97 thoughts on “How To Grow a Community and Mobilize them for Action!

  1. As a brand new youtube creator these videos are great! would love if you guys headed over to my channel and gave it a look, and subscribe to become part of the GoodVibes community! =) i want to inspire people to get off the couch and go out enjoy nature! Would really appreciate it! =) John..

  2. Great topic. Marching towards my first 1K so certainly need to know about mobilising my current audience to help build the community and, hopefully, grow a Patreon income. Thanks Tim and Evan!

  3. This is an interesting idea but so difficult to think of one word! I guess I would say mine is "try", the aim of my videos is to encourage people to try out woodworking. Hopefully they do! Great as always Tim.

  4. This is incredibly helpful, thanks Tim and Evan! For me, although I'm beginning to try to zero in on exactly what my core and who my target audience is, sometimes that can be very hard to actually answer in a specific enough manner to leave me feeling as if I'm satisfied with my answer. By the time I've almost finished my second playthrough of this video, I'm starting to get ideas about my One Word ("Unity" is the first one I'm playing with right now). Definitely will be stopping by your channel and looking into your book, Evan.

  5. Excellent advice about finding a common belief rather than just a common interest!
    Since my channel deals with the aquarium hobby, it's very easy to just focus on the interest rather than looking for what common beliefs my viewers and myself may share.
    Thanks for the tips!!

  6. your tips sound like fortune cookies. The on-screen tips that you provided. I love your channel. You have helped me grow on my channel slowly but surely every day. Personally my message is to be yourself.

  7. Tim I always enjoy your videos, and I have to say I took a brake in between watching this one, to go visit Evan's channel (which I had seen before) and watch one of his awesome videos (the one about Schwarzenegger, great video) . All I can say is, I wish I had more time to watch more. Thanks for all the positive info and all your work!
    … I am yet to find my word, but having fun while searching ๐Ÿ˜Š

  8. such an intriguing concept!!! What immediately comes to mind for us is #Real. One of our logos says "AldermanFarms, where life on the farm just got real," and the compliment we get from others that means the most to us is "y'all are such real, down to earth people!" So maybe we should begin reminding folks in every video to #BeReal. Hmmm…something to chew on, for sure! Thanks Tim and Evan!

  9. I've been confused on my channel
    For about two weeks, I'll start following these tips so maybe I can start growing a family ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

  10. (*read everything*)
    I don't know why my subs r not increasing but I try my best if you give me a jump-start by giving me a shout-out in your video then it could help me to tell my parents thatโ€‹ I have this many subs and buy a PS4 to record the best videos I can for my subs I am not on YouTube for money I want to make a community that loves gaming videos if you have time take a look at my channel I also bought a capture card to record for my subs I want subs that love gaming I don't want anyone to sub me if I get a shout-out from a YouTuber if u like my videos if u like my channel then sub me and watch my videos I don't ask for likes but I wanna know how much u love my gaming videos everyone doesn't like my channel because I don't have a capture card I bought it for u all waiting for some gaming videos I love supporting others leave a comment down below about your channel so if I like it I will sub u

  11. Man this video was electric, loved the energy, entrepreneurship and motivation pinging back and forth in this dialogue. Great job guys!

  12. Great tips and advice!! The "emotional message" idea is a great one. Certainly got me thinking about my channel's direction. ๐Ÿค–โค๏ธ

  13. Really interesting video. You brought excellent different points that got me thinking. Good video as always. Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Been watching this channel since 37 subscribers! Now I'm at 267, thanks for the advice Tim, as my channel continues to grow ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Totally agree about being authentic on your YouTube channel. Anyone can make a video about anything but when you make a video about what you believe in / are good at / passionate about then your ideal clients will believe with you and want to work with you and your company.

  16. Seems like most kids channels have the core value of "Toys!" Hopefully people will see our core value of "imagination" as a good thing. Neat advice about standing for something.

