Hogan Gidley on State of the Union: We look forward to getting past impeachment

Hogan Gidley on State of the Union: We look forward to getting past impeachment

100 thoughts on “Hogan Gidley on State of the Union: We look forward to getting past impeachment

  1. He needs to slam collins, Murkowski, collins and any other republican who wants him out for their own bias. Sick people collins made me cringe!

  2. NO NO NO…. You have to confront them! That's his time to shut them up for good! Dems would parade right now if it would be other way around.

  3. The deficit is exactly as real as money itself is. Which is to say…NOT! Drag all the money out of the CB THIEVES you can MR TRUMP! Then jail the evil bastards and get us some REAL, NATIONAL, MONEY. F*CK the fake deficit!!!! Use it for all it is worth!

  4. Do as anyone think the Demo rats will resolve their caucus results just in time to release them during the Presidents address…

  5. I hope he approaches the podium, and reaches towards Nancy and gives her, her cheesy clap back in her face!
    Yeah im that childish!

  6. Trump knows things about these people, (the swamp), that would stop you sleeping at night, despite that he soldiers on, he is preparing the public for what is about to be revealed. Right now we are in the eye of the storm.

  7. Jobs lost Harley Davidson, Carrier A&TT outsourcing 28 thousand jobs 11 coal mines closed 93 thousand jobs outsourced in Trump's first year.

  8. Obviously Sanders was going to win and the Dems and Bloomberg couldn't afford that ! Once again the left and te democrats are telling the American People they aren't trusted to vote !|!|

  9. ما نفهمیدیم شماها منافقین و سلطنت طلب ها و امریکا و اسراییل لاس می زنید با زن خامنه ای یا واقعا تصمیم دارید حکومت نحس سرنگون کنید

  10. Whahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  11. The President has every right and should "spike the football" during the State of the Union Address. It was the Dems who "spiked the football" on major foreign meetings in front of the nation, it was the Dems who "spiked the football" during every major event the nation faced. Why the hell should he NOT "spike the football"?


  13. 00:06: "I have a lot to get to…" This is exactly the same thing the other media robot croaked on the previous video tape when she was starting an interview with Pence's chief of staff. These people (ALL TV networks) are so scripped, it is TRAGIC. And they're boring. 01:19 "All right, let's move on now, if we can…" Why can't she? What sane person would say this? What is she anticipating that would stop them from further conversation? Gibberish. NOISE. And the cliches coming out of his mouth are equally horrifying.

  14. American Government “A Licence To Lie”. House A License to Lie, Senate. A Licence to Lie.
    MSM, A License To Lie . I sniff a Banana Republic that started under Obama, Biden, Hillary. Who exactly is going to clean it up? It is the Swamp and it still stinks. Trumps speech will not sweeten the Bitter Taste of Washington and the stench of Government.

  15. Senator Rand. Trump is guilty.  Trump and his defense team have admitted his guilt.  Most important of all, you know Trump is guilty.  It’s probably too late to recover your dignity.  You cannot salvage your integrity.  But there is still time to do the right thing for America.  On Wednesday Feb 5, vote guilty.

  16. Cannot wait to see what theatrics the dems pull tonight. They are going to do something stupid to make sure everyone knows how upset they are.

  17. islamovomit caged children and sold them to child traffickers !!!!!!!!!!islamovomnit sold 20%% of usa uranium to putin ! !!!! sold m16 to Mexican drug lords !!!!!!!!armed and trained isis !!!!!!!!!illegally unconstitutionally spied ,,, coup ,,, shampeachment on Donald j trump and family and associates and 100mil trumplicans since 2015 !!!red tsunami reelect president trump ,, pence ,,nov 4 2020 magakag !! !! !!!

  18. the russians are rigging iowa they should try impeach trump again for working with the russians rigging iowa shiffty shift are you watching this , you can restart this BS again. TRUMP 2020

  19. Senator Pat Roberts. Trump is guilty.  Trump and his defense team have admitted his guilt. Most important of all, you know Trump is guilty.  It’s not too late to recover your dignity.  You can salvage your integrity.  There is still time to do the right thing for America.  On Wednesday Feb 5, vote guilty.

  20. TIME for the Debt to be address going into this Election. Time for the Homeless to get a hand up. Time for Congress to get behind the People's President.

  21. My fellow Americans. The demorats are still corrupt, conniving, lying phonies. The justice system is still disfunctional. The FBI is turned to socialism. Most of the media is foreign or corporate controlled. Millions of illegal immigrants get treated like royalty while citizens get back stabbed. What's new in America? Same old, same old. Good night. No need to worry about NOKO or Iranian missiles. Sleep tight.

