Kevin as a union worker and was told his job was safe. He is now homeless in Portland.

Kevin as a union worker and was told his job was safe. He is now homeless in Portland.

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  1. The "Leaders" in D.C. we have in charge need to hang their heads in shame… I wish I was rich, so I could give good people like this a hand up!!!

  2. Kick the illegals out and 10 to 20 million jobs open up.
    0.37 "if the economy picked up"
    Nope that wont happen until we END THE FED and stop corporate welfare.
    Dems and REpubs have sold you out and run up the debt.
    Think/vote independent.
    2.56 "everything paid for" Yep he was a teamster.

  3. @cpgone End the War on Drugs which terrorizes the Mexican people and destroys their economy.

    After you do that, Mexicans will have little desire to take massive risks to their lives out of desperation to escape poverty and violence.

    Nope that won't happen until the xenophobic bigotry ends and stop the corporotocracy that uses xenophobia to divide the people.

    Think/vote independent… but most importantly stop living according to fear of scapegoats and look to the real enemy in power.

  4. @MarmaladeINFP Oh sure, the drugs won the drug war.
    But that is a small part of the problem Mexico just ships its poor to us.
    More billionaires in Mexico per cap than the US.
    The sheeple wont rise up in time.

  5. I hope he has found something. I live in Portland and I can't say I have seen him. But if I did I would shake his hand.

  6. @cpgone US corporations & the US govt have economically, politically, & militarily interfered in Mexico (largely for reasons of oil, of course) over the past century or so which included at times promoting fascism & supporting undemocratic leaders. NAFTA has destroyed the economic opportunities for small farmers making it difficult for many Mexicans to financially support themselves in Mexico. On top of this poverty, the US War on Drugs has empowered drug cartels & created a militarized state.

  7. @InfiniteMushroom I get depressed that Americans seem so uninformed & misinformed. It's not their fault, of course. Most Americans don't get a quality education. I know I didn't. If I didn't do a lot of reading on my own, I wouldn't know about any of this. It's inevitable that an ignorant population will come to misinformed conclusions, support damaging policies, & get manipulated by devious politicians. Worse of all, ignorance breeds bigotry & bigotry never leads to anything good..

  8. @FrigidWhisper yup,unfortunately there still some people who are mean.they dont realize that homeless hv feelin too..they are just like us..,only money bring them down..thats all

  9. No job is safe at all here in Portland where we are in a depression. Due to NAAFTA being passed it made it legal for companies to move out of the country leaving millions of workers out of work. MSI laid me off in 2009 and 190 others and closed after 32 years of being here. I hate the paid and hell that they are making us go through for something we did not do.

  10. I do not drink or use and have been sober for 4 12 years and have a 4 year degree and cannot find work here. I lost my job in the recession in 2009 and cannot get another call center job due to me using a walker. There is plenty of food to eat but their needs to be more stuff for the unemployed that have ran out of benefits. The jobs are not coming back and feel they are trying to kill off many people that live in the US by taking their jobs and heath care away.

  11. Thanks for all your videos of how bad this city is now in the way of unemployment and homelessness. The REAL unemployment rate is 50% at least. I go to job fairs and over 10000 show up there. I have been to college and PCC and computer classes and have a 4 year degree in Accounting and can get no job doing anything. I had to go on welfare having this accounting degree. Temp agencies treat you like dirt and feel it is your falt you were laid off. It is not my falt MSI laid me and 199 others off.

  12. Thanks for the post of how bad it really is in Portland. I lost my job at a call center in September of 2009 and cannot get another one the REAL unemployment is so bad here. I have been sober almost 5 years and do not do drugs and have a college degree and cannot get ANY kind of a job. They are not there and people do not call you back when you call them. Craiglist is filled with non-existant jobs and people that lie to you about jobs and play games. I have neve seen things so bad in this town.

  13. Thank God for posting this video of how bad the REAL unemployment rate is here in this town. I have been without work since August 16 2009 and no one will hire me and call you and never call you back and treat you like dirt without even meeting you. The jobs on Craiglist are mostly non-existant jobs. The unemployment office does not care and thinks of you as a number. I am 47 and employers make a decision without even meeting me and lie to me and play games about something I did not even do.

  14. Thank your elected officials for allowing corporations to cause this shit. The politicians caused it with their hands out to big donors. It's not the corporations that failed these people. If someone told you, I will make your business more profitable as long as you help me, would you? Your legislators answered yes.

  15. I am a recruiter by trade. There are jobs out there. However, I will say that since 2009 employers have slashed wages given the amount of people begging for work. The great thing for employers is that they can hire someone for less money, half as young, & more educated than you but, bad for you. Thank your elected officials for allowing corporations to send this country down the toilet. This is bad for you but great for your congress & senate. More money for them from big business.

  16. Just so you know Kevin yes Portland has caused this and to get an income in Portland getting disability income has gone up 990% and found that statistic on yahoo. I cannot blame people for doing this because they cannot get a job and are being screwed by their own state they have lived in for years and years. I hate this state and probably will be on welfare the rest of my life unless some big changes are made and feel they never will happen because Portland is too selfish and greedy here.

  17. Why do they blame the economy? His lazy ass wont get a job, it might not be a paying job what hes used to but its a job. 10 dollars an hour is better then no dollars an hour, bums always making excuses!!

  18. Where I come from…. you do very poorly and end up never eating anything for 2 often 3 days at a time. And what you get …you don't get much… you're lucky if you survive at all.

  19. STOP VOTING DEMOCRAT. They don’t care about jobs & the economy. They support cheap labor (ILLEGALS) & don’t care about Americans.

  20. It would be nice if it's deep pocket corporations what takes their hands out of the till because that is what caused this recession good old greed they are not going to change this shame on them I need to leave the people alone and let them sleep instead of griping about the situation to hide their own. Greed

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