How to catch Temnothorax colony | Łapiemy kolonię Temnothorax

How to catch Temnothorax colony | Łapiemy kolonię Temnothorax

Welcome to Warsaw, Poland! I’m currently near city park at Pole Mokotowskie. Today I will show you how to catch a colony of Temnothorax ants. Temnothorax ants can be easily found in small rotting branches and acorns Unfortunately you won’t find much oaks here. Let’s take a look. Many parks in Poland are “clean” – there is no litter at all, grass is cut once a week and there are only trees. In such places Temnothorax might live only under the bark of a tree. However, some others have regions which are left to grow wild. Those places are full of litter and that litter is ants’ best friend. Do you see all those rotting branches, fallen leaves and small plants? Yes, it is what you have to look for! In litter you can find also many other things… Like a beer, dog’s pee&poop, broken glass and etc It is why I wear latex gloves When you already found a good looking litter, it is the time to look for rotting branches Ones with small holes are your potential target Those branches are not always occupied by ants, though Part of them will be just empty .. and some of them not. Take a closer look! My observations suggest that 10-20% of small fallen and rottting branches with holes contain ant nests Like in this case Gently breake it to see if the ants are inside Not all branches contain a whole colony. Sometimes there are only workers with brood (orphaned or satelite nests) Now you should pack both parts of the stick containing the nest and transport it home Here I use plastic ziplock bag Nicely done! Unfortunately, there was no queen inside which I checked at home.. Nest of Myrmica sp. in a mossy stump Lasius cf. niger nest with a very small mound Lasius brunneus colonies on almost every tree Tons of flies! .. also those weird! …. somethings! Crouching spiders, hidden spiders .. umm.. deadly mushrooms?

16 thoughts on “How to catch Temnothorax colony | Łapiemy kolonię Temnothorax

  1. cool video, I shall be looking for a colony of these now. I am also looking for a queen or colony of Lasius brunneus, they are quite rare to find in the UK. Can you help? Thanks

  2. Mam pytanie co do gniazda z poprzednich filmików sama drążyłaś im te komory, czy mrowki same je robiły i jakich rozmiarów to masz ?

  3. Proszę nagrywaj więcej😊
    Twój kanał jest super!! Gdybyś nagrywała to, co piszesz na blogu to miałabyś mnóstwo subskrypcji

  4. Szczęśliwego Zielona Mrówko. 😉 Nie wiem czego się życzy "mrówczarzom" , Ty najlepiej wiesz czego chcesz. Niech się spełni. I nagrywaj!

  5. Where on earth do I find a European who sells these ants? I am really looking for a small ant colony like the typical "acorn ant", temnothorax nylanderi to be exakt, but any like it is fine. It's supposed to exist where I live in Sweden, but I have cracked open too many acorns with holes in them now without finding any ants at all.

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