Is Miku Hatsune A More Authentic Pop Star Than Lana Del Rey? | Idea Channel | PBS Digital Studios

Is Miku Hatsune A More Authentic Pop Star Than Lana Del Rey? | Idea Channel | PBS Digital Studios

Here’s an idea. Miku Hatsune, a computer
generated vocalist, is a more authentic pop
star than Lana Del Rey. [MUSIC PLAYING] If you’ve missed it
recently, Lana Del Rey is a human pop star
with fingers, blood, a mom, the whole nine yards. But Lana has caught a lot of
flak for being inauthentic. She sells the indie rock image. But in reality, she’s got a
super rich dad, a pop record she paid to have removed from
shelves a couple years back, and is at the center of this
huge marketing machine that has basically constructed her. To a lot of people, this makes
Lana Del Rey a big, fat liar. Miku, on the other hand,
is a Japanese pop star. But she’s not a person. She’s a computer program. She had her humble beginnings
as a piece of speech synthesis software. And after years of development,
she was released as, and I quote, “an Android diva
from the near future where all songs are lost.” That is awesome. So clearly, both of these ladies
are manufactured products, one of them a little bit more
literally than the other. But what’s the big deal? Why do people hate Lana
and they love Miku? Sure, there’s a long history
of manufactured pop stars. But Lana was manufactured
to appear unmanufactured. When people figured
this out, ew. In a weird way, Miku
is more authentic. Even though she’s
not a human, her fans feel like they can
connect with her. And sure, she was specifically
made to appear that way. But so was Lana. At the heart of this argument,
aren’t we talking about music? Shouldn’t the music
speak for itself? Yeah, it should. But we want to consume
the fashion, the ideas, personalities, and the stories
related to those personalities. It’s gotten to the
point now where our ability to relate or
empathize with something is actually more important
than that thing’s real, physical existence. We’ve already gone
from pets to pop stars. What’s next? Computerized politicians? What about you? Do you guys think Miku Hatsune
is more real than Lana Del Rey? Let us know in the comments. And then click all the other
buttons that are down there. I hear that’s good for business. You guys had a lot to say
about the Mario video! Let’s talk about your comments. You can’t play a
Dali painting yet. I like your enthusiasm,
chaddarooch. Stay healthy. Comic sans! I know that they’re tubas. But it’s just so much
fun to say sousaphone. Thank you, unstablejello. I made it myself. Breaking news, apparently Wario
has a new secret identity. It’s RoboCane. Commenter unchangful
was inspired by Mario to create 8-bit versions of
Sesame Street characters. It is awesome. Mario inspired me to
waste most of sixth grade. And if you really want to
have a serious conversation about this topic, the comment
thread on Kotaku is awesome. Go check it out. And to Jonathan Holmes
from Destructoid, our next episode actually is
about Pac-Man as a metaphor for man’s continual consumption
of the world around him in a vain attempt to fend
off his inevitable death. We hope you’ll tune in. [MUSIC PLAYING]

28 thoughts on “Is Miku Hatsune A More Authentic Pop Star Than Lana Del Rey? | Idea Channel | PBS Digital Studios

  1. We don’t need an answer. YES.

    Hatsune Miku doesn’t die unlike others do, if her va dies, they’ll find another one like they did with Kaai Yuki.
    People can make songs for her. Like perverted music, any genre.
    She doesn’t age. She’s supposed to be 26 now but still 16.

  2. Hahaha this video, at 0:53 I found out everything I needed to know. Never in my life have I heard of that Miku character, but I guess to each his own. I’ll stick to Lana hehe 🤷🏾‍♂️

  3. It’s funny watching this video years later after learning more about Lana Del Rey. I sure learned my lesson about judging a person at face value.

  4. Sitting here watching this from again 2019 I find myself very intrigued by, and partially hoping for, computerized politicians

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