5 thoughts on “Los Angeles becomes first “Blue Community” in the country | Eyewitness This

  1. Don't tell us about the criminals burning California. Tell us some stories. Yes more stories oh goody goody goody. Thank you Mommy and Daddy

  2. Wait, LA county; so I hear on the reports, has nearly 75,000 homeless. You hand out drugs and money, but you get an award for saving water. Insert the long blank stare, HERE. Your state burns to ash before you, but hey hey hey, we get an award for saving water.

  3. Phasing out bottled water. Oh wow so this is a part of how they wanna control even our stores water in case of an emergency. Seriously. recycling hasn't done its job for bottles. This is yet another trick to control. You wait and see how they will try to profit

  4. If I don’t have money to pay for my expensive water bill watch them turn it off so quickly. How is this considered a blue community!?!

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