Freemelon Interview with Raw Vegan Rising’s Shane Sterling

Freemelon Interview with Raw Vegan Rising’s Shane Sterling

My loveliest friends welcome back to the free melon Society I’m Eli and I would love today to introduce you to a guy that I came across who runs a YouTube channel called raw vegan rising this wonderful man’s name is Shane sterling and When I came across his videos and lectures, I was quite immediately impressed with not only the wisdom in his videos But how closely his experiences seems to resemble mine and I thought right away I’ve got to get this guy on the channel Shane’s mission is to help to raise the vibrational awareness of the human consciousness through veganism through morality and through the healing and detoxification of the body and subsequently of course of the mind he also teaches that all of the manifestations of Evil corruption violence sickness and all that around us in society as we know it. These are simply externalize ations of the corruption within ourselves and in order to heal everything around you you need to heal what’s inside first and so he is a Coach a life coach and a nutritional coach who helps and heals his clients in this way after 28 years of being a cooked food vegan Shane like myself when I was a vegan eating cooked food and whatnot We healthy, but you know, not really like myself Shane was still suffering from Health problems and the health effects that are concomitant with eating in that style and it was only when he transitioned to a raw vegan lifestyle that he noticed all of his Ailments start to clear up and his life just took off from there So as you guys know, I am primarily a fruitarian and I’ve also noticed detoxification and Wild health improvements over the course of time that I’ve been a fruitarian Why I want to introduce you to Shane is that Shane has seen many of the same exact same Improvements and health benefits that I have eating a raw food diet including raw foods like nuts and seeds and vegetables And of course a good deal of fruits as well. So it is our Abstinence from all the contrivance is of culture that gave us these similar benefits. So anyway without further ado I would love to introduce you to Shane Stirling of the raw vegan rising. Here’s the interview. Mr. Shane Stirling Thank you so much for joining me here on my channel I was really looking forward for a chance to interview you for Those of you who haven’t seen Shane’s channel raw vegan rising is the channel name. Yes, correct Excellent Channel when I stumbled upon it, I immediately recognized Shane as a really really intelligent individual who’s got a lot to share and Harmonizes very much So with the teachings that I give you guys on my channel and I would really encourage you to take a look at his videos He’s got all sorts of great information out there. So that’s raw vegan rising. We’ll put links in the description below Thanks again for for coming up with this. It’s great to have you here. Thanks Eli it’s nice to meet you were meeting officially it here on skype for the first time and Yeah, I’ve been checking out your channel and phenomenal I love the concepts of natural law and moral objectivity and calling out and shedding light on moral relativism, which is like You know it’s an epidemic in our society in my opinion and I work on my kale to Talk about kind of the practical tools of transformation through primarily diet which is my raw vegan lifestyle right that really harmonizes us with natural law in a really Concise and simple way. Yes. Absolutely. We’re aligned in our health and in our mind and our consciousness We naturally can feel the connection to everything else We can naturally feel those sympathetic vibrations and everything and we just will make different choices. We’ll attract different experiences For success more love more health, you know all the things that we want So we really just start with the primary fundamental of what we put in our body and right it falls into place Yeah, I mean it’s a I mean, it’s really so obvious You know The the one thing that we have the most control over what we put it into our bodies kind of common sense, you know If you put it into your body riff-raff and garbage and nonsense, you know It’s gonna affect all you know, not only a physical body But all your bodies all your levels of being your mental body your emotional body all these things So it’s such an important thing, you know for any type of striving in life regardless of what it is to have a core foundation built upon Principles of morality and and good food and whatnot and then that really just sets the precedent sets the tone for everything else that you’ll you’ll do in life and we’ll make improvements in all of those fields, so you know really important things that that I feel that we’re we’re talking about on both of our channels here first thing I want to Get straight with this interview. So as a raw vegan, right? What exactly are we talking about when we say raw vegan? So what is a raw vegan? Do in their life. What do they eat? And what do they not eat? Just so we’re all you know on the same page Right. Well just physically what I eat and what I don’t eat would be to eat all the raw fruits and vegetables nuts and seeds sprout Ferments like sauerkraut homemade ferments coconut yogurt not ferments. I don’t eat any animal products I don’t eat any grains legumes potatoes I’m like you know shape up a little sweet potato in a salad or have like a little sprouted grain or something here and there but in general I try to avoid legumes and grains and starches like potatoes the real concept of raw vegan in my opinion is more of like a devotional practice a devotional practice to like our spiritual evolution So the food is really in service to our own spiritual progression. And so it’s not that we restrict our diet it’s just that we align with the most simple truth possible that just frees our consciousness to be able to focus on the more important Concept and the more important work for our life like creating success health and abundance for everyone around us, you know Just like if we fast and we take time to clean our digestive system with juice fasting or water fasting it frees the body up to eliminate waste and to excrete toxins and buildups and You know crystallized acids and proteins in the body Well the same goes for just the diet in our consciousness if we clean up the diet if we just align with the simplest Whole Foods coming into our body it frees up our conscious I Believe to focus on the things that are most important, which is really what I call like a triple win Which is a win for me with you and a win for everything around us, right? Yes so that’s harmonizing with with the plants and the animals and the responsibility we have to be storage of this planet and we can’t really we don’t have the bandwidth to think about that when we’re burdened with junk food stress the rat race You know and really like a raw vegan diet for me is then in service to kind of lifting myself up out of the rat race out of the matrix of control now, I would have, you know, depression and mental illness and Heaviness and it just even though I’m still around it, even though I’m still in the world, you know I’m not free of the world because of what I eat. I can’t eat my way to godliness, but it forced You know It frees me up to just be more present more connected flooding my body with the light particles in the food the bio photons I really believe allows you to feel that cellular communication with like everything around you for me a raw vegan diet is raw food Vegan, but also the spiritual devotional