Meet 4ocean | Community Cleanups Manager

Meet 4ocean | Community Cleanups Manager

Two years old. Beautiful baby. We already knew you’d be a success. Yes, that’s right. I was born and raised in Satellite Beach, Florida.
Small town Eastern, Central Florida right on the beach. Beautiful nature,
beautiful wildlife, quiet. Well his grandfather used to sometimes pick him up at kindergarten, and he loved to do it because Danny would come out and you know all the
girls would be saying “Hi Danny” We lived on the canal. We would swim and
everything else and Danny and his friends would jump off the dock. [Danny] Off the boathouse. Off the boathouse. Let’s not talk about it. You would just see dolphins, you know,
playing and jumping up and down and swimming through the water and hunting,
and then you’d see, you know, Manatees right up close to the riverside as well. You’d probably walk onto someone’s dock, kind of sit there and just wonder in
amazement how we’re so lucky to have this natural beauty right in our own backyards. I went to Florida Atlantic University
and I majored in Public Safety with a specialization in Emergency Management. I was able to take a lot of different cool science classes and psychology classes and social work classes and it’s had a big impact on me
to really care about people and care about the world. “Hey everybody it’s Danny here with 4ocean.
We’re out here…” It really all came together when you hear about a company like 4ocean and why you want to get involved. It’s about people, it’s about the environment
and it’s about changing people’s behaviors and those are all things that
are extremely important to me and I was lucky enough to join right when it started. “Single-use plastics. We gotta stop this guys,
this is an epidemic.” The idea behind the cleanups at 4ocean are to really engage the community,
educate and bring awareness to the issues of ocean plastic that is causing
a lot of damage to our ecosystems. Who are we? [crowd yells] 4ocean! I’ve been able to really follow my passion
and this is something that you know, I’m extremely lucky for and and grateful for and thankful that I can be a part of
something like 4ocean.

27 thoughts on “Meet 4ocean | Community Cleanups Manager

  1. What do you guys think about people using plastic for roads? They last longer and can be recycled. I would love to see you guys do something with that idea and team up on it!

  2. I have 2 braclets from you guys and i love them so much I'm planning to get more cause they are so pretty and plus i make a difference to help the beautiful sea animals and ocean ❤🤙🐬🌊🦀

  3. Just a question, after you guys do all your hard work cleaning up the ocean where does it end up and how will you use it in the future?

  4. You guys should partner with the ocean Conservancy conservation International WWF the UN environmental program and the coral reef Alliance

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