Elon UPDATES on SpaceX Mars Colony Size, Job Offers & Starship Launch Schedule

Elon UPDATES on SpaceX Mars Colony Size, Job Offers & Starship Launch Schedule

so first of all Elon apparently had some
time to kill on the 17th of January we wonder what he was doing while he wrote
all those tweets but there were some highly interesting ones regarding our
future on Mars so we have to talk about the tweets in detail then the Starlink
satellite count now has increased to 175 after the last successful launch and of
course the successful and amazing crew dragon in flight abort test which basically
now paved the way for crewed flights to the ISS and then another fascinating
exoplanet has been discovered now why is it so fascinating you might ask quite
simply because it’s in the nearest star system only 4.2 light-years away oh yeah
and there’s more and more evidence mounting that dark energy might not
exist after all it might be just a mere illusion something that I’ve been saying for
years now I don’t want to brag or anything but no one ever listens to me
so stay tuned for all these amazing news so it was one of those rare days when
Elon was apparently a bit bored probably while sitting on the toilet on the 17th
of January Elon went full berserk on Twitter and
some of his tweets were highly interesting regarding how the
colonization of Mars is going to happen how much it will cost how many people
will live there and how a Mars colony actually will look like plenty of stuff
so let’s go through it first of all Elon says he’s accumulating
riches on earth in order to make humanity multi planetary something which
we of course already knew Elon has a giant vision and is not your typical
billionaire but he really cares about the future of humanity and really wants
to make it happen using lots of his own funds for that goal then someone asked
how exactly will he want to colonize Mars with the launch window to Mars arising
only every 26 months for around 30 days to which Elon replied that 1000
starships would depart every 26 months over the duration of 30 days it will look
like Battlestar Gallactica thousand starships in 30 days
so around 33 per day that’s quite a lot of starships Elon also adds that each
starship will have a lifetime of 20 to 30 years interesting also how will
people afford to go to Mars Elon often cited the 100 K dollar figure that’s how much a trip to Mars should maximally
cost people will be able to take a loan and pay off the loan over time by
working on Mars Elon also adds there will be indeed a lot of work on Mars for
example in propellant production now let’s analyze all these intriguing
information we all know that starship runs on liquefied methane and oxygen
both can be produced on Mars oxygen easily by electrolytically breaking up
water which is plentiful on Mars as we now know and methane by the sabatier reaction therefore we will see gigantic propellant production facilities on Mars and there will be indeed a lot of job
offerings in this field now of course we assume we’ll have some fancy titles for
these jobs such as propellant systems engineer supervisor or propellant
facility chief executive operating officer or other fancy titles like these
because you know nowadays everything needs to have a fancy title anyway back
on topic this is what Elon understands more than any other person in order to
make humanity really a multiplanetary species we must create an economy on
Mars an economic incentive to go there because without an economy there is no
financial incentive and without financial incentive nothing will happen
take for example the Gold Rush of the 1840s which basically completely opened
up the West before that it was really slow progress if any at all but then
suddenly everyone wanted to go to the west and the West became industrialized
in an extremely short period of time and that’s in our opinion exactly what will
happen on Mars there will be huge financial and economical benefits of
living and working on Mars so many new industries can be created there
propellant production is by the way only one of many we will need for example a
lot of habitat experts boring tunnel experts for digging the underground
bases then lots of doctors psychologists botanists physicists of course because
we are always needed everywhere and then geologists of course also or should we
call them mars-ologists or power plant engineers so many different job
opportunities there it’s it’s mind-boggling it will be a gigantic
completely new economy and we all know that economic growth is always the
fastest when we start from zero from scratch when there’s nothing there there