qualities I did a forty day juice fast to help transition to a raw vegan diet to reset again and Eliminate a lot of waste out of my body which worked phenomenally 40 days on juices So that is processing foods too, you know, but in general I feel my best and I just arrived when I eat Whole Foods Simple as they come from Mother Nature right off the tree right out of the dirt right from the vine Exactly as they are and of course I make recipes and stuff, too but the longer I’m raw vegan the more I just Really enjoy the simple whole food like a meal of fruit. You know, right? So yeah, its simplicity really rewards the body and I’ve been on this learning path. It’s learning for me. I mean I Have been studying raw veganism and and raw food for a lot of years, but I didn’t step on to the path fully until I was 44 years old, you know, so it’s not something that I just did, you know? Willy-nilly I really took my time to say is this something that’s gonna work for me is this even viable? You know, I had a lot of questions like everybody in the beginning is this even a viable lifestyle? Is this realistic, you know? but the more I Seek the truth the more I pursue simplicity the more I Studies the science the more I just look at the hard facts of reality the more I study natural law and understand nature the more I realize that Whole Foods unprocessed foods raw foods are are Biologically adapted foods. It’s what we were doing. You know, we evolved to eat over billions of years You know Our health it serves our consciousness. It serves our spiritual evolution So it’s hard to dispute that for me and I’ve been enjoying it. I have the bet I’ve been really feeling the best health of my life. I mean, I feel more energy than I did when I was a kid Yeah, it’s really an unprecedented Awakening for my own life and my lifestyle to feel just the amount of energy I have I have two kids so I’m running around with them all day. I mean I can read my life questions of like Who am I and and depression and like, you know life, you know, I mean These are not part of my concepts and they really freed me up in a lot of ways the benefits that you’re describing It’s very obvious. I mean you look fantastic, you know Hearing what you have to say. It just it’s obvious that this this lifestyle is doing everything beneficial for you So I’m happy that you’re experiencing this and I’m happy that your kids have a dad that like yourself that they can look up to Be honest to mention my kids is it’s I’ve done it for them and I don’t make them be raw I mean, I want their safe in the world. I want them to feel like part of the world So I’m not enforcing any of my beliefs on them at all I encourage them to have their own beliefs and I will not tell them to find raw food or veganism in their life I just tell them you know, I share my experiences I share like my understandings, but that’s as far as it goes I want them to be empowered Exactly want everyone to be empowered you can’t you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make them drink it what I really like is you can lead a Horse to knowledge, but you can’t make them think yeah But we can’t force other others to wake up We can’t force others to step onto a path of spiritual devotion like raw food, you know weak But we can talk from this vantage point we can say hey it really feels good over here My mind is lit up. Like I feel connected. I have like the spark of the Divine is really strong within me and That’s all we can do. We could just be a delight and shine. I do that for my kids I do that on my channel when my kids got old enough You know to where they were aware of who I was and what my lifestyle was like This is when I have to take full responsibility for myself. This is one I have to really step into leadership empowerment especially as a man in the world, you know men are under a lot of pressure Yes Leaders they have to be fathers and dads. They have to be good kind loving men. They have to be Not stressed out. We have to learn how to face our fears We have to learn how to survive in the world We have to provide I mean it on and on and on, you know, and then for me having my two daughters It just sparked that like wow, I need to uplevel my life Full responsibility so I can be true a true leader for my children here You have to love someone else and care for them it really Does do something to change someone’s sense of responsibility right now You know that you have to be an image and upstanding representation of what is good. You know for for these others, right? So and and that’s exactly what we’re doing in the sense for our audience here And like you were saying before we can’t force anyone and nor is that our aim? We’re not trying to force anyone into a particular mode of living but what we definitely can do is tell you the absolute truth about those modes of living and tell you the disadvantages of not adhering to those and Once you know who those you can make up your own belief, you can come to your own conclusions But we’re definitely going to tell you how it is. That’s for sure everybody’s got to come to their own conclusions, and there’s different levels of you know, We all wake up at different times and in different a Siddis and I would just like to see humans be a little more compassionate Towards the animals and towards the environment You know, I focus on that on my channel. I mean my channel is called raw vegan rising So I do speak about the ethical moral stance of veganism But not in a preachy way just in a prospective way Like I think that’s I think it’s such an important component because like you were saying in your video on the nature of morality That we’re all like we’re all connected. It’s been scientifically proven Yeah, we we are just different expressions of the same energy So the note will the noble and humble and gentle beasts. You know that that are Taken for food on this planet as humans mass You know consume 250 billion animals a year I believe is the number if we’re ready to evolve as a species and Really set the energetic tone for how planet Earth operates and what the melody of planet Earth really is We need to take responsibility for that. I’ve been feeling this my whole life since a kid a vegan at 17 This has been like my primary focus since then 29 years ago I can’t see humanity like progressing past where we’re at without you know Being becoming aware of how we’re treating the other animals on this planet primarily the animals that we eat and Affects us on a such a deep primal fundamental level energetically emotionally spiritually the disconnect the two and The gentleness and the benevolence in in cows for instance, you know, there’s such gentle creatures, you know That’s part of us. We’re hurting that benevolence and that gentleness in ourselves You know, we’re taking a violence against ourselves really so, you know, that’s one of the things that I just think is a primary fundamental important concept right if you’re unwilling to Start with the self you can’t really externalized any of those types of goodness, you know if they’re not internally generated to begin with You know when we eat products of slaughter and murder pollute our bodies with these types of foul You know rotting types of nutrition, right? It’s it’s not realistic to assume that you’re going to express Love and compassion everywhere else if you haven’t even realized it for yourself. Glad you mention because I I wanted to ask you there’s so many similarities between myself and yourself in our progression through this healthy lifestyle and we’ve both went through bouts of weight loss and detoxing and whatnot and