5 thoughts on “Explore God | Community Outreach Initiative

  1. "I'd like to think that God is real."  That statement from this video sums up the reason for belief.  Wishful thinking, in the absence of evidence, even in the face of contradictory evidence.  Never mind if the belief is true or not.  Never mind that if, God forbid, God were real, you wouldn't want to meet Him.  Not if the Bible descriptions are true. 

  2. God created the world for us, this wirld is just a test, one day we will die and resurrect again but in our teenage body, we will not be living with one another, the world is going to end, the world short for us is like years, but for God is like an hour, YES 1 HOUR. dis is no joke, be thankful whatever u got, God has created this signs so that u woukd believe in ALLAH. He is the most Absolute, The most Wise.

  3. god is real as u and me? i went to god at the age 5 .i talk to him and his son jesus christ ! i was sent back to tell all of his childern to get saved by water and pray and talk to him / he will talk to you ? he love you very much . every one

  4. i went to his house in frount of him and talk to him . fighting with him to stay with him and not come back here ? i gave my life to god that day at age 5 . i would like to tell show the world about my father and his son . if yon would like ? go to www.kingdomemc.com ? watch cornerstone service u will see the pastor / daniel sttosnider say my story of god kevin cain know it to all of it

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