  17. I have been watching your channel for a while and you have helped me so much. MY one word would be either possibility or love because I teach regardless of your situation even if you have Marfan Syndrome me that anything is possible and that the greatest gift is love! Also I wanted to say love how you put some bloopers in as well. Enjoyed them.

  18. Thank you again Tim!ย  Love your channel and appreciate all you teach us!ย  My husband and I are excited about each new thing we are earning.

  19. Does my future plan with my channel to focus more on top 10's instead of having sports predictions and random movie reviews have anything to do with sticking to a single message?

    I've noticed my top 10's have the most views out of any video I never spent money to advertise. I think since those are the most popular without the need of advertising I should stick to my top 10's.

    I just wish I hadn't stopped making top 10's for more than 2 years. Plus everything on my channel is done completely done by one person. Myself.

    I did have others with me mostly in some videos and I did also have another editor and uploader, but he was a pretty bad editor and I had to always take over the projects he started because his editing wasn't up to par.

  20. Both of You are Fake and for Money on YouTube, Evan Carmichae Never Did a Real Business in Real Life and Started talking about Business

  21. This is a fantastic video! I love your vibe guys!
    Think about having a longer conversation in this manner exploring stuff you touched here!
    Thanks for your work, gentlemen!

  22. Hey guys, looking for some help! I want to brand my channel to be something along the lines of "Learn from my mistakes through storytimes and grow together" or something to that effect. Is there a better way of wording it to fit in a channel banner?

  23. Great tips on building and growing your community. Thanks Tim for this great video! As always stay on the grind and helps us as a leader of this community you build ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. Fun seeing you and Evan together. Cool to learn how you influenced him with his channel. Love both of your channels!

  25. This is really nice my core value is to spread the word of God around to help others build a strong relationship with Jesus.

  26. Evan is such a great guy ๐Ÿ™‚ I need to read the book at some point. I'm just not reading many books. Sorry Evan ๐Ÿ’โ€โ™‚๏ธ

  27. wow this video was really good. I like the content and it really makes me think about finding an emotion to drive my channel, cause then I will grow with people who feel the same. This is awesome.

  28. Building a community has been absolutely vital to the growth of our channel. It's not just about making videos of things that go bump in the night, it's about connecting with people who have had shared experiences and helping each other understand what exactly it is we've encountered. I don't know if we can reduce that to one word, but the principal of community building is definitely there.

  29. You guys rock. Hey I really am a bit confused. Are affiliate links allowed or not ? I watched your stuff, and then another YouTuber channel dude says you'll get kicked off for link. So I have a gaming channel, @ 4K subs in 3 months. So , can I put amazon links to my game capture card, camera, mic and iMac at every video that has game play and used that equipment?

  30. So cool! love the one word and narrowing things down to what your true core is! focus does such a difference in whatever you're doing in life!

  31. This was a great video and it really helped me create focus. In doing Evan's exercise, I realized that my one word is "HOPE" … but I look at my channel and I see it, but it is not strongly presented. Thank you Tim and thank you Evan. FYI.. Evan I subscribed and will start watching your channel. — Cheers!

  32. Okay, I had a question it might be dumb, but does posting a video on YouTube under private until its release date affect any of the rank once it goes public? I'm assuming it does not, but I could be wrong.

  33. EVAN CARMICHAEL IS THE BEST! I recently discovered his channel but he's super down to earth and has tons of awesome videos to inspire big dreamers like myself! I'm almost at 400 subs after taking off my channel this year. ๐Ÿ™Œ it's so important to continue on despite the fear and spread your message!

  34. Absolutely love that you guys mentioned how your teachers can inspire you. That's why I started my channel. I want to unite all Super Teachers under one banner so we can make a positive difference in each and every classroom!!!

