19 thoughts on “Good Samaritan finds $27k on the ground, returns it to Wayne Westland Federal Credit Union

  1. Of course he returned it. With cameras all around they would be knocking on his door. What a dweeb to ask for a reward for just walking in the bank with their money.

  2. So honestly, lets put it in a place where there isn't any camera, like down an alley or something
    The real question here is, would people still return stuff if there wasn't a camera on them.

  3. any person with a brain will return something like that because of the cameras everywhere, i mean it's a friggin bank, other wise this story would be "help us find the person who took this money" this is what he looks like

  4. Loser! I would've pulled away and then crept back and pick up the cash smh. They rewarded him 1k with a free trip to Cedar Point. Lol 😆 😆

  5. the armored guard didn't forget… that was intentional – he would have came back at sundown >>> in a ski mask & Hoodie jacket !

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