With my audience because I’m in primarily fruitarian and I know you include raw vegetables and nuts as well But you you just as much as I have seen the benefits of this healthy lifestyle with just the raw food So what I wanted to ask you was if someone was interested in Cultivating this lifestyle. What are some of the detox symptoms? Well, not that they can expect because it’s not it’s not a quick fix. It’s it’s got to be, you know, a lifestyle approach and People get you get put off When you know, we’ve all heard of him the ex vegans and you know Oh, I went vegan and I got sick. So I had to start eating meat again, you know, but we’ve all heard that nonsense before Not that it’s nonsense. It’s true It happens but it’s because people don’t understand this this process right give us briefly a recap of the detox process that you experienced when you Transitioned from you know, a regular mode of eating to the much healthier lifestyle of you know, raw vegan plant-based diet Important thing for people to understand if they’re going to take on a raw vegan lifestyle. It’s really stepping into a process of detoxification And there’s a lot of things that happen to the body in that process of being able to thrive on 100% raw vegan diet For an extended period of time for the rest of your life. You have to transition your body over and to get your body to Thrive on the raw foods. You have to kind of reset some things You have to reset the gut you got a reason, you know your metabolism You got to reset your neural associations with food you got to reset your sense of hunger and satiation And we have emotional addictions to food. So we got to really we’re taking on emotional components physical components, you know The we’re taking on changing the gut microbiome So all of these things alone could be quite an undertaking and then you do them together And it’s the process the beautiful process of transitioning to raw Vegan lifestyle and people can often go a week like on a you know a raw challenge or you know a fruit fast challenge and experience some, you know, great energy and feel good and Talk very highly of it but if you go two weeks or if you go three weeks or if you go four weeks you’re gonna start to run into the detoxification symptoms and Those are gonna last for a period of time but then they go away and on the other side you come out able to utilize digest the food Absorb the food get the energies from the food and not have any of the burden of heavy fats animal products You know the starches and the grains which create acid buildup in the body so really the the thing you want to prepare yourself for it’s um, a little listener is gonna say I want to try going raw or I’m gonna go raw I’m inspired and you’re gonna commit to this the detox symptoms for me at least looked like flu symptoms You know, I got runny nose aches and pains in my body I Did a juice cleanse to help the process along? I thought okay. I’m having some detox symptoms I’m gonna juice fast and like help clean it out, and I did that I did a forty day juice fast. I did about six quarts of juice a day I did about three being green juice three being fruit juice So I was taking him probably four or five thousand calories a day in juices and I was losing about a pound a day I lost 40 pounds and 40 days. Yeah, the thing is that it wasn’t all body fat Yeah, I probably only lost about maybe five or six pounds of body fat in that time I lost a lot of waste out of my intestines. Yes as mucoid pot Come out, which I didn’t know was real. I heard people talk about it like John Rose Who’s one of my favorite vegan youtubers? I love him Yeah, great, right, John Burroughs is awesome So he talked about me boy o’clock and I thought I’m gonna go after this nuclear plaque I did my juice fasting service to cleaning my GI tract and it Worked because I think I probably lost about 25 28 pounds altogether maybe or I mean I don’t know how much body fat and how much waste matter it was exactly so I guess to me, you know, yeah, yeah yeah guesstimate maybe 28 pounds of like McQuoid plaque and Impacted matter in there from a lifetime of my standard American diet, you know, and I’ve always been healthy and vegan But I still call it the standard American diet like fried foods, you know cooked starches. Yeah last you know, so Really the juice fast was quintessential and helping to reset my gut eliminate the waste You don’t want to put new wine in an old wineskin. So we got to clean it out, you know Now that really helps in multiple ways because it floods your body with the bio photons the photo phytochemicals The minerals the water the structured water and filtered water and the fruits and vegetables and not just like resets your neural Association with where the nectar of life really is. I can’t tell you I mean 40 days on juices You start to realize you if you have like shedding of layers. It feels very spiritual it feels very connecting and awakening who’s that and It’s really the flooding of the body with with the the natural Elements and the fruits and vegetables that we’re supposed to be that we’re deficient in and our standard American diet And so and we become we’re feeling that energy source We’re feeling that vital life force flow through us and it resets The entire neural Association as to where we get sustenance from so then go on to solid food after a juice cleanse For me was like well, I’m sticking with the cucumbers. I’m sticking with the apples. I’m sticking with the citrus fruits Yeah That’s where I had been getting my sustenance and my life force from for the last 40 days and then the gut bacteria For me needed to be rebuilt it took about three months of eating salads and fruits and whatnot to Be able to fully digest the high fiber content of all of that food that I was putting in. I noticed at first that the Bacteria wasn’t able to fully process all fibers So then that was my second phase was building up my gut my I am to handle a high-fiber diet primarily You know all fiber and water and minerals Yes So and then my detox symptoms really lasted aches Pains sneezing runny nose here and there on and off for about six months Aches pains sneezing runny nose here and there on and off for about six months But it really wasn’t until ten months where I made my first youtube video I think saying I think I’m having a breakthrough I think I’m feeling good a hundred percent good, and it was ten months and then but really honestly it wasn’t till the One-year mark twelve months where I think I finally broke through and felt like I was able to feel good a hundred percent of the time and Really? Thrive and that’s when my weight really started to come back My energy started to come back my body started to rebuild I always like working out, but I was in detox phase for like a year So I stopped going to the gym just allow my body to cleanse and not focus on trying to build While I was cleansing, I just let my body cleanse and that at twelve months I was ready to go back to the gym. Put all my muscle mass back on feel invigorated now I do, you know I get the hormonal rush from my workouts plus the raw food I’m flying high on a daily basis, you know, and that fuels my inspiration to create a YouTube channel in service to education and inspiration to others and I advocate for Raw veganism raw food and just spiritual progression in general in my life everywhere I go So for me the detoxification process wasn’t just physical it was emotional and Spiritual I had profound layers of like emotional complexity shed off of me like past traumas Came up. I mean past fears came up I was really faced with like deep fundamental