Japanese pop culture. BLOG#6. Japan Trip Show

Japanese pop culture. BLOG#6. Japan Trip Show

Hello! My name is Saya! In this issue we will talk about such an important part of Japanese culture like music! True, we will not talk about the traditional national music, nd music that is popular at the moment. That is about pop music. And the question to us today sent Ruslan. As the Japanese refer to the modern Russian music, in particular, to pop music? And since most Japanese had never seen or heard Russian pop music, for this edition we specifically showed some clips Russian artists, ranging from the level of “Roma Jolud`” and ending with the level of “I am not ashamed for my country.” It’s pretty cool. Cool. He is handsome! Very bright clip! Scene changes so fast! The music is very energetic. Though similar to club music. But even if you listen undisturbed mood rises. Cool! Despite the fact that she sings. Very cool! You do not say you did youtube`ry. Very similar to the professional video! Very energetic. I have listened to this iPod`e. I love! But it is not like the video, namely music. In order to understand what kind of music is popular in Japan turn to a chart Orikon. Orikon – a company that provides information about the music and the music industry in Japan. And this is a chart Orikon indicator of what is popular and what is not. And the first place, for the moment, took a group SKE48. Reference to a clip of this group are in the description. SKE48 Group is a member of a special genre of music, which in Russia is not … … Fortunately. Such groups are called “Idol” groups. Idol in Japan are a special group of artists who position themselves s bright, clean, unattainable example for Japanese youth. The most striking example of the Idol group in Japan is AKB48. And here are two facts that may surprise many of you! n this group of 88 participants! And they are not older than 20 years. And to say that some of these 88 singers have outstanding vocal abilities … not dare. But Nya-Japanese girls in school skirts is not necessarily a good thing to sing, to be the most popular group in Japan. In addition, there are also group AKB48 sister group, such as SDN48, NBA48 and HKT48. The first group, by the way, is focused on people who prefer to look at the girls a little older than 20 years. They say that even at their concerts will not let those who are under 18 years old. Bright and clean image for the Japanese youth. And apparently, that girls are not particularly relaxed, the producers do not come up with anything better than to arrange time to time, the competition for the title of “first”. Apparently, they thus decided to support the spirit of the friendly teams. In fourth place is located Oricon Charts boys band, with a sonorous name “Boyfriend”. And while the boys sing in Japanese, they all Koreans. In fact, most of the Japanese pop music at the moment, is a Korean pop music. Guys specially trained Japanese language and culture of communication, in order to come to this country and to shovel spade women’s hearts and their money. And if you think that Justin Bieber is the feminine artist, I suggest you watch the clip of the group. Well, like a beautiful Japanese girls, made-up, comb boys. Such is the national features! But we must pay tribute to the Korean pop music in the face of her female representatives. If the Japanese put to the fore the innocence and school skirt, the Korean artists have strongly occupied a niche “sexy girls”. Of course not all of the music industry in Japan is presented here so that’s performers. There are many good and talented artists. However, the country’s most popular chart to find them is quite difficult. It should be noted, also, a very important fact. Oricon charts do not include only Japanese music. However, having looked through artists and albums charts, you will stumble on a unit of Western artists. Get at least, the same Lady Gaga. At the Oricon charts, it is only in 16th place. Here are here are patriots Japanese. That’s all for today, but believe me, this is not the last time we will talk about Japanese music. Subscribe to our channel, subscribe to our twitter. Tell your friends, put the Likes. Since you were Saya. Good luck!

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