will be a completely new economy growing there with so many amazing
new offshoot technologies for example that can make life better here on earth
which we cannot even begin to imagine now it will really be like the Blade
Runner blimp advertisement already told us 40 years ago and we cannot wait to
see it happen hopefully with our own eyes and I myself might apply as a
systems engineers executive officer of with the giant thousand starship fleet
Elon wants to see 1 million people live on Mars by 2050 now that might sound
insane to you but we think it would be doable if SpaceX can ramp up their
starship production which they probably can achieve by the mid-2020s thanks to
our beloved huge starlink revenue stream that will be kicking in by then Elon said SpaceX will build hundred starships per year so 1000 in ten years which
would mean hundred megatons to orbit per year quite some insane numbers but he
said these numbers are needed in order for us to really become multiplanetary a
big economy needs to be created on Mars that’s what Elon understands and that’s
why we need so many people on Mars that’s why we have to have so many
starships to get a hundred megatons per year into orbit or 100 K people to Mars in every Mars launch window this surely sounds insane right now but let’s
just think how insane it would have sounded twenty years ago that Tesla
would now be selling hundreds of thousands of electric cars soon millions
completely driving the legacy car makers to the brink of collapse wouldn’t that
have sounded insane 20 years ago this is exponential growth not linear growth
therefore we think 1 million people on Mars by 2050 is doable as insane as it sounds right now exponential growth my
friends exponential we also want to briefly mention the successful
deployment of the latest batch of the Starlink satellites on the 7th of
January everything went flawlessly a
picture-perfect landing of the Falcon 9 booster on the drone ship and now the
number of Starlink satellites in orbit has increased to 175 complete coverage of
North America by the end of 2020 twice NASA’s annual budget by 2025
enabling Elon’s 1000 starship plan that’s why Starlink is so important and
now finally to the successful crew dragon in flight abort test wow wow wow what an amazing event that was now we were hoping of course with
all our hearts that SpaceX would nail this critical test and they did
everything went as planned and the crew Dragon landed safely in the Atlantic
Ocean while the Falcon 9 booster died in
Dragon Fire as Elon formulated it nicely but the sacrifice of the Falcon 9
booster was 100% worth it because this was the last crucial test needed before
crewed missions to the ISS will start Look Boeing this is how it’s done look
over to SpaceX and they do it with even less money yes yes with far less money
and now we really cannot wait to see the first crewed launch of a falcon 9 with
crew dragon hopefully in the second quarter this year now a bit on some
highly interesting new discoveries turns out with a high probability another
planet exists in the nearest star system the Proxima Centauri system which lies
only 4.2 light-years away so only 40 trillion kilometers away now we know
since 2016 that a planet only slightly more massive than Earth with 1.3 earth’s
masses circling Proxima Centauri which is an
m-type dwarf star a lot smaller cooler less massive and less bright than our
Sun so now a lot of data indicate that another planet a so-called super earth
six times as massive as Earth which is called Proxima C exists there too
unfortunately Proxima C circles Proxima Centauri very far away so it’s a frozen
ice world where life isn’t possible Proxima b however lies in the habitable
zone and could have the right temperatures for liquid water
however Proxima Centauri being an m-type dwarf star has extremely aggressive
eruptions so powerful that it could probably strip the atmosphere of Proxima b but this is still not proven yet so we really have to point the James Webb
Space Telescope as soon as possible towards the Proxima Centauri system and
see what kind of atmosphere if any Proxima B has and of course if there are
more planets in this system besides Proxima B and C and now a bit of
space stuff which we normally don’t talk so much about but we thought this is a
highly fascinating topic now if you’re interested in the universe and
fascinated by the universe as much as we are
and then you certainly might have read or heard about the so-called dark energy
now this is a construct that physicists came up with to explain an observation
from 1998 when it was supposed to be discovered that the universe is