aspects of my of my fear and my faults and my self-worth I’ve healed a lot of myself worse, you know, and I’m still working on it Like we all are to really excel as a human being and to be a true leader to ourselves but Self-worth I think finding true self worth was one of the most profound discoveries in my raw food journey in the first years actually in detoxification and Knowing that I’m worthy of Thriving knowing that I’m worthy of what God intended for me Which was to be happy healthy of have abundance have money have love have Have relationship have family All of it, you know a good outlook being in service to others being, you know energetic enough to do all of this you know, that’s Been one of the most profound aspects of the process of transitioning and detoxification So I found purpose I found meaning I found Awakening and spiritual purpose I changed careers where they whole focus. I’m actually a health coach now. I have a canoe The detoxification process and the transition process actually help people with juice fasting help. It’s the first like three months I generally do like three month periods with people where I help them over the hurdles and the hump of that first detox phase Mm-hmm It’s profound work, you know and I used to do something completely different it completely changed the whole trajectory of my life This is such an important experience You know to be able to relate to people because it’s so it’s so powerful you make these changes and every aspect of your being Changes along with it for the better when people ask me for advice or work when people are asking you for advice, you know they want to know you know what they can do and how they can improve their lives the important thing here to remember is that When we’ve lived in a manner of abuse to our bodies Then you might be poisoning yourself over whatever 10 20 30 40 50 60. It doesn’t matter how many years right? So people have to remember everything that you that you take in into your body, right? These things are are becoming part of your tissue part of your body becomes incorporated into your blood and These latest products, you know, depending on what you’re eating there They’re gonna settle all over your bot out of your skin your hair your eyes You know your feet your your your your organs your tissue. It’s just this stuff goes everywhere Now you do that for your you know year after year after year you have to realistically assume that when you start to clean yourself out there is a systematic process of Undoing the damage of all of these years of an accumulation of waste materials all over your body wherever they may reside and like you Said you know I as is your experience and is my experience it takes time. So you really have to be patient and As this this process goes along you can expect to get sicker first, you know, you can expect all the things that you experienced Lack of energy running you knows flus all this type of type of thing, but on the other end You know you you become healthier. It’s like an analogy I like to use is let’s say your your kitchen cabinet, you know, you want to clean all your kitchen Okay, and it hasn’t been dusted in let’s say a couple of years right when you immediately walk into your kitchen There’s not really dust flying all over the place and you know Everything is kind of settled so that I would equate to your body before the detox Now as you start dusting right you dust and you clean your kitchen for that Temporary time when you are cleaning a detox. Yes, there is dust flying all over the to go things are in the KB there’s a Pail of water, you know, it’s some of its spilled on the floor. You just your kitchen is a mess That’s the detox phase people mistake the detox phase for the the normal Condition that that lifestyle will be for the rest of their lives and that’s not true But once it’s all clean no and the dust settles and it’s taken out the majority of the dust, right? Afterwards the kitchen is a lot cleaner and it’s now in that neutral state But now all the dust and all that crap is now gone from all those places that you’ve cleaned so that’s the state that we want to get to but you have to be willing to go through the cleaning, right and That’s where a lot of people get, you know messed up and mistaken, right? They they don’t allow enough time for that cleaning process to Thoroughly, you know I’m you know, I’m so happy that you can give that experience because you know, I you’ve you’ve elucidated a bit more clearly, so Yeah, so for all of you guys out there that want to get into this, please you have to understand There’s no such thing as a quick fix Well, I’m gonna like, you know detox for a week and then I’m gonna go back and see how I feel It’s not helps, right? It’s got to be a motivated approach that you’re gonna sustain and if you’re not willing to sustain it for long enough You’re not gonna see, you know, the enduring results, you know You have to have a big y-you have to know why you’re doing it And I believe your Y has to be bigger than health. It has to be bigger than yourself Yeah, if you have a disease and you’re looking for raw to raw food to help cure a problem and ailment You know skin issue diabetes cancer all works with raw food, but that’s not gonna be enough long term You know not even healing diseases enough because it can’t be about the self It has to be something bigger than yourself as all service of all true Service in the world has to be about others something bigger than yourself. What’s your service to humanity? What’s your service to the world? It’s a consciousness to spiritual evolution That is the that’s where you have to get to to be Successful long term on a raw vegan diet because it goes against our cultural norms It goes against the traditions of the family. It goes against the traditions of our culture’s Yeah So two beasts one who stands up against tradition of culture or tradition of family takes a really strong personal knowing of what your why is yes, I always tell people like Connected with what your big work in the world is what your big purpose is because if you’re doing it for health You’ll go back to cook food. You’ll go back. It’s not gonna be enough to get through the hard times of the detox Yeah, and then there’s even raw vegans who go back to cook food after 15 years you know and say it didn’t work and I be efficient and stuff like this, but we have to talk about how much cleansing have we done how much be toxic vacation have we done because I believe as waste matter stays accumulated in the body body is Where our struggle lies the more? Toxicity body the more stroke we’ll have even over 15 years So really the occasion is what we should be in service to not the raw foods Specifically because the more we detoxify the more we’ll be led to the higher vibrational foods So toxicity is like density frequency lower frequency keeping us in a lower vibration as we clear those layers out clear the toxicity out then we become Able to focus on the higher vibrational thoughts and and and really that’s the process of detoxification Vacation leads us to raw food and not the other way around raw food doesn’t lead us to detoxification deep action Leads us to raw food. So I Always tell my clients all the time. Let’s vote. We’re focusing on detoxification That’s why we’re gonna do a juice fast That’s why we’re gonna do cleansing fasting, you know, that’s a big part of it And I think I think that’s critical for success long-term And I don’t know you know people who are failing off of raw vegan diets raw vegans going back to meat and carnivore diets and Going back to food. I