is a candidate country of the European Union. So you can live in Turkey like in Europe. No one can interfere with you legally. Thanks for the video! Don't believe the media. 😉

  17. Hi I just found your channel I am in love with your culture !! Can you a house tour or room tour and show us how House are

  18. I am an American and I am getting involve with a beautiful American-Turkish gentleman he has very daughter, his wife died in child birth. I know nothing about his culture and would like to learn some important facts, can you help

  19. I have visited istanbul and antalya last year its a beautiful country with most beautiful people in the world and i will definitley visit it again

  20. Turkish people don't drink!? That's why I emptied a bottle of Jack Daniel's with my wife's cousin in Istanbul last fall! :))

  21. Hey, there is another myth around my friends' mind that turkish girls so much too much (I need some word to add more) beautiful, nice, cute bla bla bla. Some of them are dreaming too marry Turkish girl. 😀

  22. This stupid girl has wrong explanation regarding Turkey!! Turkey is known as a Muslim country & their people are good enough sensitive to obey their religion islam. Although some of their men prefers to symbolized themselves as western as this girl want but to be honest majority percent of people over Turkish are Muslims & lead disciplinary Muslims life

  23. I told one Turkish friend stated that Turkey is non Muslim country that your not allowed to marry more than one,and he answerd angrily saying you have problem with muslim people ? every religion teaches good teachings. Then me like yeah dude relax, Im just saying.

  24. I Shaw your country's TV show sunshine girls and ask laftan ..I have one question …Your religion is Islamic than why your are wedding like Christians…By the way …I am from India ????

  25. Turkish is altaic launage family because real turks came from Xiongnu in mongolia and I know the original religion of turks was the tengerism same as mongolia. So do you know people in turkey who is tengerism? Because I seem people who says tengeri biz menen. You speak very good English to me your English is perfect for me.

  26. We Turks are always friends everywhere. there are countries we have a good deal with everywhere and we are the only children's holiday in the world

  27. Kızım seni kime kendine beğendirmeye çalışıyorsun, seni avrupa seni sizi türkiye istemiyor , ama sen onlar gibi yaşamak istorsum .yalaka Turkey is Muslim country you talk only bull shit . Gavurlasma , dönme you are not türk you are a dönme if you take a adn heritage you have more Greek, juice, Italian adn and siktir git , get out turkey go to Europe but they don't like you . Dönme yalaka

  28. Go to kayseri try to drink a bottle whiskey in Ramadan periods. We go see you beautiful face what go happen . Lara yazıklar olsun be , osmanlı tarihinde bir damla bile konuşmadın , işin güçün arap , içki, örtülü,… arapların parasıyla istanbulu dönüyor, sence niye çünkü güçlü bir türkiye avrupa istemiyor . For the moment araps from every where come to holiday in turkey and spend his money . Araps have money you go shut up about then and about Islam

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