MUST KNOW ABOUT OUR CRISIS the Start of the New Earth and Golden Era (with Landria Onkka)

MUST KNOW ABOUT OUR CRISIS the Start of the New Earth and Golden Era (with Landria Onkka)

are you ready for this I talked about
this predictions I gave you guys all kinds of clues what was going to happen
we’re splitting this is it it’s not bad and it’s not going to be cray cray stuff
it’s gonna be things like illnesses and imbalances in the finances and all kinds
of stuff why because the old collapses what doesn’t work always collapses and
that’s what’s happening right now it’s opening the way for something amazing
don’t panic this is all good but like I told you last year with change comes
some discomfort meaning you’ll have to change too what are you doing because
now is your opportunity are you going into fear and panic are you hoarding or
are you now being tested to see if you’re going to go up here into the new
earth or are you gonna stay down into the old structures that are going to
collapse it’s an imbalance that’s all it is
illness is an imbalance an agreed whore denotes an imbalance it will come back
and bite you in the butt are you ready to join me in the new earth this is the
most amazing opportunity yes it’s a challenge we’ll get through it are you
ready to join me in something amazing I’m gonna share with you what you can do
right now and understand what’s going on and realize this is nothing new it is
our test to go to the higher frequency and you can go there you’re ready let’s
do it welcome to Landria Onkka on YouTube here to help you break through the fear this is Michael Channel alright I’ve got all
kinds of stuff going out we have the miracle circle membership now where we
work on miracles we focus on that higher frequency it’s happening people we
didn’t expect it to be a virus or the repercussions of what its gonna do the
markets and how people think about the government and each other we didn’t
expect that it’s sort of toppling over why it’s an imbalance it’s an imbalance
of what isn’t working never can stay in place this is why the
Eco doesn’t work this is why we must raise our frequency your Eco will always
come back and bite you in the butt right you’ve seen Hector T my little dog he
bites yeah they’ll bite you in the butt right because everything is him
separating you from others survival me and not recognizing we are one this is
our opportunity people so what’s happened in the past when there was
imbalance right people revolted there are wars systems collapse or everything
just sort of goes to hell in a handbasket Atlantis was an abuse of
powers of higher frequency powers that went into the lower frequency mimimi
and what they were misusing it it’s an imbalance that’s all it is
that’s all it is this is really simple stuff if you are handling this crisis
with an imbalance and you’re going into ego you are now sinking down to the
lower frequency and you will experience that world you won’t pull out of it if
you stay there are you hoarding toilet paper what’s up with that all I have to
do is get online in order from prime Masson and it’s here in two hours and
people are hoarding it off the shelves why because it’s about me and what I’m
gonna get I’m so proud of my neighborhood they are
helping other people are saying are you afraid to go the grocery store I’ll go
for you do you need something I’ll go for you are you sick
we’ll walk your dog for you and bring groceries that’s the higher frequency I
want to see are you ready for it come join my miracle circle membership
it’s a monthly membership and you get trained on this how do you go into that
higher space how do you stay focused on it more than anything Heidi stay focused
so what we do when we go through crisis is oh we’re meditating and oh I’d like a
better paying job and I’ll manifest at and then crisis and we’d all go well
let’s get the toilet paper let’s get to whatever it is hoard
you know you should be too that’s in there too and then we turn on each other
hello this is the best this is the best it’s not when you are like everything’s
working this is what you’re going to find out this is when you find out
what’s gonna happen with you from this moment on and this is why you came here
it’s happening it’s happening you know it’s not gonna be some global nuke kind
of thing I think we’re past that right I don’t I think other forces won’t allow
that to happen anyways alright we’re gonna do one of two things you there
take charge or you retreat so these are amazing opportunities so when we go
through crisis we go through crisis there’s an imbalance so that means that
we gotta get her act together that means we have to rebalance things so when you
go into the rebalancing you are either solving problems or you’re part of the
problem all right so when you go into fear you’re what are you doing oh this
is the death rate and this is what’s him they’re doing that and they should and
then you turn on each other right so now you’re focused on fueling the negativity
you’re going into that lower dimension all right so are you the solution I
don’t know about you I’d be investing in toilet paper and bidets right now all
right there’s the opportunities and everything
not to take advantage in a negative way we don’t want that opportunity means
also helping those in need you know giving to them let’s give let’s be a
community let’s go back to one we know that’s what we are okay so
you’re going to either take control or you’re going to retreat you’re going to
see opportunity or you’re gonna go into fear that means no more separation I am
this this is a reflection of the imbalance of the one energy of which is
experiencing being human that’s the human imbalance so illness only kills
you when you your immune system is down right you’re gonna catch a few mune
systems down even if you’re healthy you can catch it right we’re still human
beings but who dies those who are have compromised immune systems right so