mean it’s a failure of Your purpose and your why why you’re doing it and it’s really succumbing to the weaknesses we have within ourselves in being leaders, you know, not everyone is ready to be out in front holding the torch for a new paradigm of health and Consciousness on this planet and if you feel called to be someone who’s a torchbearer Out in front leading the way showing the light for others to follow then yes get on board and stay committed because if you run into deficiencies down the road if you run into Things you need to tweak and adjust you can do that But it’s not going back to cook food Andrey toxifying your body Rhea Siddha fiying your body It’s about being and adjusting the course of action to stay raw to stay on your spiritual path to stay committed to your Big Y which is ultimately helping the spiritual progression of humanity and this planet very Powerful words. Yeah that leads me to my to my next question for you. It’s interesting. We have all these very very obvious Demonstrable tangible benefits to cleaning up your diet your lifestyle Detoxing your body all of the benefits that that year. We know that this is the result Okay We know that these are the effects of the lifestyle that we are teaching why Shane why is it so difficult? What is it about the world that we live in? That makes it so difficult for people to in Light and in spite of all of the benefits that we can tell them are coming your way if you do this Why is it so difficult for people to to do this to adopt these lifestyle changes? What what are the resistances that stop them from from just jumping into this, you know full swing cold turkey right away Like why? Can someone just not say? Yeah, obviously, this is the right thing to do. You’re right, though You know what stops a person from doing that in this culture It’s a great question. I mean I made a video on this called all vegan all raw vegans eventually go back to cook food Yeah Idol of the video. We’ll put some links to that down here. It was a good video I talked about what I believe are the reasons but the primary Fundamental reason I believe is self-worth. If we don’t heal our self-worth our place of belonging in the world are our Knowing that we deserve to take up space that we deserve to have success that we deserve to have money Abundance health love joy freedom, then we aren’t going to create it. We have to know we are worthy of it we create exactly in our life a Reflection of what we feel worthy of at any given time if we live in a crappy apartment and we have a crappy job that we hate that’s where our self-worth level is if we have Total abundance million dollar house a million dollar job and a total freedom. That’s where our self-worth level is so someone with a million dollar house could have Terrible relationships and feel alone and isolated in the world So wherever our self-worth levels are is where we will experience either You know poverty or abundance so we have to think in those terms We have to heal the total self-worth journey which I believe raw food helps with that process again another reason to just Stick with raw food and allow it to do work magic and to shed the layers of fear. Chaos Self-judgement self violence and anger so that we can really express and learn who we are and what our self-worth is right Self-worth plays into the next component of that which is who we are in the world and our cultural traditions and our family traditions if we’re born into a Hispanic family for instance who cherishes their tortilla traditions and you know the rice and beans and the grandfather has the another three Generation old recipe of meat it’s part. It’s steeped in the culture of identity steeped in our self-worth Cheech out on on top of Cheech out on its fried pork skin on top of the fried. Yeah That is all you could ask for all you could ask for all you could ask for The most Delicious thing in the world why because tortilla for the Mexicans, it’s our plate. So we eat our plate So we eat our plate taco everything Are my words revolves around? My three generation old recipe on how to make this Beans or right so and I’ve heard people say that I take that analogy because people have said that to me interesting interesting Yeah, so we are going up against cultural and family traditions that define the very human experience How can one cell in an organism that stands up and says well, I’m gonna actually be part of a different organism Because this organism over here Humanity is flawed disease You know going down the wrong path of moral relativism in it. I want to stand up for moral objective truth and Stand for health and create self-worth and lead the the organism down a different path I mean how many cells in the organism are capable of doing that we can’t be a leader first and foremost if we’re not extremely compassionate understanding Self loving you have to have high self worth high self standards to where we motivate others leaders Don’t lead by saying me neither state by saying hey I can help you This is how you do it. You know, let me give you some let me help you along You know we help each other and that’s what a real leader does. So if you’re someone who’s still disempowered in any way, you know So you have anger toward the world you have fears in the world You haven’t you know experienced the success or the meaning or the truth that you want to experience How are you going to possibly be a leader? take that stand in your life and say I’m going to lead the entire human organism down a different path a trajectory of Spiritual integrity and growth so that’s a that’s a tall order neither Capable of doing that so everyone’s capable of thriving on raw food because it’s our biologically adapted Diet, that’s what we should be eating and our bodies will thrive when we focus on whole raw foods That’s the easy part. No part is what your family does and what the cultural tradition does currently our Culture has fast-food restaurants on every corner across the world Aisle in the grocery store is filled with jarred boxed packaged dead pasteurized food 99% of the grocery store is dead pasteurized Unprocessed terrible food. So we our culture is not set up to support This new way of thinking a new way a new ideology. We literally have to be Self-referencing ya have to know why we’re doing it and what we’re doing from an internal vantage point It doesn’t include the outside world. And that’s like we have to be called we have to have a mission We have to have a truth and divine spark in our hearts in our minds We have to feel connected with the you know, universal truth. That is pulling us forward We have to feel like we are you know endowed with with this mission to help and to heal. Yeah I just really think it comes from an internal place, you know, nothing can Sway you from your path. If you’re motivated and committed from a deep spiritual internal place, you know other people say it doesn’t matter what the naysayers say doesn’t matter if people say well science debunks this Matter because you’re gonna find a way mind over matter, you know Our minds shape matter physically. Literally we Realities malleable and who we are who we believe we are and what we’re focused on in the world comes from inside if we let the world sway and influence our minds we are going to be a tool for the agenda for the way the world is the Mainstream ideologies that already exist will just continue to create that so we have to find a way to break free from that Through our own internal guidance system our own internal reference points Which is, you know a tall order for most people we’re coming from a