How to make Sayori.chr sad song into Doki Doki LITerature Club

How to make Sayori.chr sad song into Doki Doki LITerature Club

(Sick beets) (Boobldy boob) (The music) (Fade in) (Sick beets yet again) (Scared Asian man screaming, are you okay strange Asian man?) {Miraie}
What the fuck!? (Beep) Alright boys, listen to this shit, right? (Spoopy toones play) (Ding ding ding…) Sayori: You wanna fucking go mate i’ll square up fite me (Spoop resumes) (Pause) So I mess around with my piano… (Beautiful piano playing) Come two bars. You do the same shit. (More piano) You come two bars. You do the same shit. (Even more piano) But this time you move in front a bit. (G, B, D, B) At one point there’s the… the ghost, the “Sayori ghost thing”. (Weeaboo.singing.mp3 has stopped responding) (Even more spoopyness) Sayori: Ready for round two mate? (More spoop plays) So like, I’m on my way to find it. (Stops) (A god sings) (Nope) (No again) (Fail) (Failed again) (Time lapse of trial and error and peaceful music) (Oh, I think we got it!) Hoo-ho-ho(fuck off santa)-hold on, hold on… (The voice of an immortal) Right, so now you close-you gonna close the piano-close it up. Right. Switch off the switch. Right, you enter your weeaboo room. (Spin) What you need to do, is place the note. (Places the note) (Computer noises) If you listen to it, it sounds something like this… (This) So if I put it back to my side… (Music) So at this point I kind of like, stack them together… I guess? (More music…I know, I’m not original) This is one of my favorite sounds to use in all of my remixes. (The whispers that people hear before I come to murder them) (That goes there) As you guys can hear… (Spoopy music w/ scary whispers) This part is a part where I’m trying to figure out where I should put the drop in. (Drop) (Sick beets) I also want to put in some sound before the drop hits, instead of the glitch effect.
(Japanese? Sorry, I don’t know) (Drop) (SICK BEEETS) So during this part, I actually set up a different drum beat… because… I don’t know, I just feel like making another one. (Laugh) (BEEEEEETSSSS) (Drop) (Music) (More Japanese) So… remix isn’t supposed to make it sound better… …it’s more like a different variation.
So this is the end result, I hope you guys liked it. Be sure to drop like if you want me to release the full song, as you guys can see, I’ve yet to complete it. Comment on what do you think, hit that subscribe, if you want to see more of my videos. And I’ll see you guys in next video! (Sick beets, dancing, and other stuff) (Sound before the drop?) (Drop) (Doki Doki LITerature Club) (Scared Asian man…his screams sorta go along with the music) (Surprisingly synchronized dancing from Emilia) (Music) (Dancing) (TOO CLOSE) (Subscribe to this guy. He deserves it. ^—^)

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  1. 0:11 угараю с его реакции бл@ть почему тут так много англичан на русском же написано

  2. Nobody:
    Not even a single soul:
    Not even a chibi of natsuki:
    Literally not even Monika:

    Sayori: You wanna fucking go mate I'll square up,FItE mE!

  3. Hully shet i thought this game are all kawai~ things but after seeing mirae gameplay this make me questioning is this game are cute or i mean WHAT THA HHEHEELL CAUSE I JUST SAW AN ANIME SUICIDE SCENE 😲😱

  4. Еще кто-нибудь из русского комьюнити, заметил что появились русские субтитры и описание.

  5. Phil Swift:
    *Flex tape advertisement*


    mom get the camera

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