that’s an imbalance all right so it’s my ex-mother-in-law said something’s gotta
kill me right so the bottom line is is that are you gonna choose that way or
are you going to rebalance yourself and understand now we can use our energy not
just for ourselves but other people so this miracle circle membership we are
actually going to take our energy and start to focus on this for yourselves
and others now part of my training when you go into the miracle circle and this
is what I want to share with you today that training talks about what’s what
are miracles and how do they work here and why do some people get them and
other people don’t it’s very simple and I’m going to tell you right now
everything has purpose if you don’t get something if you don’t get a lesson if
you don’t grasp what’s going on now you will have to experience it until you
have the Epiphany right it’s like oh I can be at peace with this this is part
of being human loss illness crisis all of the imbalances that we are here to
correct this is what we’re here to correct you have that power you wield
the power are you focused on the negative news the blame the twitters
that you know all the are you focusing on it I don’t watch it I actually hate
to look up yesterday because I get absolutely zero news because I’m not
signed up for anything and I block it I actually had to look up to see
what the death rate and illness rate is going on globally but here’s what’s so
interesting those stats aren’t real they’re they can’t possibly be I
actually know somebody who’s down in Florida has said that they were the
stats that they were giving up savor 60 some people in that one area that had it
not one of them had been tested they were estimating this she said the ones
that really actually had it were half that I don’t trust the stance all I know
is what’s going on the stats are relevant to me if this thing spreads
then let’s take precaution we don’t know how it’s spreading right it’s oh no it’s
not airborne oh now it is it’s airborne so guess what you raise your frequency
you’re going to power up I call it I power up all the time power up my energy
that means if I meant to get it there’s some lesson to be learned from it if if
I do get it okay there’s an acceptance of being human it
doesn’t mean if you power up and that you’re you know in this high frequency
you don’t get sick I cart Oleg get sick the Dali Lama gets sick why we’re still
experiencing being human so be okay with that we think that there’s some
separation that goes on and we stop experience United stuff you don’t as
long as you’re here in this body you will somebody said our fifth and you
know six dimension people don’t experience this yes they will experience
it how they operate within it is what will be different they’re going to not
have the fear they’re going to understand that what what’s going on is
part of the experience and it’s opportunity do I get to now be the
neighbor that helps somebody else do I get to be the person who doesn’t load my
card up with toilet paper I take what I need all right am I going to be the
person who’s going to function in fear or am I going to be the one that is
going to put positive vibes outs and messages and make a difference
alright this is power in the internet this is why I love this you know I’m
screwed if I don’t have internet connection right but so far we’re fine
and when that happens and someday it might we’ll find another way we’ll have
to come together in a I’m not worried about it right what I
know right now is I have amazing opportunity and guess what’s happening I
work online I work online nothing’s just in fact my business is
flourishing why because people are ready to be helped
people want the that the assistance and the training and the positive vibes they
want to get in positive groups they’re not being distracted by this stuff
mediocre stuff I go to work every day I’m too tired to meditate now it’s like
I better damn well meditate because we’re going into a golden era only if
you join it you get to choose all right so you guys see this up here this is
internet information I know I changed what it said because I think some of you
thought that was my inspiration my spiritual stuff my spiritual stuff is
down in the description anything that pops up here is training online guess
what I never have to leave my house ever okay I can get a massage to deliver
stuff of course I’m not gonna do that but the point being is that I can
function in a powerful way because I made a change years ago that was
unpopular right oh these are scams Oh guess what
oops this is powerful stuff that works and we better all get on board with it
okay so what’s happening with you are you still living in fear of oh I don’t
want to learn this I don’t want to change what I’m doing either and then we
do that right because we get comfortable because we’re paying our bills we’re
paying our bills it’s not to get really sick that you start to do your research
on why or alternative ways to heal or other things that are going on out there
that you know we have to explore this is good it’s pushing us to make massive
changes that will save us because guess what people die and we’re all going to
die at some point worse we’re just choosing the imbalance we’re creating
the imbalance that is making this thing really in your face are we gonna pull
together because we can heal this we can heal this it can totally subside people
can get you know we’ll experience we’ll get some human stuff going on but it
will subside we don’t have to go into panic
we can start to work from our homes if you guys want to get some trade this is
free information just go in I talked about it you trained on you know online
to find out how you can use it in like a hundred and one ways getting new skills
and the fear and the limiting thoughts I don’t want to do this I know my Jesus
you know why why because you can’t fail I’m telling you you cannot fail are you
