If This Were Our Last Conversation… | {THE AND}

If This Were Our Last Conversation… | {THE AND}

– Whoa (exhaling) – (exhaling) Wow – Oh no, this is scaring me. – I don’t wanna read this (laughing) – I don’t think you can do that! I think that’s like
cheatin’ at a board game. – I’m tired a cryin’. – Okay, well then don’t cry – Okay, – (laughing) – What in the– – Fragganackle fool is this? Goin’ on over here. – Oh shit. That’s not okay. – Where are you going? – Where am I going (laughing)? – Why do I think of
death with this question? – So, do I die or you die? Or just the world is– – No, I wanna die, I wanna die tragically like, you know that one Hollywood actress that died in her bathtub and it was like the Nancy Drew thing. Remember?
– No. – Okay, if it’s our last conversation like if I don’t see
you once we leave here, – Yes – What would I want you not to forget? – Like one thing? – Well, something. (laughing) – God forbid, but that I love you. – I love you. – I love you. – I love you. – I love you a lot. – Yeah, I think I would
say the same thing. – I know we say it all the time but like – I really have mad love for you – If I had more love to give you, I would. Like I think if God dropped
another ounce of love and mixed it in me tomorrow I’d be like, here, take
it, that’s for you. – Like I say this like full-heartedly that you are and were and forever and always are my greatest love. Seriously. – Like, you (nervous laughing) – I’d, I’d, I the reason I’m at a loss for words is ’cause I’ve never, I can’t, it’s physically something
that I can’t explain. You’re the kind person. You’re what people want
to have in their lives. – (laughing) I’m a Cancer. – You’ve had a great effect on my life. – Thank you. – I think more so than
most people in my life. – Wow, what a responsibility. (laughing) – I don’t know, I think you’re like the greatest human (laughing). – Oh gee
– You are, like – I really feel like you can do anything. – You could’ve done this without me. You just don’t think that you could. – Mm-mm – You could. You’re a strong person. I’m there to catch you, but you never fall. – Trust everything. Trust, what you feel. Trust what you think. Trust what you do. Trust it all because – In you being, in in in you doing all of these things for yourself you’re able to do that for so many other people around you. That need you. There’s a lot of people that need you. – Wasn’t expectin’ that one, huh? – Right, no. – If this was our last conversation, I would want you to remember that even
though I made many mistakes over the 37 years that
we’ve known each other none of them had anything to do with you. – Even though, like, we have
our moments where we don’t talk or you know, life happens
and we kind of separate but when we come back, it’s just like, I’m here for you. – The time that we have spent together, has been a lot of growth for me. And you’ve allowed me to trust in a way that I don’t normally trust. And I really needed that, from you. – But I definitely, like, if
this was our last conversation, I would want you to know
that I never, ever meant to really, truly hurt you. – I know, it’s more
difficult for me to express to you how I feel and sometimes I wonder, does she actually know? Um, do you know? – Yeah – Consistently? – I wouldn’t want you to forget that like, you’re like my person. Know what I mean? – Yup
Like through everything. – There will be no one ever
that I love more than you. Ever. – Yeah. – So, I wouldn’t want you to forget that. – And you have been the
number one woman in my life that is always been there for me. – oh my god that question
is a hard question. – Sometimes I just think
about moments where like, you’re not around and I cry. But then I realize you’re still here. – Yeah, I’m here. – And we’re doing a lot of things. Going to see the opera. – Yeah the opera and the circus. (laughing) – I don’t think, you’ll ever know, how important you are to me. – My favorite hope is that
we will always be together. And, uh, I definitely
would dread the moment of not being with you. – And that no matter
what, in this mortal life, that me and you are
connected forever in spirit. And I’m always gonna be your son. – I’m always gonna be your mom. – And I love you to eternity. – The same thing I feel and more.

33 thoughts on “If This Were Our Last Conversation… | {THE AND}

  1. When we are young we believe all those girlfriends, boyfriends and significant others will be forever in our lives. They won't! Many will even forget our name. Only our parents and relatives will but most people doesn't care about their parents or their relatives.

  2. I forget there’s questions filmed and aren’t shown. Knowing that you film these during the conversations we’ve already seen gives so much perspective. Now I know why sometimes there’s pain behind the eyes. This adds so much context.

  3. "I'm there to catch you but you never fall" that's amazing to me… Watching with my mom and we had the same reaction to that part.

  4. I just watched this video at work and here come the waterworks. I couldn't help it!! That's why I always tell my family I love them every chance I get.

  5. Oh my heart. This hits home

    I wish I had the chance to tell my grandmother how much she meant to me. It was awful because she had dementia, but she was the greatest in my eyes and I loved her so much. It's been 3 years and not a day has passed where I haven't thought of her.

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