100 thoughts on “LGBT 101: An introduction to the Queer community

  1. This seriously needs to be a mandatory class in school. Almost all my life I learned that there were only two genders, one attraction: male and female, guys like girls, girls like guys. I was completely unaware that this existed until maybe a couple of years ago. I'm sure a lot of people feel this way too. Having this as an official class would make everyone understand!

  2. Hahahah May I ask you, people, this question, what do you say about those who lived the "gay lifestyle" stopped and turned away from it because of their faith and prayers to God?… Do you just deny they have changed?… Do you hate them because they prove your assertion that "you were born this way, or no one chooses to be gay, or it's in my gene's, if that was the real case then they shouldn't change?…. If you don't believe these people exist look them up on youtube check out the vids they are so beautiful and powerful they prove same-gender sex is a "choice" as with all sin.

    They prove God is real because the way you, people, are clinging to your sex act, the way you march, sing and dance in the streets waving a flag in defiance, the way you have assimilated your hatred to mean love from God and all who oppose you are deemed hateful and fearful of you… Only God has the power to overcome that, "Wih God all things are possible"…😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉

  3. I know a lot of people see this video as educational but there were too many issues. Saying ally is part but completely ignoring nonbinary, 2 spirit, pan, aromantic and others and only briefly mentioning a couple of them later in the video. Saying that gender is on a spectrum "between" male and female is not accurate as some people dont feel they are between or both (dual gender identities like bigender, gender fluid, gender flux, etc) and instead feel outside the binary (agender, gender nonconforming, nonbinary etc). The gender spectrum is not a sliding scale between male and female. They also didnt even mention androgynous expression style?
    I do think this video is a good intro but it needs updating as well as rewording

  4. Im a gay, transgender female qwq

    My dream is to become a male, and then I can finally call myself gay ^w^ And be myself… :0

  5. Thank you very much for explaining all of this! I wrote all of this down in a notebook I have to better understand this!💕💖💕💖💕💖

  6. I spent the 60s trying to change the word queer to gay, now it seems the word is back, big pity, queer meant mental, work it out guys, queer is quite an offensive term.

  7. Just a person with a different opinion here… Why "Queer"? Hasn't queer been a derogatory term against non-heterosexual people? Like I assumed the term would just be long forgotten but no… The community had to keep it I guess….

  8. My personal opinion. But feel free to leave yours.
    I feel like the acronym should only be LGBT, because those are all people who know exactly what they are. For example: Questioning isn’t part of the lgbt community because as a person who is questioning, we haven’t fully decided on wether or not we should be part of the lgbt community and we don’t want to be labeled, so why would you put us in the lgbt category? Also, Ally shouldn’t be in the lgbt community as well. They are just people who support the community. Not people who identify as them. You get me?
    Queer is also a term that I refuse to use because it was used in a derogatory term. Just use gender fluid.
    Asexual/aromantic shouldn’t even be in the acronym because they feel no attraction. So why classify them as lgbt?

  9. I can never come out to my parents. They are religious and I feel like they won’t except me. Help this closet smells like cheese.

  10. I have a question. If your biological sex is male and your gender is gender queer/ neutral, does that make you a transgender or cis gender?

  11. Pan is usually not caring about gender and a bisexual might say that they like all genders but have a preference that changes over time like me for example I will sometimes be more attracted to one sex over the other and that will change over time but a pansexual might not have a preference or take other traits into account without thinking about gender

  12. I’m an 11 year old pansexual girl. I haven’t come out to my household, but to most of my cousins. It’s not like I’m not proud of being different, it’s just I don’t want to be disapproved of.

  13. This is really awesome for people to learn about this but my personal thoughts ( I am part of the lgbt+ community btw) is that ally is not part of the community, just a supporter

  14. You stupid gay community have no idea what's ahead for you if Islam takes over good bye head. Trump trying to save you but your hate overcomes reason.

  15. I am a lesbian. There is never ever a male in a lesbian relationship, so stop asking! If both are lesbian than the entire point of that relationship is there to not me a man! I have a very wonderful girlfriend and people constantly ask, "Who's the man?" No body!

  16. Wow! Thank you so much for teaching me all this information about my community! I barely knew anything about lgbtq+ but thanks to your video I learned a lot about the community and understand almost everything, Thank You! 😊

  17. So you forgot P for pansexual in the acronym. (is that how you spell it? I'm not sure, my spelling isn't the best) Also, Ally isn't part of the acronym. (well I think it depends we're you look, but it's generally preferd not to be inclued, ((again, I'm not sure.)))
    But the a in it dose stand for aro or a-gender. (Im going of what I know personally. I'm not fully educated also, if you see this comment and know what I've said is incorrect, please tell me so I can fix it, I don't want to be offensive)

  18. im still questioning my sexuality although i am 10. Is something wrong with that? I've had so many girl crushes. Trust me im really new to this— my life is gonna change lmAo. Edit : should i come out because honestly im afraid of what would happen. I am not trying to say it's easy to make a choice. I do not crossdress, i've liked boys, i like some girls, but what would i be if i joined the community? Oh god this makes me stressed.

