How Nicole Scherzinger Helped Create One Direction

How Nicole Scherzinger Helped Create One Direction

-But you’re not the only one
that’s pulling jokes, Nicole. I hear that you graduated
from an improv class. -Yeah.
I barely graduated, guys. I signed up
for this improv class ’cause I think I’m hilarious. And I didn’t realize really
what that class entailed. I thought I was signing up
for, like, a skit class, and then you kind of improv
around that, but, no. If anyone — Mad respect
for anyone who does improv. It’s like — Honestly,
they throw you into a class, and then they’re like,
“Apples. Go.” And you’re like, “What?” And you have to create
an entire scene around an apple or just the word “apple”
and start with that. And it was really —
It was hard, so I learned a lot. -I love that. And you — you spend
some time teaching kids. I mean, obviously.
Anyone that learns how to dance from Paula Abdul, I mean,
blessed — #Blessed. But you taught some kids
how to dance recently, but there was a misbehavior,
not by one of the kids, but by one of the adults.
Is that right? -Yes. This was really cool. Derek Hough and I — Derek —
He was your partner. -He was my partner on
“Dancing with the Stars.” -You won on
“Dancing with the Stars.” -We won casually. [ Cheers and applause ] That was a really low,
pathetic kick, by the way. -I would do that, too,
but I can’t. -No. -We taught master classes at
Tremaine Dance Conventions, and I was in the ladies’ room. And I could hear in the stall,
one little girl, 6 or 7, goes to the other
6- or 7-year-old, “Do you — Who is Paula Abdul?” And the other little girl goes, “Um, you know, I think
she was on ‘American Idol.'” “Did she win?!” [ Laughter ] That’s — That’s what I love
about the generations, you know? -Yeah, that they know nothing.
I’m joking. -But speaking of
knowing nothing, I actually didn’t
completely know this, and I would be curious
to see if you know this. Nicole, you played a really big
part in the formation of one of the biggest
boy bands ever, and that was One Direction. Yeah, you helped form
One Direction. Do you feel like you got — [ Cheers and applause ] Like, be real with me.
Spill the tea. Do you feel like you get
the props for that? -I got to tell you.
I’m giving you props. ‘Cause I know the story.
-I don’t need the credit, guys. -Nice!
-It’s not about me. I just need the commission,
you know? Just a little bit.
That’s all. No. -Well, I’ll tell you — I don’t
know if you’ve gotten props before, but we are officially —
I’m giving you… Nicole Scherzinger props
for One Direction, right here. [ Cheers and applause ] -I was —
Paula knows how Simon is. He’s got selective memory,
that one. And we still don’t know where
the tapes are of that day, but I remember
we were doing “X Factor,” and at that time, we had a
handful of really talented boys. And I was like — And I had just
gotten out of a girl group called the Pussycat Dolls,
so I knew the power of it. -You were in that group?
-Yes. -Wow. I had no idea. -Cut to the kids
in the bathroom. “Who’s the Pussycat Dolls?” But, um, yeah. So, I just gotten off of that,
and I said, “You know, these guys are so cute
and adorable, and if you put them
in a group…” ‘Cause there was
nothing else before. There was, like,
NSYNC and Backstreet Boys, but there’s no, like,
young boy group like this. If you put them in a group, they’ll be undeniable
to the girls. So I’m still waiting
for that commission. -All right. You heard it here.
Give Nicole her commission. [ Cheers and applause ]
-I think they’ve all — I love that they’ve gone solo
and done their stuff. I love everything
that they’re doing.

23 thoughts on “How Nicole Scherzinger Helped Create One Direction

  1. "You know, these guys are so cute and adorable and if you put them in a group they'll be undeniable to the girls."
    So nothing about talent, just cute looks. Kay?

  2. Nicole is so fun in interviews where she can relax,… What a contrast to that interview where Conan was being a creep over her stage outfit, forgetting that he's not on a date and that she didnt dress for him.

  3. I'll say it again, this crowd is dead on its ass and completely dull, uninformed. To the show organizers: please bring in a more quality crowd, if you want this show to see future days.

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