culture. That’s Manipulated and controlled and we’re downtrodden by the system We’re you know, like the slave class working for this the debt monetary system I mean, it’s not an easy thing we all have trauma we’ve been psychologically traumatized as a species, you know, we really have to have Other tools, I think raw food can get us started on Self-worth and then we have to use our spiritual guidance to like take us the next leg of that journey Yeah, we’ve got all these things working against us We’ve got you know, we’ve got our cultural traditions and our family traditions Right that’s already a strong inhibition to this to this type of to this type of thing But you know people always have also have to remember that Outside of the family traditions right that are that are steeped in all of these incorrect modes of living the world outside of your family none None of it is set up for your optimal growth and evolution right? None of it the entire Food industry. All of it is is premise on a business model Whereby they need to find a way to to make you come back And and buy their products just like any other commodity or other product out there So in order to do that What they need to do is they need to find a way to make the food as addictive as possible and most all Restaurants are all you know processed, you know industries out there. They’re using combinations of chemicals synthetic or natural Chemicals that fool you into believing that what you’re eating is food So it’s like, you know refined oils salts and sugars, right? They’re just using combinations of these things these unnatural Products and putting them into foods in certain combinations that make you come back constantly for more. None of it is Consistent with with optimal health none of it and it is the exact same thing in every place that you go to where you’re buying a Food that is not just a natural food. So you have all of that working against you and then and then you’ve got the educational Systems intelligence agency think tanks that have infiltrated the the school industry. You know, you’ve got Tavistock institution you’ve got the RAND Corporation and the Frankfurt School all these influences that have bled into our educational system and that have Eroded all of our health and university. Of course, it it just it goes on and on basically, like you said the world is against you right when it comes to true health true morality and all the benefits that yields So in in order to to adopt this lifestyle You need a very very strong degree of maturity how many times have people gone to you? You know and people that you coach they say well, you know, I was doing well, you know I had about two weeks of raw food but oh, but then it was Christmastime or then it was Easter and There was all the normal food around me so I was like I’ll get whatever I just been how many times we’ve all heard that any health coaches heard them and You know That is that really an excuse not really We this world is going to be around us for our whole lives. We live in this world, right? It’s that’s never going to change So I mean I could use the excuse of saying well, you know, I’ve been you know I’ve been eating raw food for you know, two plus years now Oh, but a pizza pizza. Why not beside my place So, you know I had to do what I had to do, right? It takes a fantastic amount maturity for you to know who you are and to be in the presence of these things even if they are occasional Christmas the wedding whatever and to stand in defiance of those things and to say yeah I know these things are in my immediate vicinity, and I know that I have access to These you know cooked foods right? No different than any other time I could cut this interview right now and just go and pig out on you know McDonald’s, if I wanted to right I could do that, but I’m choosing not to okay so you have to have maturity to choose not to do these things because you know Why you’re not doing them, right, you know? And so for everyone out there that’s listening. These obstacles are never going to Relent themselves. They’re always going to be put in your face, right? This world is always gonna thrust its lies in your face If you’re trying to make these changes You need to know why you’re upstanding for those things and you need to be mature enough to be able to Resist these things not because you’re just always saying no. No. No, I can’t I can’t again it’s not instruction It’s not restriction. It’s just that you’re making the choice Because of an elevated sense of awareness that those choices don’t lead you into anywhere that you want to go. Yeah, and that’s Even my own mother says you should be able to eat some cooked food if you’re at a friend’s house And they want to serve you this and it just feel me the world even my mom pressures me just fit in with the world Yeah But for me that choice of having cooked food at a dinner party or at a friend’s house isn’t gonna serve my highest good It’s not gonna allow me son service to the world in the way I need to be my mom’s advice just doesn’t doesn’t fly with me. It just doesn’t fly That’s such a good mindset to have, you know, need more people like you to teach others You know how to develop that might said, yeah, that’s exactly it I really hope that that helps for those viewers out there to really understand what it takes And if you do understand that and you do carry out these prescriptions for better health and wellness I guarantee you you will be a better person on the other hand in every single way so you’ve been doing this for a while and I think the next thing that I imagine would help people is Okay. So now we know that we know that we can get much healthier In every single way we know that our lives will improve Okay So we know all that and we know that the world is against us and we know that it’s not Gonna help us we need to undertake to do this on our own the the last thing I wanted to ask you as you’ve gone Through this journey. I imagine you’ve had this trial and error process whereby you’re okay what meals can I eat what goes well with what you’re just experimenting with what raw foods work for you if you’re coaching someone has to you know what to eat because a lot of people have this stumbling block where they know that the things that They’re eating are bad, but they just don’t know What good things to eat? Okay. Well, where do I go? What do I eat? I can’t eat anything now or so they think so what are some of your Preferred or favorite meals that you’ve discovered. We’re great replacements or transitions, you know from a cooked You know cooked bad standard American diet to you know a cleaner diet What are what are some of the options that people have when they’re making this transition, you know in your experience? Yeah, the first day I ever went raw. I went cold turkey and I just decided one day. Okay, I’m gonna eat raw food I’m probably never gonna go back Yeah But that first day I made myself a really big salad and I threw it everything I threw in Greens and fruits and nuts and like loaded it up Probably was like a thousand calories in that salad and they need all this mixture of everything and felt so satiate It’s like this is gonna be easy. No Lives loaded with nuts and apples and berry And that really worked, you know, I mean that was a good way to just say look I got that now whatever That’s what I think the most important thing is find your thing where you’re like I got this It’s the wrong thing. Even if it’s just, you know, raw almond butter and apples or whatever You just fats fruits, which I don’t do now but at first mixing fats and fruits Helps give that