expanding faster and faster so that the expansion of the universe is
accelerating more and more now this discovery was based on the observation
of so-called type Ia supernovae this is the type of supernova where white dwarf
stars explode and it was always thought that these supernovae have the same
brightness wherever they occur so they can be used as a standard candle and
this discovery was a complete surprise to cosmologists back then which now had
to come up fast with a solution but now cosmologists being what they are
namely physicists so being lazy and believe me I speak from personal
experience they then simply postulated the existence of a mysterious force field
which they called dark energy to make sense of these observations now this
dark energy would make up 70% of all the energy in the universe 70% and they had
no idea what it is and they still haven’t you know a mysterious force
field kind of like kind of like the force you know it surrounds us it binds
us it’s in the stone there it’s in sorry I got carried away
so yeah they were lazy and just postulated the existence of dark energy
to explain this observation in order to save the antiquated model on which our
current understanding is based on the so called standard model of cosmology now
this standard model of cosmology is by the way based on 100 years old physics
and there are a few assumptions in this standard model of cosmology which never
have been tested yet something which by the way will change very soon with the
upcoming Euclid satellite mission a mission which I personally am looking
forward very much to but more on that topic another time I’ve always been a
skeptic of dark energy I never accepted it it felt it felt wrong it always
seemed like a lazy construct to me which only existed because physicists don’t
like new models they like to keep their old models working as long as possible
well this could change now because more and more problems keep surfacing in the
last years with the discovery from 1998 for which the discoverers by the way got
the Nobel Prize of physics now last year in November for example the same
observation of type Ia supernovae so those supernovae that can be used as
standard candles because they suppose to have the same brightness everywhere
was repeated by a team of physicists from Oxford the Institute of
astrophysics in Paris and the Niels Bohr Institute in Copenhagen but this time
with a much larger data set of 740 instead of the only 60 type Ia supernovae from back in 1998 so a dataset more than ten times larger than
the one from 1998 and surprise with this new larger data set they didn’t find
evidence of an accelerated expansion of the universe anymore now this means that
the discovery from 1998 could have been a statistical fluke because they only
used sixty type Ia supernovae a data set which is quite small but there’s more
another team from the Yonsei university in south korea together with Lyon
university released a new study of type Ia supernovae where it turns out their
brightness may actually vary after all quite a lot actually over time but the
whole discovery of 1998 was based on the assumption that type Ia supernovae have
a constant brightness have the same brightness everywhere so if their
brightness actually varies a lot over time you cannot use them as standard
candles to measure the distance anymore so quite a few problems are beginning to
mount for the dark energy model and I personally have always been of the
opinion that this model will soon join the other models which turn out to be
wrong like for example the Aethe theory from back in the 19th century which was
by the way proven wrong by the famous Michelson Morley experiment and paved
the way for Einstein’s famous breakthrough work of special relativity
so what do you say to Elon’s barrage of tweets quite some amazing food for
thought right we really think that you do need so many people for a functioning
economy on Mars by 2050 so what job will you apply for on Mars make sure it contains either the word officer or manager in it that’s very
important for you the self-esteem okay we’ll be the video propaganda managers exactly and what do you think about the dark energy stuff are you on my side
thinking that this is a mere illusion a mere illusion based on the wrong idea
wrong outdated model let us know what you think in the comment section
I’m always on your side that’s good to know and if you are
new to this channel be sure to click the subscribe button because we upload two
videos per week on space flight electric cars and other amazing new technologies
so then see you next time see you

