Kids Show and Tell – Family & Culture (and try Jollibee!!) | Show and Tell | HiHo Kids

Kids Show and Tell – Family & Culture (and try Jollibee!!) | Show and Tell | HiHo Kids

– Could somebody bring me a napkin? It’s on the floor. Please? (upbeat music) – [Together] Show and tell! – Umm, what’s culture mean? – Culture is what your family usually does for their tradition. Let’s share about our family and culture. – [Together] Yay! (whining) – Open your eyes. I’m gonna share about this book. And it’s special because my big sister and my dad used to sing it to me. It’s based on the song Three Little Birds by Bob Marley. – [Together] Sing it,
sing it, sing it, sing it! – So the book goes like this. (singing) Rise up this morning, smile with the rising sun, three little birds pitch by my doorstep, singing sweet songs. – [Singing Together]
Cause every little thing is gonna be alright. – I like this book so much. – Can you read this to me tonight Justin? – Sure! – [Together] Thank you Justin. – Oh, can I be next? Open your eyes. – [Elena] Yes, it’s a ring. – What kind of ring is it called? – I think it’s a pearl or blue bee. – It’s a opal ring. – Opal. – What it represents about your family? – Well it’s been in our
family for a hundred years. – How much that ring is worth? – Maybe like a hundred. – Ooo. – Yeah. What are they? – Wait, wait, could I try them on and see? Okay, okay. Okay wait, give it back and
also give the glasses back. – I can see. – [GG] Okay give the glasses back. – [Justin] Wait can I go last to see it? – How many fingers am I holding up? – Three. – Nope. – You just turned another! I saw you. – No! – Thank you for letting
us see the ring, GG, it’s very pretty. – Just open your eyes. – Is that a soccer jersey? – It’s from Colombia where my mom lives. – What’s Klee-um-bia? – Colombia. Colombia. – So Colombia is a state where everybody there speaks Spanish. – Do you speak Spanish? – Yes. Que tal. Hola,
como estas, bien. Done. – In Colombia they call soccer football. Who wants to come to Colombia with me? – [GG] Me! – I’ll try it. – Gracias. – Gracias. De nada. – Where are you Elena? Open your eyes. – Hello. – Today for show and tell I’m
showing my two little sisters. – What are their names? – This is Valerie and this is Danielle. – They’re cute. – Hug! I wanna give her a little kiss. – How old are they? – Three years old. Ethan. – Why did you choose
to share your sisters? – This is part of my family. – And we are in the family! – [Together] Thank you for sharing! – Open your eyes. This is Jollibee food. It’s Filipino fast food. It has spaghetti and chicken. Who’s hungry? – Me! – Why do they sell spaghetti
at a fast food restaurant? – That’s what they do at the Philippines. – Oh. Oh, oh. Nope, no. Wait. – My mom is from the Philippines and I’m half Filipino. How does it taste? – Delicious! – I love eating chickens. – Mmm, Jollibee. – [Together] Thank you for watching! – Thank you for watching HiHo and don’t forget to e-scribe! HiHo! – e-scribe? If you want your very own HiHo shirt, check out the store! – See ya next time! – [Together] Goodbye! – [Ethan] I love free food!

54 thoughts on “Kids Show and Tell – Family & Culture (and try Jollibee!!) | Show and Tell | HiHo Kids

  1. im a pilipino kid and im a girl and i like jollibe and my little sister like it too im 8 year old and my lil sis is 4 year old some time i watch ur vid and it make me happy (hi ako ay pilipino?) hi im a pilipino)????i love ur vid??????

  2. I can tell Justin is going to be a real stand-up man when he grows up. Ethan with those glasses examining that jewelry looked super natural on him, LOL. He was also great with his younger twin sisters. Crystal is truly a leader.

  3. Valeria, Daniela, Helena y Ethan! Que hermosas, all of the girls are beautiful !!! It’s the Columbia in them lol

  4. Yes! Philippines!!! I love jolly bee too because I’m also Filipino like down below if your Filipino

  5. Eathan -its from colombia where my mom lives

    GG-whats coliuhukumbia

    Helana- its colombia not coliuhukumbia.

    Dang they hate eachother

  6. Justin and gigi bro and sis
    Ethan and helena vallery daniel bro and sisters
    But poor crystal her sibling isnt in this episode!

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