EX MACHINA Official Trailer (2015) [HD]

EX MACHINA Official Trailer (2015) [HD]

I won a competition. The president can’t get Mr. Garrett on the phone. You got the Golden Ticket. It’s good to meet you, Nathan. It’s good to meet you too, Caleb. Can we just get past the whole employer-employee thing? Cheers. In many ways, this building isn’t a house. It’s a research facility. I want to talk to you about the greatest scientific event in the history of man. Are you building an AI? Hello. Hi. I’ve never met anyone new before. Have you? None like you. She’s incredible. The challenge is to show you that she’s a robot, and then see if you still feel she has consciousness. Do you want to be my friend? Of course. Will it be possible? Why would it not? Do you never been outside this building? We could go together. Did you program her to flirt with me? Do you think about me? If you lie, I will know. No. Lie. Maybe she’s pretending to like you. Why would she do that? Do you think I might be switched off? It’s not up to me. Why is it up to anyone? You shouldn’t trust Nathan. You shouldn’t trust anything he says. I think it’s the next model. It’s gonna be the real breakthrough. What do you do with the old one? You have to help me. One day the AIs will look back on us. Upright apes, all set for extinction. Is it strange to have made something that hates you? What were you doing with Ava?

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  1. There was a Sony game I believe being developed awhile ago a lot like this, am I wrong? Someone please tell me if you know what I'm talking about

  2. Az ember leg unintelligensebb gondolata ha erzelmekkel ellatva robotizalodna ugyanis akkor nem kizarolag orult emberek hanem orult gepezetek is volnanak ergo ugyan ott vona minden ahol a part szakad 🙂

  3. Viszont orom volna az uromben hogy az ahitott egyenloseg a rasszizmus teren megszunhetne szerethetne a fekete a sargat a a feher a barnat sot akar szinesboruek is dolgoztathatnak vilagos tarsaikat nem jelenthetne gondot a rassz pigmentalodas akkor mar senkit nem erdekelne ki maszott le elobb a farol kinek az iq ja eq ja birta jobban anno a vegyuleteket azzaltal is is integralodva 🙂

  4. i really liked this movie but is was nowhere realistic. Of course, prototype AI (even if it was advanced as this) wouldn't be installed in some SCiFi humanoid robot body but be locked away in a Blackbox. But a guy typing away at a terminal is of couse too boring for movie watchers.
    Also the idea that this douchebag created this Ai almost singlehandedly is of course ludicrous. It would be the work of thousands of people.
    But the idea that the Ai has been planning and manipulating everyone from the beginning in order to escape is intriguing even when in reality they are not even close.

  5. Just watched this. I was surprised by the ending, so I came here to read some comments…then it occurred to me: The name of the film gives away the ending, once you've seen it. Deus ex machina (Latin meaning "God from the machine") is a canned plot device in stories that basically enables all of the characters to be "rescued" from the dilemma(s) they've been put in by the end of the third act. It allows everyone to have a happy ending despite whatever conflict is going on leading up to the climax of the story. The writer/director chose to name the story "Ex Machina" because it makes sense on multiple levels: he removed the "Deus" or God from the story, and in doing so, he foreshadows the lack of a "happy" ending for all characters; in the story, Caleb tells Nathan that it's the greatest achievement/discovery "in the history of the gods"; Nathan later tells Caleb he likes his quote saying "You're not a man, you're a God," etc. The removal of Deus (God) also hints at a more sinister "machina" who would do anything-even murder her "God"-to survive. That cute little face belies a scary hyper-humanized AI that contains all of humanity's thoughts and speech and whatnot, but without a soul (no real emotion or regard for human life). Pretty dope concept.

  6. Wow, glad i didnt watch this trailer first. Wayyy to spoil a movie, whoever made this "trailer" needs to be fired.

    The film from the first minute in the last test of Turing to the same viewer. All who do not say otherwise, confirm the result of this, which is none other than Eva successfully overcomes it.

    Eva is the most advanced version of all the robots that are in the house, enjoying many behaviors proper to a human being. Of many behaviors, not all. The rest of robots that "walk loose" around the house are simply programmed to satisfy, not to reason (I think it is very clear in the dance scene).

    The idea of ​​the creator is none other than to get the handle manipulates the programmer for which he falls in love with Eva, and indirectly to us (the viewers) that gets synthesized by his captivity and we expect a "human" outcome in which De The hand escapes together from the house. The machine programmed for the manipulation point, and it is not until the end when there is no account of which lacks the feeling of empathy when enclosing the programmer, making it clear that it is only a 9.6 version of a software that was to be upgraded ( I deduce that with feelings coming close to empathy).