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  1. Hi friends, thanks as always for watching our videos, we are happy every single time when we see that people are actually watching our videos, we still can't believe it 😂❤ So there were quite some topics this time, but certainly Elon's barrage of mars tweets was fascinating, right? 1 million people on mars by 2050?! Why not! And certainly the dark energy news are good, because we whole-heartedly hate dark energy, hehe! And we are so extremely happy for the successful inflight abort test. It is so nice to see that SpaceX nailed it 🙂

  2. Sebastian (Yoda), Jixuan, this is Alpha, the geezer. Great topics today. Elon is a cordial, personable billionaire. He seems to be kind and fair to everyone. Have you noticed that nearly all of his personnel are YOUNG geniuses? I have lived to see Elon Musk, who I would want to meet rather than all of the Ford's, Edison's, Einstein's etc. Sebastian… Jixuan… NASA (government owned)… its snail's pace progression, its massive volume of revenue waste and imperfect product. Remember "Laissez-faire economics" and "the invisible hand" – capitalism – That is SpaceX (maybe some of the competitors). We are beholding genius everyday. We are praying for Elon that the world, my grandchildren and great grandchildren will behold these wonders for decades to come.

  3. It seems to me, the energy issue is even darker. "Energy can neither be created nor destroyed." If this "law" is universal, it's rather inconvenient for the existence of the universe; however, one out could be that the energy of the universe must add up to zero, so we have equal amounts of "positive" and "negative energy", much like the dichotomy in culture between SpaceX and Boeing

  4. *SLS *is based on stage one technology. and is not a sustainable model as it can't really grow. 
    Reusable componentry is based on stage two technology. and it can grow, but not exponentially.
    Self-organizing componentry is based on stage three technology which requires something acting as a kind of DNA which just guides the assembly and it can grow exponentially.

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  7. Hi Jixuan and Sebastian – enjoying your content as ever, its a nice fresh approach. I would not bet against Elon, everything he has done seems to fit together in one masterful plan which he has really thought through. If he says we will be transferring megatonnes to Mars in the not too distant future I believe him. Once the Starship prototype is proven this moves from a technical challenge to more of an industrial / business one, and guess who is master of that too? Elon has the resources, business sense and vision to make this happen like no one else and it is brilliant to be able to watch this unfold.
    As for dark energy I agree with you too – definitely dodgy!

  8. Excellent episode) ) Do you think Elon will make it and take us to Mars in 2024 or tbereabouts or will we have to wait for NASA (boring) to do that in the 2030s?

  9. Black Belt Vending Renewals Maintainance Officer Second Private In Learning…. should do me please, long as I get to pay the rent. Illusion is often the case with space, like the apple being pushed down with gravity not pulled down, it sounds semantics but isnt and is the correct description of the applying force 🙂 and you guys didnt mention SLS once to send me in to a rage…argh i just did, forgive me :-p

  10. I have doubted the increasing expansion speed of the universe since it was published. So strange result would have needed more proof.
    I don't see how Mars base, even with millions of martians, could be economically sustainable. What could they produce, transport and sell with profit on Earth?
    1: Hotel on LEO.
    2: Moonbase. Science and hotel to earn money.
    3: Near-Earth asteroid bases. With the task to mine those into nothing or at least transfer into a safe orbit.
    We need to become multi-planetary as fast as possible, but Mars is too difficult for the first expansion.

  11. I think Elon should focus on building a profitable lunar colony to provide in orbit fuel and generate income for Mars colonization. It would be an excellent proving ground for the technology and is close enough for rescues and telepresence.

  12. Bro you just got another fan. Haha finally someone other than me calls B.S. on dark matter/energy. That was the biggest thing for me. Second was the talk about exo planets/ exo anything. Third was.. and I'm assuming. But you guy's are a foreign couple right? Well I have a girlfriend over seas and hope she can wait for me till next year to go see her for first time. You guys are inspirational to me. Thanks for well just being it shows there really are cool people in this world. Cheers. 👊☺️👍

  13. I think that all matter is comprised of concentrated vortexes electromagnetic energy as in all subatomic particles. That solid matter, of any sort, is an illusion. That the area of space itself is made possible by the combination of all energy fields. That space may not be possible to exist without the combination of all energy fields. That, the final irreducible constituent of all reality is the electromagnetic field.

  14. Dark energy has always felt wrong. When somebody says "its there but we have no idea what it is" the credibility radar just goes off. Watch PBS Spacetime on Your tube for a strong defense of dark energy.. The show doesn't mention the variability of super novae brightness however. Sabine Hossenfelder (fellow German) also has a lot of interesting things to say about the Standard Model.Love the show.

