Learn English with Jennifer – All skills: grammar, pronunciation, U.S. culture and more

Learn English with Jennifer – All skills: grammar, pronunciation, U.S. culture and more

Hello and welcome to English with Jennifer. Since 2007, I’ve been sharing my lessons with English language learners here on YouTube. All of my videos are grouped into playlists. Visit my website for the complete list. If you’re a beginner, start with my series “Learn English with Jennifer.” My other playlists are for intermediate and advanced students. I offer lessons on listening, speaking, reading, and writing. I love teaching all aspects of the English language. Remember the complete list of videos is on my website. www.englishwithjennnifer.com You’ll also learn how you can study more with me online. Thank you for choosing to study English with Jennifer. I wish you all happy studies!

49 thoughts on “Learn English with Jennifer – All skills: grammar, pronunciation, U.S. culture and more

  1. Hi Jennifer I learned a lot with you. Success for you always.
    A big hug for you!

  2. You are the best English teacher that I've ever seen in my life, in fact I was watching your videos since 2008 and rarely missed one of your lessons. Thank you for every thing

  3. Wishing you years and years full of great success and progress in your career with a lot of students all over the world. you deserve the best because you're the best?. God bless you my dear Jennifer ??

  4. Nice to see you, Jennifer. I'd like to say that your website is wonderful and you are an excellent teacher. We're lucky. Thank you so much.

  5. Your videos are precious! I really like the objective way they are structured. May your website be a great hit!

  6. My dear teacher! Thank you for your great website. I have started to learn English since 2014 and no one couldn't explain to me how to correct pronunc R sound, thanks a lot

  7. I love your voice :). It's very inductance.I hope you are ok every day my dear teacher 🙂
    Khanh (12 years old)

  8. Thank you Miss Jennifer about all your lessons, your explain is great real. hope all your days be blessed..

  9. Hi! My name is Deqa and I am from somalia, I like the way you Teach English very well. How do a Join your students?

  10. Hello Jennifer! It is first time which i watch your video. I like your voice and pronunciation. Thanks for making good lesson. I am going to study hard with your video??

  11. Jennifer,
    I was teaching a class using a PPT presentation about Lie and Lay and the attached screen shot shows the answers to an exercise, so please read the following text:
    I have always had doubts the following sentences:
    "You need to lie down when you feel dizzy so that you don't fall over."
    "The police ordered the robber to lie down on the street."
    Lie Down in these cases I would prefer to use Lay Down, because they seem like action verbs and not transitive verbs. It seems like we are telling the person to do an action: in these cases to Lay Down and not Lie Down.
    It this because Lie Down is an idiomatic expression or is there another reason for this? Please let me know and I think this would be a good subject for a video class.
    Best regards

  12. Dear Jennifer i am a young from Colombia. Speak english is my dream, and i want learn whit you. Thank you for your job and dedication.

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