Forge of Empires – Cultural Settlements Interview

Forge of Empires – Cultural Settlements Interview

Hello, I’m David! I’m a Community Manager for Forge of Empires
Germany and I’m here with Marcel, Game Designer for Forge of Empires and we’re here to talk about an upcoming feature of the game, called “Cultural Settlements”. And to do that, I’ll be asking you a few questions,
that I think that our players would be interested in… Sure! And to start out… You know, our most seasoned players of the game probably know about the updates we have been doing and so far we’ve always been going into the
future. But now we’re going to explore a culture
of the past. What made you decide to go into this direction,
in the game? Yes, so Forge has always been a game about
humankind history. For a few years now, we’ve been going into
the future, as you already mentioned and we felt there were a few bits of mankind history
that we were lacking, that were missing out. And we thought that we should deliver those,
to make the game complete. And of course we couldn’t squeeze in another
culture at the end of the Future. So, what we did is coming up with a new feature,
that could hold these old cultures and also make sense in the workings of the game. And that’s why we came up with the Cultural
Settlements — a feature on the side that you can do, where you pursue those older cultures
and help them build little settlements. And we will be releasing new cultures in the
future, to explore even more of that! Our players are already familiar with going
into the Future, with the new updates for the game. But what are the core differences between
this and let’s say, the Virtual Future, for example? So first stuff… the new ages will not be
harmed in any way. So we will still come up with new ages, there
will be a new big age next year, after we are done with the Virtual Future — there
will be a third instalment rather soon. So that will not be harmed in any way. And the Cultural Settlements are more a feature
on the side that people can pursue, if they want to — it’s more like an optional thing, but it has some really cool rewards and people would want them. So how it works is: once we release the feature
you will be able to select the culture. For now it’s just the Vikings, but there will
be more to come. And then there’s a quest giver from that culture
who will ask you to help that culture, to build up a thriving village, so that they
become self-sustainable. And you help building that up. And once you’re done you get the cool rewards. And then you are able to select another culture
or the same one, even. And we prepared a series of rewards even for
the same culture, so even if you played the Vikings 10-15 times, you get something different
every time. So it even makes sense to repeat it. And we also have some mechanics in there,
so that the building of the city is interesting every time; so the challenge will change
dynamically a bit. So, we’re obviously starting with the Vikings. What made you settle on this one as the first
culture to explore for the game? Everyone should know that the feature will
be unlocked with the late Iron Age technologies… I think it’s Plowing… So that’s right before you hit Early Middle
Ages. So, usually when a player unlocks the feature
they should be starting with the Early Middle Ages. And we think that at the time it makes sense
to have the Vikings in there, as an accompany culture. In the Early Middle Ages the Vikings were
also a big culture, so it just made sense. We will be unlocking some of the older cultures,
as well, in the future… everything that makes sense along that timeline. That’s why we picked the Vikings! Also, they are super-cool and iconic and people
recognise them easily. Cool helmets, axes! Sure! You know, all the good things! Yeah, nice! So, let’s say I’m done with the Vikings, I
got my cool rewards and I’m happy with that… What other cultures are we gonna explore in
the future, then? After the Vikings, we are actually not settled
yet… It will largely depend on the feedback from
the community, depending on what they will like to see, what we can do, maybe we will
add some new mechanics for some of the newer cultures, so that they have something unique to them and they play a bit differently. But of course, if you’re thinking of all the
cultures, something like Ancient Egypt comes to mind, feudal Japan, maybe some nice little
Polynesian villages, if we want something more idyllic, but we’re just not settled on
this list. Mankind history is very rich, so there’s a
lot to pull from. This feature is going to start on Beta very
soon, but we already know that the Beta test is going to take a little bit longer this
time, in comparison to previous things we have tested on our Beta. So how come this is a little bit longer, this
time? So, we implemented this feature for a long
time. It took us multiple weeks to build it, so
it’s pretty huge. It’s a very big addition to the game and we
just wanna make sure that it meets the quality standards that we all anticipate. It needs an extended period of testing. Also, finishing one settlement takes about
21 days, if you’re really active. And we need Beta testers to have the chance
to finish them. Ideally, twice or three times even so that
we can get that feedback on the balancing and how the end rewards feel, all these things…
and that’s simply the reason, why it takes so long. And once we feel the quality is ready, we
can also release it for the live worlds. So when do you expect this feature to go live
for the normal players, that are not playing on Beta? Like I mentioned already, we need the feedback
from the Beta community and see how the quality goes, how the balancing goes, all those things
and how many improvements we want to do before it’s being released on the live worlds. But we anticipate we can release it very early
in 2019, so people should not be having to wait too long… Sounds good! We hope we could give you a bit of an overview
of what we have planned for the game and what’s going to be available on Beta very soon and
we hope that you have the chance to play it on Beta, give us some feedback, help us make
this feature great, make the game great and give you some cool insights into the cultural
history that makes Forge of Empires what it is, in a lot of ways…

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    -one more little idea:why not add a day/night cycle and a weather cycle? It will make seem the world more alive. Just make it a option so that players with a slow device still can play ?

    -add GvG to mobile too…

    Further the game is absolutely amazing! Keep the work up!

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  33. To be perfectly honest: I'd rather see some improvements of the HTML5 client first. It tends to be slow (especially loading assets after a neighborhood shuffle or other updates), it's bugged (map gets updated after the session being inactive for a while, but the fp bar doesn't), etc.
    With flash being (finally!) on its way out and the mobile app (for me) being more of a "backup" when on the road: there's work to be done.

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    Native North Americans

    Pacific Islanders

    Ancient Celts

    Ancient Egypt

    Fuedal Japan

    Ancient Arabs and/or Sumerians (1st Civilisation)

    Zulus or Maasi

    Ancient Mayans

    One thing that would be great too is to have multiples at one time, that way you can keep your favorite settlement rebuiding for rewards, while also exploring new civilisations.

    PS the early year events are really hard to get the maxed out buildings without spending lots of money. Tholos of Idols, The Bridge and now the Colossus arenso hard to get maxed out ?

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