ready we’re going into the golden era expand child you this is the your
expansion and last year I told you what did I say
the we’re gonna have some major shakeups and it’s gonna be good and I said get
ready get ready I didn’t want to scare you but I did say get ready because in
order for us to go into a golden era the stuff that’s not working will have to
dissolve that means that we will have to make changes we can’t stay working the
way we are we can’t either we can’t eat thick I had to cut that up
that we do we can’t buy products that hurt animals that what’s happened in
China how they treat their animals is just despicable we have to stand up for
that and say no we cannot support all of the institutions that are harming us and
guess what they can flourish will support what they give us that’s good
for us we don’t want to hurt anybody but we’re helping them if they’re taking
advantage of us some negative ways we want to help them to find a better way
to function as human beings and corporations and whatever else they’re
doing I won’t buy your garbage anymore hey you’re gonna do something that’s
good I told you you know kudos to covergirl they have a vegan makeup now
they stop testing on animals another they have vegan makeup scum you know
that means their actual products don’t have animal stuff in them we have to
protect this planet each other we’re all energy everything’s energy rocks do you
know that there have been studies there’s some unbelievable power that’s
coming off of rocks they are not inanimate objects everything has an
intelligence to it has to it has to it was created it’s
part of the one it doesn’t think like we do think goodness because we’re very
destructive you have an opportunity that is huge right now are you gonna take it
are you gonna find the opportunity or retreat are you gonna go into fear or
you’re gonna go out there and say wow who thank goodness we’re not gonna
function like that anymore I hope everything’s gonna start to to change
our energy our financial systems it’s good it’s all good but what you want to
do is you want to stay ahead of the curve you don’t want to stay here and
have somebody push you out the door you want to start to build that house first
you want to create that structure first and you say okay I’m ready to move over
to that you packed up your bags and you go you’ve got a place to go to start
seeing the opportunities out there send the message to others get out of the
fear shut the garbage down the media is all controlled completely controlled and
owned by people who want you to see what they want you to see we already know
this McFly hello shut the garbage down quit programming yourself this is an
amazing era for us to now go into balance to make great decisions to come
together as a community to love one each other
send amazing giving light and love to one another and not go in here and
separate share the toilet paper share the toilet paper I promise you there
will be plenty of toilet paper for you all right
you have an opportunity right now to change the planet and that’s what you
came here for this is your test this isn’t like oh this is separate from
me going in my spiritual self no this is the test we’re going into it strap on
your seatbelt baby because we’re going up you know click click click click
click click click click click click and then
a little scary little fun doesn’t feel so great it’s amazing you get back on
the ride again right we keep getting back on that ride that’s what humans do
join me working we’re doing amazing stuff I have the 30 day prosperity
challenge you can join that anytime that’s gonna be running for as long as
people want to do it that helps you get into that mindset prosperity and
prosperity isn’t about hoarding and me prosperity is about I’m gonna live an
amazing abundant life you open up these gateways and and people around you are
happier and it feels good to give and it’s just this amazing abundant new
world we’re going into it big time it’s happening don’t be afraid that is the
killer is the fear all right I sit here and I went oh it’s happening yay yay
what am I gonna do I went to Whole Foods got some coffee and champagne they had
Betty and everybody there was so nice put my sanitizer on kept my distance you
know what we’re on planet earth be smart join me we’re going to start to focus
every day on this healing imagine yourself being healed not just being
healed already perfect everything’s already perfect you get to choose your
reality so subscribe share this I want to send out as many positive messages as
possible I want people to get off of this and realize we’ll get through this
crisis we always do it’s not a world war okay we can handle this we can be smart
and we can use it to be amazing and love one another and use this power this
quantum power to change it and I’m telling you stuff we can do it it’s been
done many many times and documented many times the power of numbers let’s come
together if you want to join the miracle circle go in the description or go to
land reactive calm and you can see all my courses my memberships my master
classes are all there I get every month I put new ones on there I keep adding
more and more pick and choose what works for you they’re super cheap all right
I don’t know when I’m I barely sleep nowadays I’m fine you know what we
always say I’ll sleep when I’m dead when I’m ready to go boy I I want to feel so
good about every moment I was here did I contribute in a positive way did you
contribute in a positive way and every thought counts every thought counts I
love you you’re amazing you’re perfect do you know that you’re strong and
powerful whole perfect loving harmonious and happy do get that get rid of the
chatter in the head it’s bull crap we’re done with it come join me in the golden
era it’s starting yay alright this too shall pass sending your light love
health wealth abundance and most of all awakening my friend namaste

