Harajuku Fashion: Takeshita Street Adventure ★ ONLY in JAPAN #13 原宿探検&変身

Were at Harajuku, Tokyo and behind me is
Takeshita street Ground zero for the youth fashion industry here in Japan and help me out with this report is Michelle Branch A fashion consultant and buyer Hi,I’m Michelle I’ve lived in Tokyo for several years and study fashion So this is Takeshita street. Why is it such a magnet for youth fashion? It’s cheap It’s eccentric Everybody here’s creative How can you not come here? Well this area is undergoing an amazing change as you can hear there’s drills, there’s a jackhammers
there’s a lot of construction it’s a really exciting time to be here and I definitely need a makeover, too I think I can help That’s good news Takeshita street is pedestrian-only and is jammed with fashion shops cafes
and restaurants The independent boutiques are like
laboratories for youth fashions Some call them antenna shops where new items are test-marketed How did you get involved in Japanese youth fashion? It just started with anime and cosplay fully evolved to Japanese fashion What’s with this outfit you get blue hair You got you know, skrits… What do
you call the stilts? Hi…? I don’t know… Yeah Converse How did you come with this look? A lot of this is a combination of things I like and all sorts of things really popular right now Galaxy friends, pleated skirt, cult symbols, It’s what’s IN right now Tell me about TAKESHITA street. What makes this place really special and what are we gonna see today? We’re going to see… lots of neons A lot of influence from the 80’s and
90’s Lots of subculture fashion as well like
Lolita for example… um, and a lot of cheap stuff On sale & cheap Colorful, flashy, glitzy even vulgar It’s teen heaven for pop culture You never know what you’re going to find around the corner (Hello)KONNICHIWA This is AC/DC rack a popular locally grown shop on Takeshita Thousands of colors dancing on fabric Welcome to pop culture fashion Everything in the shop is unisex These certainly are colorful Really? The shop designs are original and they are priced to move in the youth market I’m having my doubts about the unisex
style The store’s history is as colorful as
it’s fashion AC/DC rag is the first shop on Takeshita street and they’re on a mission to keep it that
way A lot of other buildings have been torn down to make way for the new But ACDC rag keeps going the way
they’ve done things for years they now have several shops on Takeshita My boss started this shop I think more than thirty years ago He didn’t have Money actually But they, he had a big such a big dream,so he started this shop It looks like Island But nowadays in this areas There are so many big shops like quite popular brand shops But he had, he has So many memories for this shop So we do still now This is our Identity and this is Takeshita streets’ identity If we don’t want to lose our identity be on the front line up yes, frontline Top of Takeshita street So we have to stay here OK,OK,OK,OK Oh Michelle, I feel like a new man Look at this I had never worn anything like this before in my life! Now you look like one of the Harajuku kids oh yeah, I’m ready to concur Takeshita street Let’ go Yeah!! I was skeptical about the shirt and pants It seems like a ladies blouse but
fashion energizes Step-by-step I was getting more
confident now to find some accessories There are so many shops to explore Hey I got ’em Color contacts It’s a real trend now I went for impact! Neon white I’ll put it in Which eye ball? OK, look , look at the eye hole Don’t blink I’ve never worn contacts before But when they’re in… I changed from man to beast Now we’re on the attack We need more accessories and Michelle knows just the place THANK YOU MART Everything here is only 390 yen I was in good hands with Michelle It was time to complete the look but first Let’s jam Time to turn to the dark side We have these bracelets here. Zippers that seems to go nowhere socks which we need The dark side light side ring and a hat, the belts for running around 2G’s I think…. 2000 yen.Anything else? You could get away if you feel so incline OK Top off the outfit with more color Oh yeah It’s Harajuku time, baby Power skull ring NEON and go nowhere zipper bracelets Bloody eye keyring with fancy belt Clear spiked platforms that kick royal asphalt Cool blue wig Ice for the brain Cap to hold the fort down Color contacts and glasses to frame the
madness So here we are, at the end of Takeshita street and I’m totally transformed. What did you do to me? I made you colorful I made you poppy I made you hip and Harajuku boy Just made me look twenty years younger That’s how you roll here So this is what I guess in average Harajuku pop style guy looks like and it’s definitely a look that’s only in Japan Let’s go out!

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