Johnson refuses to rule out Northern Ireland staying in EU customs union

Johnson refuses to rule out Northern Ireland staying in EU customs union

Well I can certainly tell you
that under no circumstances will we see anything that
damages the ability of the whole of the United Kingdom
to take full advantage of– of Brexit. And I think that’s what
people would expect. And that’s what I think we
can achieve. But the best thing now really would be for the
negotiators to get on and do their job. [Reporter: Just one last
try on Brexit, can you tell me
categorically that Northern Ireland is leaving the
EU customs union? [Boris Johnson]
I think it would be wrong of me
to give a running commentary on the negociations.
And with the greatest possible respect I think– Look at everything
that I’ve said, previously I think you can draw your
own conclusions from that. But let’s let our negotiators
get on, I think where Leo Varadkar and I got to yesterday
was a joint feeling that there is a way forward.
We can see a pathway to a deal. That doesn’t mean it’s a done deal.
So there’s work to be done.

48 thoughts on “Johnson refuses to rule out Northern Ireland staying in EU customs union

  1. official government statement from a kindergarten …. he is too afraid to be anywhere else ………….. Boris and Cummings for prison .. take Gove also

  2. BJ: Look at everything I have said previously. I think you can draw your own conclusions from that.

    Me: oh trust me, you don’t want me to do that…

  3. During the referendum, Northern Ireland voted 56% to remain in the EU.
    They have chosen, there needn't be another referendum, respect their vote.

  4. The EU trying to werm their way into our country and fishing waters, they've done enough damage to this nation. No deal. Clean break BREXIT.

  5. Boris you know with the third parties try to force a extension they break the law as stated within article 50… UK can leave and trade the same for years and return to negotiate…. The court's ruling is invalid it breaks a law already in law the conditions of article 50…. Plus the EU underming negotiations by talking to third parties to undermine the UK ability to leave also breaks the law within the conditions of article 50…. You can leave with no deal and there will be no change or difference in trade for years so… This dealing is nothing more then political manipulation of the public referendum result…. The Question.. Do you just polish boots or lead…

  6. Get the Republic of Ireland to leave the eu and trade alongside and with the Union of Great Britain on the world stage. No border between the eu and the Union of Great Britain

  7. THE closest competitor for the coming election in which the Brexit invention originated seems in that plan seems to be Nigel f. Brexit party ready to set sails according to the results in order to control together the British people completely without a troubleshooting opposition when it comes to deals with the US to whom they owe their existence and count on a reward for this in future politic and commercial matters.. not bad for the believers they play games with someone else money because the plan is to make huge debts in order to make people think everything runs on schedule..However after the Greek adventure, the sobering moment very bad for your children but this time could come much much faster in that case the present brexit heroes will be save on some pretty islands as planned.

  8. He is now looking forward to "The Varadker Surrender Treaty". He is smiling like a Cheshire cat after their meeting in Cheshire. The Backstop must and will stay if the G.F.A is to survive. If Varadker in any way waters it down, all is lost . He will go down in history as the one who sold out.

  9. Henceforth the Deal shall be known as The Boris Johnson Surrender Document. I sincerely wish that they make Him sign it in a Rail Carriage in a forest somewhere in France !!. Theresa May was adamant that NO Prime Minister would EVER put a border in the Irish Sea. WELL WE¨VE GOT ONE NOW !!!!

  10. I feel sorry for brexitier for not getting the sunny uplands and unicorns , but hey keep trusting this "honest"guy because he might deliver the undeliverable promises

  11. Boris clueless lying Johnson. Let our negotiators get on with it !!! Where is your master plan Boris…'s not in that white powder you keep sniffing !!

  12. very misleading title and a question to boris that he has already answered lots of times and the answer was no ,,so the psuedo journalists in main stream media claim it means that leaving northern ireland in customs union is being considered ,just the type of rubbish emotion driven journalism we come to expect from the guardian ,when boris announced his spending plan the guardian was up in arms about where the money is coming from ,yet no one asks where the 39 billion divorce bill money is coming from or the 6billion the delay has cost uk tax payer so far ,jornalism is dead you are just paid propagandists pushing your own political believes …..or those pf your paymasters ,

  13. This how the UK breaks up, Start with NI then England will go it alone. We are all playing into there hands Just what the ERG wants..

  14. “The DUP has always indicated that the United Kingdom must leave the EU as one nation and in so doing that no barriers to trade are erected within the UK,” said Foster, warning against any measure that would “trap” Northern Ireland in the EU’s single market or customs union.
    She vowed to use the party’s “pivotal” influence at Westminster – it has 10 MPs and holds sway over some Conservative party Brexiters – to block any deal that violated the UK’s constitutional integrity.

  15. So if Northern Ireland get to stop in then the Scots will want that. After all they voted to stay in the EU. And it now turns out the Welsh, that is the Welsh and not the English who live in Wales, wanted to stay in the EU. And if they are staying in then why not the English. Only fair. That or we have to build border controls between England and Wales and England and Scotland.

  16. Boris Johnson, said he won't out!!! Of EUROPE! BUT I don't think, he really does!!! Smoke! and lies!! He wants a deal ! Two faces! No Deal, is the way too go, the only way!!!! Any thing else is a betrayal of the will of the people!

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