  15. Im so glad we are on the same page about dark energy nonsense lol, Both it and dark matter are what i would call a religious answer, nothing more then a lazy excuse to answer something fitting what they are already comfortable with.
    When it comes to Dark matter, in my opinion, there is no possible way for them to get any reasonable idea on how much undetectable mass there is in a galaxy to say dark matter must be a thing to answer the speed of their spin.
    For dark energy, by my understanding their "proof" is that the universe is accelerating in its expansion, when they say the reason for believing this, it slaps me in the face twice, once because things going away faster the further they are away is saying its slowing down since thats means they were faster in the past then they are today and twice because ive never heard anyone even mention how the speed of time is changing for all mass the more spread out it gets, thats just a thought but i do know that huge mass slows time (like orbiting a massive black hole), so the entire universe crammed together must make all of time happen slower (then again only to an outside observer right?) So i may be wrong to think it matters on the scale of the universe.
    I do not know if this effects the speed of light, which would give an answer, if light has been traveling at the same rate the entire time then they would be outside observers while the universe would be in slow mo during the beginning of its life, making the use of distance that we see to the edge of the observable not being an accurate model whatsoever to give us the age of the universe. This might also change what we perceive as a halflife in atoms, making that sort of dating only good for relatively short time frames without such considerations.
    Man how bad i want to have some coffee with a few of your kind in a fancy room to hash this out. I need so many answers!!!

  16. OMG, hahaha, so, too dark to be true? jajaja, what about the Higs boson, did ther really got that, or is something to keep the funds coming?

  17. Another terrific episode, J&S! Excited over the successful Crew Dragon in-flight abort test! About Mars employment opportunities – you overlooked one of the most important jobs in a functioning Mars colony: adult beverage dispensary facilitators (bartenders), for the "Mars Bars"… Also appreciated Sebastian's report on "dark energy" theory. Thank you both for hosting my new favorite YouTube show!

  18. Areologists? Propellant facility science manager? The doable – very common expression, but probably not a word. Until fuel in the form of water can be obtained at the Lunar poles or a similar place, it will have to be brought from Earth in large quantities as LCH4 and LOX. Due to the fuel capacity of Starship, the ideal tanker would use a Sea Dragon launcher with the upper stage using Raptor engines of an LH2/LOX-burning variant or RS-25 engines built in large series (require a license). In any case, a tanker will need to be very large and burn LH2/LOX for LEO insertion independently of the type of fuel carried. Status of manned spaceflight in the USA now (since yesterday): Caught up to the year 1967, the capability to send astronauts to LEO (and it was not an easy game to play). Next step: Catch up to the year 1968! Go, Crew Dragon; go Starship.

  19. I'm no physicist but I agree that the concept of dark energy seems lazy. I also have come to suspect that the unknown mass of "dark matter" could be explained by black holes. But, again, I'm not really qualified to have an opinion, it just seems way more likely to me ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  20. I think once we get affordable ($10-30k) to orbit flights, the whole space sector will explode. Orbital habitats will proliferate, countries will start offering "homestead act" like incentives, and more. While Starship is great – I think construction O'Neil cylinders that go back and forth between earth and mars will prove to me more ideal – particularly if they can use nuclear power and/or solar sails to improve transit time. Starship is more like an old oceanic cutter ship, but we'll find Galleons or Cruiseships end up working nicely. I would definitely expect 1 million on the moon and again on mars. Depending on Moon Based shipyards – many more in orbital habitats.

    The abort test was awesome – as for jobs – I'm doing my Ph.D. in robots – with an eye on building robots to farm in space- and also clean up the earth as well. Figure people still need to eat. How about Directing Chief of Robotics Officer or something like that 🙂

  21. Awesome in flight abort test! I was nervous before it happened! Take that Boeing! I hear Boeing won’t even be doing an in flight abort test! They must have bought of nasa again.
    Interesting indeed! So if dark energy doesn’t exist would that mean that the universe isn’t expanding? Or is it expanding but just not accelerating?
    I hope to be the natural environmental maintenance and development officer. Those big greenhouses look awesome! I want to water the plants 🙂

  22. I am still skeptical of this time table. I doubt that many people will actually want to go. The risks are insane. Plus I don't think that there will be much in the way of diversity on the people going.