sense of familiarity because in our standard time except starches and carbohydrates with fats it’s not a good thing to do for health, you know, and if you read the book 80/10/10, I was really skeptical of 80/10/10 when I first read it in Graham Doug Graham’s Philosophy on on that, but I’ve read it anyway because as a raw vegan, I just wanted to read the book Yeah, but I found over time I’ve naturally gravitated toward lower fats and higher carbohydrates and I really Have found the way to thrive which is basically like a fruitarian style diet And when I say fruitarian, I mean, you know, we’re talking abou Keeney’s and cucumbers and tomatoes Those are all foods, you know avocados the fruits of the trees and the vines you know are really the diet that allows us to thrive the most and You know Mother’s Milk when we’re infants is 96 percent carbohydrates 2 percent protein 2 percent fat, so it’s low protein low-fat high-carbohydrate and babies like triple in size in the first six months, you know, so it’s a high-growth stimulating diet carbohydrates stimulate our our metabolism our growth our functionality sir fuel source for a body so Just take abundance of the carbohydrates and it took me a while to figure that out because I was used to the mixing the fats and the Carbohydrates like butter and toast for instance, you know, we’re like peanut butter and jelly sandwich. It’s fat and carbohydrate right? I Stuck with a lot of high fat high carbohydrate mixtures in the beginning to just get over the sense of my my hunger My doesn’t my command for hunger but it slowly transitioned and One of my favorite things in the first six months I’d say was a bowl of fruit, you know berries bananas strawberries mixed together whatever fruit was like sunflower seeds shredded coconut cacao nibs You know like all the fats in the fruits mixed Yeah, I’d make a hemp milk And I pour that over top and it’d be like cereal made with fresh fruit and seeds You know in that soon a lot of calories Yeah, at least satiating because it’s mixing the fruits and the fats But I don’t recommend fruits and fats like that ongoing and you’ll probably find that if someone’s really undertaking a raw vegan diet but that does really work and you get indigestion and you get gas and bloating and Stuff from food like that, but in the beginning who cared you find out for yourself That’s honestly what I believe I believe raw food is universal for everyone We also to thrive on raw food because our biology is all the same, you know But the exact ratio of how much fat you like in your diet how much protein you like in your diet is gonna be different For everyone right? I Think that you have to experiment to find that out so I would highly recommend reading a book like 80/10/10 because it just kind of opens the mind to this low fat low protein kind of idea Our modern culture. We’re told that healthy fats and Lean proteins are the way to health Yes fat is how we get healthy, but it’s the opposite low protein and low fat and high carbohydrate is how we get healthy exactly raw carbohydrates filled with water filled with minerals Filled with the living electricity the sunlight energy the bio photons the phytochemicals. This is what creates the health. Yes. No Now I can eat. Mmm a mono meal of Watermelon or banana or mm-hmm cantaloupe whatever it is you know just sit down and have a bowl of one thing and I’m I feel the best and I mean I see shaded I Do still find that I like salads each day. So what I do is I start my day with smoothies or fruits Fruit mono meals or blending them and then toward the end of the day. I’ll start to bring in the greens and Avocado or nuts and seeds if I’m gonna have nuts and seeds that day and I don’t always have nuts and seeds some days I do some days. I don’t some days. I’ll have all fruit. Somebody’s fruit and greens for me. I did a whole week Where I did nothing, but fruit and my kidneys started really filtering I think the all fruits are great for cleansing just super amounts of energy and getting your body back in shape and healing But it forsook free no sustained for me I like to have some greens and I like to have some fats some days if I’m traveling or whatnot I’ll I’ll bring You know even cashews with me for a snack and I generally eat cashews because they’re not raw and they’re not really, you know They’re inflammatory and all this stuff, but you know once in a while, I’ll have some handfuls of cashews It’s a whole food. It comes off a tree So really the most important thing is to not get caught up in am I doing it right or wrong? But just do it and find out what we’re gonna do, you know? Yes, there’s no way for us ever anyone to know what that’s gonna feel like to break the demand for cook food. Hunger It’s an addiction we have in our minds. It’s an addiction that’s steeped in our psychology and in our culture, so we’re really breaking away from something very big and struggling with the sense of hunger as You transition and start in on a raw vegan diet is I think the biggest challenge because you feel hungry so my advice to all my clients always is just say she Just don’t feel hungry so you can stay on the whole raw foods Whatever then you’ll figure it out as you go right figure out that oh I don’t like this combination or oh this combination makes me feel great and the more time you do it the better you’re gonna be at it and then eventually You’re gonna probably end up at a high carb low fat raw vegan diet, which is the ultimate for health, you know Perfect. It’s kind of like a lot of things in life You you don’t really realize That you can do something until you have to do it something in your house breaks and you have to you have to fix it It’s like you would have never thought that you would have been able to fix it until it was a necessity, right? So thank you. Yes, and you’ll find a way as much as it can be daunting at first But oh, no, you know I can no longer have my you know, pizza and pasta as in whatnot or lasagna Yeah, okay fine. I mean it might be a bit of a change at first but if you are Set in your conviction and you? Understand what you’re doing and you understand that it is for the betterment of yourself and your family and everyone around you You’ll find a way and yeah, it’s so important I don’t think people need to start worrying about although but calories this and calories that you like. Don’t worry about that It’s you it’s your initial face As long as you stick to the raw foods try not to over eat obviously, but you know, don’t go hungry Just do whatever you need to do to be comfortable With that raw food umbrella and just start seeing what works eventually You will start to clean out and as you do you talks and clean out more I think naturally you start to refine what either eating and what combinations do work and what don’t work for you I went out in the first couple of months when I first went raw I was on a trip for about a week and I was traveling so I didn’t know how to do raw while traveling and I just basically Would just stock up on fruit like bananas and grapes and apples and you know If you count I was coming from my old paradigm where he’d count calories to lose weight or state. Yes, right? Yeah, I think if I eat more than 3,000 calories, I’m gonna gain weight But I spent that entire week so damn hungry Because I was still new and I could eat enough bananas and grapes and I was counting up the calories and I was saying holy Moly I’m eating like 4,000 calories today and I’m still 3 yea calories. They said I’m gonna come back from this trip I’m gonna be gaining weight and I got back from that week long of stuffing my face