49 thoughts on “MUST KNOW ABOUT OUR CRISIS the Start of the New Earth and Golden Era (with Landria Onkka)


  2. Yes yes yes we are one! I stay calm focus on what's right with the world, nature and how this is bringing strangers together (even though we're physically apart). If I catch people worrying I advise them practically and tell them to focus on what they love and to thank their blessings. The war time spirit is back but in a good way!

  3. I still go out. I breath fresh air. I am relaxed and the thought of getting the corona virus does not even enter my head. We have plenty of toilet paper (I am in Canada) after last week panic. Lol….I think that was is happening is wonderful and necessary. Helped my next door neighbour who had symptoms and I had no fear bringing her food and herbal tea. She got tested and lucky her, she does not have covid 19. I banished listening to the news because they are not telling the truth. Wellness wishes to you all.

  4. I'm not afraid. I know I incarnated for this….I remember.
    I don't listen to the news or read it.
    I'm stepping into my power. I too have been telling peeps yo buckle up.
    I'm a healer……healed myself. I'm a few months away from being a health/life coach.
    The ppl around me are upset that I am so calm….lol. They think I'm crazy, but I've never been more sane in my life!
    Sending everyone love and light <3

  5. I've had to tune out relatives focused on negativity. I had to pretend my texts didnt work because I didnt want to participate in the negativity fest.😂

  6. In Being. Neutrality. Know Thyself. Abundance, Perfect Health & Prosperity to Everyone. Namaste🙏🙂☀️🌹

  7. Thank you. Once again China is mentioned… this is worldwide and not cool to single out any one country, especially in light of current events.

  8. Thank you for your words, they do help and we are listening and moving forward. Please explain why you think these things are good.

  9. never watch news, i rent this computer so i think its concidard not mine sighn in as guest i bought some covergirl its good make up

  10. Love your videos and your energy 🥰 btw what you think about fairies and other creatures like that ? Have you seen one ? Are they real? Thanks

  11. You're 100% right Landria. I'm a teacher doing online teaching now. Our methods are being forced to change for the better in a new direction. Staying focused on the good that comes out of this is the best way…I'm assisting a neighbor who has the virus and do her food shopping for her…Helping each other through this crisis just brings out the good…and YES, the Chinese MUST stop how they consume food, and the cruelty of animal slaughter. The dogs they are slaughtering in beyond my own human comprehension…Praying God raises their consciousness, awareness and compassion to change their handling of all living creatures great and small…P.S. Love your new haircut too Landria! Carry on, love your channel!

  12. thank you for always being authentically you, raising the vibration of the collective consciousness, and making us laugh in the process

  13. What I've been hearing, is predictions on ww3 – which will start to affect things like oil in most countries. This aside…I'm concerned when people say world war….is it? Or is it between 2 main countries? I'd appreciate if you could shine some light on this subject please🙏💖🙏

    Though I am aware of this test. I share the positivity. And love this time to reflect on my self and giving to others brings me so much joy🌟🦋🌟

  14. Landria is speaking nothing but TRUTH . The media will have you wanting to never leave you're home again if you feed into the B.S 😔

  15. I never really understood the whole stocking up on supplies thing. You all realize that the stores have the ability to re-stock, right? Just like they've always done. So…why the rush to stock up when more product will be coming in to the stores? In other words, you'll still be able to get that stuff later.

  16. They threw a little comedy in the whole situation cause I've never in my whole life have seen something such as the "toilet paper bandits" 😂🤣 and that was my cue✌🏼💜🙏🏼

  17. Thank you. We need tough people like you right now. I must be honest it is scary 😟but I know we are bringers of Light. 🙏💜

  18. I'm only buying what myself and my family need. No hoarding here. My local supermarket has plenty of fresh produce but canned goods, toilet paper etc, all gone! It's ridiculous!! I'm trying to stay calm but it's difficult when all the news is coronavirus. I won't wear a mask when I go out because it's just fuelling fear. Everyone buy just what you need and think of your brothers and sisters. I'm aware of the imbalance. Stay safe and calm everyone. Much love. X

  19. But they are ONLY buying a decade's worth of toilet paper … what's the problem? LOL! What I want to know is, Are they adding rooms to their houses for all of these hoarded supplies? I don't have room to store a decade's worth of anything!

  20. Walking by Faith not by sight. Where does Your Alliance lie. No more games. Rise like the Phenix or fall with the sleepers. One Love

  21. Honestly, when I see or hear too much Negativity from Social Media I walk away, as I refuse to put my energy into that low vibrational 3D….FEAR=False Evidence Appearing Real…..I wouldn't say Die, as there really is NO Death…more like a Transition from one state of being to another……I am a spiritual being of Light having Human experience;-)

  22. Don't get over excited because there will many lives lost some we will know personally. This is not a game Family just a game changer. Pay attention to the Sign's. One Love

  23. Yes this world is too ego system. We need more economic system. They want you to be in fear don’t let them. Fear false evidence appearing real. It’s not about money or job right now it’s a chance for humanity to get together and care and share and be with nature and get to know the real you.

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