  22. President Trump must act like "Melanie" in Gone With The Wind and totally ignore the impeachment, as she did her rumors, thus trivializing the sham that it is. Hope that this is the play.

  23. Im only going to watch the state of the Union, because I know the troops want to lock the democrats up, and the President is not afraid to announce the troops to lock the democrats up. Cant break the rules if you make the rules.

  24. LIES. GDP growth is down to 1.9! Trump is borrowing on the future of our children, and spending like crazy! He is destroying the future of our children!

  25. For anyone who believes Pelosi when she says she doesn't do "hate", watch the part after Trump concludes his speech, where Pelosi starts ripping up the speech she received at the beginning. After ripping the first couple pages while standing in back of Trump, she grabs some more pages….. turns a little to face directly at the President…. and looking right at him she scowled … wincing and jerk-ripped another set of pages. After finishing she plopped the torn up speech on the counter in front of her.

    I don't know what Pelosi's definition of "hate" is, but I would say that comes close to mine.

  26. Something that troubles many of people of every race is the dmv… It's a scam… And we the people need to wake up and stop it… You don't need a drivers license to go to the store or take your kids to school or go to work but you were lies to and are still being lied to making the dmv a huge pot of money and for what… Their money… What gives them the power to pull you over and be robbed of your hard earned money and freedom… And property.. A code… A infraction… That's not law. And it is not a law that you need to obtain a driver license and register our property…

  27. Trump has made history on these 4th/5th day of February , 2020 in that no POTUS in the future will ever
    surpass the consistent curb stomping of the overtly Marxist American Democrat Party, 3 years and counting.
    Trump is at least in the same league as Abraham Lincoln, without coincidence opposed to the same
    enemy of humanity, forcing the repetition of history in saving America from the implosion of Marxism
    as Lincoln did from chattel slavery and secession.
    Time will tell if the Democrat Party follows through with his assassination as they did with Abraham Lincoln.

  28. New patriot song on You tube by Sonny Rex entitled the ballad or Willie joe and sherrie lyn…Please listen and share.l Help unite America.

  29. REGGIE CECCHINI reporter for Canadian Global News has to be FIRED ; total FAKE NEWS Report on the POTUS's SOTU address and he said that Rush Limbaugh spews hatred on his radio shows, totally despicable comments.

  30. Trump the only President to keep his word and the word of the last 10 Demonrats that were in office Keep America Great Vote Trump 2020…

  31. Fox should investigate the 118,000 illegal votes tallied and caught by Judicial Watch. Truth needs to be revealed and voter registration needs to be enacted.

  32. Dept doesn't matter since the Fed print the money, it's like I give out my own self-made money and the whole world wants it.

  33. When Dems hold power they cut spending on things Conservatives care about. Which happens to be things that the Gov is charged to fund in the Constitution.
    When the GOP holds power they try to cut spending and the Dems demand dollar for dollar tit for tat spending. So when the GOP has a choice… either not spend the money and have Democrats point at them and say they don't care about the things the Constitution demands they care about(which they cut when in office and the media barely cover it just for this purpose) or they spend dollar for dollar with the Dems to give them even larger programs and then the Dems point at the budget deficit and act like the GOPer did that on purpose.

    The GOP MUST confront the Democrats over this.

  34. Nancy Shame on you and you call yourself a catholic wow ripping up the speech of the State of the Union shows your not catholic you have hate in your heart all you Democrat’s do. I will and have changed my party affiliation shame on you Democrat’s stop using the people like we support you Democrat’s

  35. MSM lies and misinformation is making Democrats ignorant. You can't make an intelligent informed decision based on lies.

  36. Democrats say America is their country… US Military is their Military… American economy is their economy… American culture is their culture… Give them what they want… They work for your Pride, Loneliness, Insecured feeling and destruction…. Do what they want…. They love you like hell…😭🔥😂

  37. I believe that Barack Obama's gang and Mary Stanley's gang bought Oshkosh Truck Co., Boeing Airlines, FN Herstal, General Dynamics, Lockheed Martin, which four of those companies were stock holding companies, NYSE companies, I believe that they bought most of the stocks or all of the stocks in those companies, which those made military equipment and weapons, so that's why I want to build some Federal Government Independent Army Manufacturing plants, to manufacture military equipment and weapons for the Federal Government Independent Army. And to print money for that at the Federal Government Independent Army Bank, and to have the Phds in math to make sure that enough money gets printed and that the Federal Government Independent Army has enough money to pay for the military equipment and weapons. I believe Barack Obama's gang and Mary Stanley's gang stole money from the DOJs account, and other Federal Government accounts, and the U.S. Treasury Department to buy those companies that made military equipment.

  38. Our president is for our children, our country god stands up for the precious unborn god bless our PRESIDENT president trump let us all stand by him

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