with high-calorie Seemingly high-calorie fruits for a week. Yeah, not on the scale. I was I think 2 pounds less. Yeah got there I didn’t gain a thing. Yeah and calories going wait. I can’t be eating 4,000 calories and not be gaining weight That doesn’t I was like my mind was blown I was ecologies of not gaining weight. I was like, wow, that’s actually freedom, you know So I that was like self discovery I didn’t know we told me that I maybe I missed it or something because I didn’t think that that was possible and so Now I know that I can have lots of calories if I want and I’m not gonna gain weight if I lift weights or something I can channel that into like, you know It’s a muscle mass and like put some energy in my body to fuel like workouts and feel great And be it and be in shape and feel like a million bucks But I’m not gonna put body fat from from whole raw fruit dried fruit baby nuts But yeah, yeah, so it’s pretty its freedom I’ve had some weight loss clients and it’s like such a Paradigm Buster to say you can eat as much fruit as you want it pretty much now I mean, it’s you mix the fruits that become But really fruit by itself, you’re gonna lose body-fat on freely much much you eat and that’s incredible for anyone who’s listening? This is a I think this is an important thing Sugars don’t metabolize the same as starches, which break down to sugar Bypasses deliver and it doesn’t need insulin to carry that energy to the cell Get direct energy in ourselves from fruit sugars like fructose specifically Bypasses the liver so there’s no insulin response direct instant energy to the body Greeting starches like grains and stuff and legumes and you know potatoes those foods are sugars Just didn’t start form But it requires insulin to carry that to the cell for energy and if if there’s excess that Insulin is what stores the energy is fat so when there’s no insulin sponsz There’s no fat storage and that’s like eat an abundance of fruit and not gain weight And that’s freedom for most people who come from a counting calorie paradigm Ranae’s means complete freedom. You know what? Yeah the abundance of life Giving lectures or even just in person people ask me like, you know. Oh, isn’t that hard like man? I’m teaching you freedom I’m teaching you how to live in the easiest way possible You know This intricate meal preparation like that. My life is easy when it comes when it comes to, you know diet and whatnot. It’s Easy meal preparation is kind of a bummer and cooking is definitely a bummer, right? Cooking is always like oh I got to do this now So for me raw food diet was like wow, this is total freedom. This is like aa dream come true I remember like in my first year exclusively for terian, but I did have you know a couple vegetable meals You know here and there I did food experiments as well is like, okay I want to see how I react with, you know, sweet potatoes or whatever And so I tried these things and whatever I did those experiments. I’d look at my watch 35 minutes 40 40 minutes down the drain, you know prepping this stuff and I would just be caught feeling like This sucks, man I’ve already killed so much time like just what getting ready to eat when I was free to transit I’d make like of course like zucchini noodles with like sauce trying to recreate pasta right with like a yeah put in like you know salt and seasoning and try to make it taste like tomato sauce and I Never liked it. I Yeah, sometimes I’ll just even have just greens with like just greens and grapes or just greens and cucumbers saying, you know Like keeping it really simple and that just makes me feel the best if I eat too much of a mixture I’ll be like I got to digest that now if I’m eating simple like one or two things at a time BAM I’m off to the next thing I got energy for my life I don’t have to worry about it doesn’t slow me down You have everything to look forward to every advantage at your disposal. If you do this, right not only does your health improve not only does your thinking improve not only does your Emotional control improve now. You’ve got this spilling over to the other people in your influence your time efficiency, you know all this and pretty so guys, you know for those of you listening to this, you know you have literally everything to gain from adopting this this lifestyle you’ve been doing this for about You’re enough. Yeah, it’s cool because I can’t wait till I can say like 6 years 10 years. Yeah Oh, there’s no going back for me. It’s like for me I’m just you know, I’m just you know eyes forward because it doesn’t matter how much time has passed I man the benefits are so immense that The thought of putting the slow foods in my body again. No, it’s just not even ability. I have clients I have people all the time come to me just on social media and say I’ve been raw for two weeks And I’m so inspired. I want to start a YouTube channel about it. It does that it made us that inspired, you know yeah, you want you want to Give to other people the incredible feeling that you’re feeling inside. It’s like you almost feel guilty. It’s like oh my god This is what it’s like you need to know about this you need to know about this you need to know about this Yeah, it’s yeah, I understand I think the Essene gospel of peace was the first thing that turned me on to raw food Back when I was thirty years old. I got a copy that book and it changed my life changed everything Yeah, just felt like this incredible download. I mean I read it over and over like back and forth like I was just like So intrigued by that book and I didn’t it took me another 15 years after that finding that book to actually go wrong. So Psychological process of let go No, no stay with you. Yeah. No, but I want to but no no Can’t be challenging it can be challenging but you know, it’s definitely the right way to go This has been really informative for me and really helpful for me and you know Just yeah couldn’t be thankful enough that you know, you’ve given me this time of yours. No for all them guys up there Definitely check out Shane’s channel raw vegan rising I’m gonna put some links in the description below so you can easily click away and Check out all of Shane’s lectures and videos and if you like this channel You will absolutely love and get good information from Shane’s channel as well. So I encourage you to go and do that. Mr Shane sterling. Thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing this maybe in the future We’ll have some other important topics that we can then we can discuss. Yeah. Thank you so much for having me I really appreciate it man. Yeah things thanks for connecting. I really appreciate it Two minds are stronger than one and like creating community is so important So and YouTube’s a phenomenal platform for the raw vegans to really come together and speak about it So even though it might be controlled by Google and the CIA Yeah people like you and me here talking to the public and that’s extremely powerful Thank you so much. Yeah, and you enjoy it and we’ll catch you next time. Okay. Well, I’m alright Bye bye. Thank you so much for tuning in to this interview guys. Make sure to check out the raw vegan rising You’re gonna find plenty of fantastic information There as well if you like this interview and you like what we’re doing here on the free melon society Then please subscribe hit the like button hit the bell notification Make sure you don’t miss future videos and interviews and whatnot that we’re going to be releasing here I wish you all the best and we will see you next time on the female in society you

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