Michael B. Jordan Shocks Community Activist for ‘Ellen’s Greatest Night of Giveaways’

Michael B. Jordan Shocks Community Activist for ‘Ellen’s Greatest Night of Giveaways’

I am so excited about my
new primetime special. It’s airing tonight,
tomorrow, and Thursday on NBC. It’s called Ellen’s
Greatest Night of Giveaways. [APPLAUSE] Oh, my God, you
guys, it’s so good. And thanks to my friends
at Green Dot Bank, we get to help some
incredible people. And here’s one of them. Hi, Frank Gilmore. How are you? Hey, Ellen! I love you! I love you, too! I’m going to talk about you
like you’re not here, OK? All right, so Frank has
an incredible story. He completely turned
his life around. And when I told Michael
B. Jordan about everything that Frank did, he
insisted on meeting him. And this is what happened. I’m in Jersey City, around the
corner from Frank’s community center. So we about to go surprise him. I got a feeling
he’s really, really, really going to be
surprised about this, and the reaction from the kids. You know, that’s what
this is all about. My name is Frank Gilmore. And I’m the owner and founder
of the Educational Gilmore Community Learning Center. I first went to state prison
when I was 19 years old. During my incarceration,
my first child was born. It kind of hit me full fledged. Because I only had one promise
to myself in his whole world, I wasn’t going to do what my
dad did to me and not be there. One of my teachers, Dr. Mim,
she took a liking to me. She asked me what I
was doing in jail. And I told her that I was
in jail for selling drugs. She was like, but you
seem so smart to make such dumb decisions. That was actually the first
time in my life someone told me I was smart. And it’s like, wow, I need
to not only get out of here, do something to stay
out when I get out. And after that, I
knew that I wanted to give back to my community. So it was extremely
important for me to open a community center. And I just want to be that
positive male role model. When I was 16, I
dropped out of school and started going
down the bad path. And if it wasn’t for
Frank, I would probably be in jail or dead right now. Well, we got to talk about KD
and Kyrie coming to Brooklyn. Every team is worth watching. On everything, word is bond. Well, what I’m
saying is that’s a– Hold up. Frank, what’s good, bro? How you guys doing? What’s up, bro? My– Hold on, hold on, hold on! Cause we was just
talking about you. And you walked in here? Talk about who? You! Oh, man. Listen, Ellen’s a
good friend of mine. And I heard about
your story, bro. And I had to come out here
and meet you, man. ‘Cause I’m from Brick City. I’m from Newark, you
know what I’m saying? So I’m like– yeah, yeah, yeah,
[INAUDIBLE] So I understand. I understand. Wow, that’s crazy. Thanks a lot, man. I really appreciate that, man. So tell me about this spot? It’s a cool center. Kids come here after school if
they need help with homework. So it’s just a space for them
to come here, and just get help, and anything they
need to get help with. That’s the dream,
right, you know what I’m saying, to be able
to give back to the people that you came from, you feel me? So how much is the rent here? The rent, oh, well,
it just went up. It was $1,575. They went up to $1,650. $1,600? OK. Well, you know, Ellen
is very generous, man. She definitely wants to
take care of your rent for two months. Oh, man, wow. OK, all right not two months. The first year. The whole year? The whole year, bro. She want to take care
of the whole thing. All right, I’m lying, first
two years, bro, everything. For two whole two years? Two whole years. Wow, man, that’s crazy, man. I ain’t used to being
emotional and everything. Ah, man! Nah, don’t run from me, bro. Hey, nah, nah, you can’t run! Ah, man, yo. To have someone do that for
me and the community center is a true blessing. Come here, man. Come here, I got you, bro. This is a huge burden
lifted off my shoulders. I got some surprises for you. I’m going to shoot outside
real quick and come back. I was just so emotional. That was my first
time crying in front of anyone of my
mentee’s and my I couldn’t believe this
was happening to me. Are you crying already? I ain’t even put
the box down yet. No, I’m just messing
with you, bro. So you know, this is Ellen’s
Greatest Night of Giveaways. So this is just the beginning. She just be giving
away crazy stuff. Just crack that open. This is $50,000 right here. So you’re rent free
for two years, brother. And this is another
$50,000 cash for you to fix up whatever
you need to do. Because you deserve. Because they deserve
it, you know? Yo! I know it’s a lot. I know, bro. You deserve it, though. Yo, that’s crazy. Oh, man. Goodness gracious, man. I get it. So, look, we got more stuff to
kind of get through real quick. So you want to take a walk? Basically, this area right
here, man, literally right here on this corner, we sold drugs. You name a drug, we sold
it, weed, coke, dope. There’s so many people I
hurt in this community. So it’s extremely
important for me to give back to this
community, definitely. So I hear this is
your old high school? Lincoln High School, man. You used to hoop up here, too? Oh, yeah, yeah. No used to, I still do. Let’s go get this
505, then, bro. Let’s go get that. Let’s go get that. [APPLAUSE] [MUSIC PLAYING] Oh, man, everyone who had
a huge impact on my life was there, my college professor,
my wife, my family, my friends, my co-workers. You know, I just want this
day to be here forever. We decided to surprise
Frank to just show him that we’re here for him and
how much he means to us. He doesn’t really
show a lot of emotion. So when you see him
showing emotion, you know that it’s
been a good day. I’m about to bounce a little bit
and let y’all have this moment. But before I do, why don’t
y’all just come with me? Y’all, just follow me outside. (SINGING) When I
heard that sound– Like I said, it’s Ellen’s
Greatest Night of Giveaways. And we heard that you
were having some trouble getting around the community
and stuff and you needed a van. Mm-hm. So, you know. All right. Wait. Wait! When I heard that sound. [APPLAUSE] Now, you ain’t got to
worry about getting around the community no more. This is great, man. This is beautiful
right here, man. And everyone that was
integral, for them to be here and see the reward,
this is huge, right here. [APPLAUSE] Frank, I think you’re awesome. That’s why we did
all that for you. And Green Got helped out
tremendously with all this. Michael B. Jordan,
I love you so much. You’re my pal. His movie, Just Mercy,
comes out in select theaters Christmas Day. It’s a fantastic movie. Go see it. [APPLAUSE] All of the stories
are so beautiful. Each one of these
people that we celebrate for different reasons,
it’s so emotional, and so– it was just the best thing
that I think that we’ve been a part of in a long time. I hope you watch it. It’s called Greatest
Night of Giveaways. It premieres tonight at
8:00 on NBC, and tomorrow, and then Thursday. We’ll be back.

100 thoughts on “Michael B. Jordan Shocks Community Activist for ‘Ellen’s Greatest Night of Giveaways’

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    Anyway that just my thought.

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