  35. the one word that my channel is based around is "family." my wife and I started the channel as a family project. we wanted to share our adventures as a family with others with the idea to encourage others to spend more time together as a family. we may be concentrating on hiking Canada's parks this year (free park admission to national parks this year as part of Canada's 150 anniversary) but we also do other videos as well. you channel has given us a lot of great tips that has helped out greatly. I try to watch your videos as often as possible and have even gone back to look at older ones. thank you for the great work you do and keep it up.

  36. Evan is the bomb!!!! Thanks Tim for always bringing helpful content. I've learned so much by watching you.

  37. You forgot to put on your High-Definition skin lotion Tim, looking a bit pixelated there. haha, great video!

  38. I think my one word would be "exploration". There's 2 ways I want to approach it. One is how my channel started which is going in depth on a single game. I'd like to do that with others. However, I've accumulated a lot of games through various deals and I'd also like "explore" those as uncharted territory and other my unique perspective on them.

    Part of my motivation for Phase 2 (aside from having a lot of games) is that I'm getting older and have been out of school for 10+ years. In addition, I have a chronic illness that causes a symptom called "brain fog". So I've realized I need to break out of my comfort zone and start learning new things to prevent my brain from stagnation.

    Aside from learning how to play new games, I've tried getting back into self development and spiritual (non religious) teachings like Buddhism and meditation. There's a wealth of channels on Youtube that cater to just about every interest. I'm also hoping to do yoga and meditate on a regular basis.

  39. Holy crap guys! I had tea coming out of my nose from laughing so hard during that first 40 seconds!!!! LOL A warning would have been great!!!

    That was too freakin' cute – and I loved Julia's little wink and thumb up.

    AH – DOOR – UH – BALL!

  40. Not really sure what my word is. If anyone could help, I'd appreciate it. My content is gaming and geek videos. I mainly try to show people a fun and entertaining time.

  41. What's up!? Im aspiring and i've only got a single direction to go up, and that's forward!! keep doing you're thing man and I'll keep doing mine!! Yeah!

  42. Hey Tim, I know this is kind of off-topic from the video, but I wanted to ask a question. I'm trying to plan out my channel as a writing channel, where I feathure my original works of fiction for a target group that likes to read fiction. My question is, should I take care of copyright protections first for my work, or am I all set and why? Thank you for your content.

  43. I have a questions, hope someone can help. I have a channel that helps people start and manage their rock band/music career. I'm not sure if the video category should be Howto & Style, Education or Music. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Love this channel. Cheers, James

  44. Yes! He kept the bloopers in. Thanks for the fun collab Tim and everything you to do help entrepreneurs ๐Ÿ™‚ #Believe

  45. Thanks guys! This opened my eyes. So far my channel has been based solely on just making funny or interesting videos. I never took the time to really connect with my audience or to have a common theme among my videos. Altough videos purely for entertainment have their place, now I really want to create a community where my content inspires people to be themselves and to become the best versions of themselves.

  46. Sir I have a minor issue with youtube. The views increase only when I watch my own videos like if I watched it 10 times it shows 10 views. It does not increase by itself. Is this a glitch or any slight issue or is this normal? Is my channel is ok or not. Also its been like 3 weeks since I started youtube and still I have not enabled monetization or anything. Just want someone to reply please why the views only increase when I watch it.

  47. Hey man ! Can i ask you why now that you almost have 300k subs. You only get barely 10 k views per video. Is it still worth it ? I'm starting a YT channel and I know this is going to be very hard. I just want to know if there's some kind of time where you can actually live from it or even with 300ksubs you find yourself screwed ..

  48. I feel this is a great motivational aspect, however for start up gaming channels such as myself, I start to think it really needs a major building block. Don't get me wrong at all, his message is awesome and important, but I just feel as though there is so much extra that goes on that I don't think I quite understand yet? Can anyone elaborate?

  49. We definitely could use all the help we can get on our channel, we have good content but no traffic. ๐Ÿ˜

  50. This video was great guys!! I am growimg slowly but surely. Thanks for the amazing tips/inspiration. This video is gold!

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