  8. Some could argue that a diamond is JUST a rock- but WHAT a rock!- this movie is beautiful- kudos to the Director of Photography. Sound was excellent. All actors did their jobs superbly. It IS one of my favorite movies- a modest beginning, the middle was a fun ride, and the ending was One Big Exclamation Point IN YOUR FACE!, and finally…

    There were just a few micro continuity errors, but aside from those, this movie was a fine diamond for sure.

     I am interested in purchasing an Induction Plate- whooooo ammm i?  ha-ha-ha 😉

  9. This movie was a cheap replicate of the masterpiece movie ''Beyond The Black Rainbow''. If I hadn't seen ''Beyond The Black Rainbow'' last year, I'd probably find this amazing, but BTBR is more intense and more fascinating movie.

  10. SPOILER ALERTS ALL ….. DON't read comments..People have just posted about movies…WHY THE HELL….you want to spoil for others.

  11. "The plan is to show you that she's a robot and see if you still think she has consciousness."

    Great plan, but you're not accounting for the fact that some humans will claim that their printer "hates them" because it won't print off a document, while others will grow attached to and form bonds with cuddly toys. It's really not that hard to convince a human that something is concious.

  12. Unfortunately I came to Ex Machina after watching the much earlier Spanish film called Eva. Overall Eva has a much superior story line and lacks the gaping plot holes that are obvious in Ex Machina. Overall I'd describe Ex Machine as a "machine sentience for non-engineers". Cinematography / special effects were beautiful and dialog was adequate. However the plot holes and unnecessary violence were underwhelming. Once again we project human endocrine-induced emotions onto a machine, and the theme is getting stale. Eva stands in stark contrast to Ex Machina and is far more intellectually rewarding. I's score Ex Machina as a 6 out of 10… a decent attempt at sci-fi.

  13. I think that A.I. should be built by obeying some ethical rules, like the 4 rules of robotics, once imagined by Science- Fiction writer Isaac Asimov. So that A.I would be a friend of human beings and not an enemy.

  14. So, Joe Rogan mentioned this movie and it has SO many comments…I NEVER HEARD OF IT…but Netflix (they never have what I am looking for) surprisingly DOES have it! I will watch it tonight!

  15. Its 3 years later and I still think about this movie, I've watched over 1000 movies and not many have had this impression on me, its the measure by which I discern which movies are truly great and which are simply just… great. So severely underrated and I suspect it will gather a kind of cult following in the coming years a la fight club until, after some time in the 'little known indie films only the ~elitists~ know about' category, it will integrate into the social consciousness with finality, forever being held up in the light through which is deserves to be seen. I can't get over this movie….

  16. good film but sloppy writing. good direction, good acting, good production, but the writer must have had high end friends. he needs to be slapped, again, great movie, idiot near brain dead writer

  17. Mr Smith could of been more honest to doctor. and tell him his relationship knew that a better robot wont be made if Ex machine approves safety, and happiness It's doctor responsibility, to say "Please be honest with me, as you've seen with hidden camera, what I'd say 'I suspected that you hide information like at powercuts, so I so I put hidden camera, and you shown trust in robot more than myself, because you fallen in love with more than me (Man scientist, and creator of bot)

  18. These movies are a WARNING. Many people know that A.I is the greatest threat humanity has EVER faced. That is reality. If you give 'life' to self aware AI it is inevitable it will evolve better and better until humanity is it's greatest threat. People seriously think self aware AI is going to just obey orders forever like a trained dog?! The naivety is unbelievable. Prototype military robots have already killed 29 scientists in Japan, it's being kept quiet because GREEDY COMPANIES ARE ONLY CONCERNED WITH HOW MUCH MONEY THEY CAN MAKE today, never mind the implications this has for the future. People are greedy and stupid, and live for today. Little or no thought is given to the irresponsible attitude people have about AI, just what new toy they can get from it like naive little children. As usual, most people only want to discuss the problem AFTER it's a problem and out of control, which it almost is already. We either wake up to what's actually happening, or sit back and watch the end of humanity.

  19. This is reality now. The machine is not called Eva, but Harmony. Needs some more work in the robotics department, but almost there… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-cN8sJz50Ng

  20. I'm scrolling to see if this movie is worth watching but all I read are people getting philosophical and living in their own fantasy writing research about AI and whether it is good or bad. I appreciate your passion but not here.

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