  19. My questions:
    1. Can you be pansexual without knowing any trans people?
    2. Does being pansexual include having an attraction gender neutral people?
    3. Is there any sexuality where you are ONLY attracted to gender neutral people?

    I just say I'm pansexual, even though I don't know any trans people yet, (jk I don't physically say that cuz I'm not even out yet 👌👌👌👌)

  20. Hahaha, there will be no queer/LGBTQP+ community in heaven nor the new Earth because they won't exist ever again 1 Cor 6:9-11, 2 Peter 3;10 Rev 21:8-10, Rev 21:1…😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉

  21. It it imperative this bullshit does not plague the minds of the innocent children. Looks like the world is heading towards complete absurdity by trying to portray such horrendous and deviant behavior as normal, sane and desirable

  22. I’m a proud 13 year old bisexual. I’m attracted to both genders. If you don’t accept someone for any of those listed above in the video, you will not be accepted by me. We will stay proud even after all those opinions.

    Thank you for expanding a little more about the community I’ve been a part of for quite some time. Kind of upset I didn’t know about some of these until now. 😅 However, I still thank you for helping me find out more!

  23. Hi I'm a man was born a man will always be a man and will never support this lifestyle that the Bible says is an abomination in the sight of God

  24. Thank you and I love this educational video. Now kindly please kindly show this to those stupid, conservative Christians, Neo-Nazis, and all those conservative religions and politicians who we are and where we stand! They have been suffering us long enough! 👍❤️😤🥳

  25. I've been scrolling for like an hour or so, replying to all your homophobic comments. All the people who I didn't reply to and posted homophobic things, do me a job and go fuck yourself. 👏 GOOD 👏 DAY 👏 BITCHES.

  26. me, confused and wanting to learn more about the LGBTQ+ community: 《watches video》

    my stubborn small brain after watching: SO I AM CONFUSION

  27. You're spreading lies and propaganda boy is a boy and a girl is a girl nothing you can do will change that. Not surgery to give you a vagina or penisif you cannot produce testosterone and sperm on your own you are not a man and if you cannot produce estrogen and eggs on your own you are not a woman you must be able to have a menstrual cycle to be a woman and produce children you must be able to produce your own testosterone and sperm to be a man

  28. Ok so at 6:19 You say transgender is a word that we shouldn't say. But you said it yourself in the beginning of them video that the T in LGBTQ is transgender? I'm confused?

  29. i am a lythrosexual panromantic nonbinary person
    lythrosexual means i have sexual desires but have no intention of acting upon them

  30. A doesn't stand for ally. Allys aren't in the lgbtq+ community. We do love you though. Also I'm quite sad they didn't add pansexual and many more sexualitys….. 😔

  31. Well I guess I’m still fricken questioning cause I dunno if I’m trans, asexual, non binary, etc. Yeah I’m the definition of questioning


    I am confusion

  32. Wait im confused why is ally in the lgbt no hate im just confused like if they arent queer they technically arent oart id the lgbt

  33. Yo, excellent video, fun and informative.

    But I did want to say that skoliosexuality has been renamed to ceterosexuality because ‘skolio’, like in skoliosis, is derived from Latin, meaning bent or malformed.

  34. Can y’all stop saying ‘aLlY isNt pARt oF It!’ Yes, it was a mistake and she got enough comments about it already. Sorry people make mistakes sometimes, jeez 😒

  35. I started uncontrollably smiling when you said panromantic asexual. My mind just went, hey thats me idk this made me really happy 😊

  36. I'm bi and have considered myself cis but at the same time I feel more masculine often and question if I might not really be cis. I've been feeling weird about my feminine traits and feel more confident when my outward appearance is more masculine presenting. Idk what to do about it.

  37. OMG I am also so a gay cusgender female but I feel like I judged even worse because I'm black but my familey supported me and so do my freinds see im cisgender so my mind macthes with my body and my parents are gay they adopted me and my lil sis so I had anamzing way to come out. Anyway what I mean about judgement is that it's like I walk with my girlfriend and I'm black and there like so not back people can be normal ok so it is just hard. Buuuuuut I still love myself😅😄🤣😄😂

  38. For all you trans-tastic people out there, look like Mister Metokur on a nice little website called Bitchute and watch his recent video on tans surgery! It’s so eye opening and beautiful let’s all educate ourselves on the facts of bottom surgery!!!

  39. Yo I'm 15 and female (low key questioning if I'm gender fluid) and I'm abrosexual though I usually tell people whatever I'm feeling that day

  40. I want to bring this up as a honest question. What biological or psychological justification is there to separate sex and gender?

  41. so just bc I don't want to memorize this shit and then I "misgender or use the wrong pronouns", yall people hate me for that… so much for the tolerant left…. smh

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