  23. managing director and system analyst etcetera, specializing in the excitation contraction coupling of spatial matter

  24. Master Yoda… 🙏🏽 or Systems Engineer Executive Officer of Starship Remodelling and Reuse on Mars… I wish Elon spoke about artificial Starship gravity.

  25. Actually, this time I'm posting to take issue with something; namely the all too common idea that the Michelson-Morley experiment proved the non-existence of the luminiferous ether. Nothing could be further from the truth, IMNSHO. First, if you look at the actual data they published, it DID show "ether windS", just not coming from the expected direction, but far stronger than the expected instrument error jitters. The winds observed were kind of random, but not at all non-existent. Second, it assumed that this luminiferous ether would remain stationary as the Earth moved, but you could also assume the ether to be moving with the planets around the Sun. And therefore it may have proven that an ether did not exist that behaves as was arbitrarily expected. And if you argued that the ether they were looking for was a featureless continuum and therefore non-moving, then you'd also have to accept it is not stationary either. Only features can move OR be stationary. A continuum can't make wind, by definition. Third, and more importantly, the experiment was based on the unproven assumption… Make that the provably false assumption… that light (electromagnetic waves) are co-linear waves, as opposed to transversal waves. An example of co-linear waves is sound waves, which move through a continuous medium, and whose vibrational air velocity vector is co-linear with the sound wave propagation vector. An example of transversal wave is surface waves on water, where the water motion vector (vertical) is at right angle to the wave's propagation (horizontal). Transversal waves occur at interfaces between different mediums, such as water and air. Note that co-linear or "longitudinal" waves propagate at velocities relative to the medium's velocity; but transversal waves do not. If you throw a stone into a river, the expanding circles' center remains stationary; it ignores the river's water flow velocity. Electromagnetic waves are HYPER-transversal, in the sense that you need two perpendicular vectors, magnetic flux AND voltage vectors, both of which are perpendicular to the propagation vector. That would seem to indicate that EM waves occur on a 3D "surface", or 3D interface separating two 4D mediums. And note that if this is the case, our EM waves would ignore winds or currents in either of those two mediums. Thus, the Michelson-Morley experiment only proves that there isn't ONE (stationary) luminiferous ether; but fails to prove there are not TWO 4d ethers (of different densities) at either side of our "3D brane".
    Which reminds me that I also take issue with the branes of String Theory being like something between two nothing's… like a chunk of polyethylene at LEO. I believe branes of N dimensions are simply interfaces between two N+1 dimensions discrete "continuums" of different densities and which don't mix, for whatever reason. Talk for another day…
    In summary, the MM experiment was the mother of all inconclusive experiments.

  26. yes there is something strange about the dark matter idea ..
    I also share the idea that dark matter and dark power doesn't exist .. (assume)

    if the universe is expanding what is shrinking , because everything has to be in balance..

    often you see a picture of a balloon with stars (universe) and some person blowing in the balloon to simulate the expanding of the universe
    but the longs of the person are shrinking pushing out the air .. where is this shrinking energy in the universe??
    if there is no shrinking then there cant be an expanding.

    I think we have to look at multi universe and fractals
    maybe look up "nassim haramein" I think he is more in the correct direction with his thinking

  27. Really fascinating video!!! Mars is the next big prize of Humanity because it has its own em field around the south pole, water, day/night, resoures and reasonable amount of gravity. The near earth rocks are rich in wealth to harvest still Mars means settlement. Check out the competition by NASA to build a Habitat 3D Printed…. This is essential tech for Colonisation!

  28. Every Elon business helps Mars colonisation… From Boring tunnels to safely travel to controling dones with Neuralink!!! From Sats for GPS and Internet to Electric Planes, Vehicles and Drones!!!!

  29. The natural extension of spacex is in mars resource utilization. For example they need lots of propellant. So that means massive propellant infrastructure and the associated expense but also the cost if you’re not the one making it. Given Elon’s general philosophy of making everything you can yourself it’s seems pretty likely spacex is actively designing such things as propellant factories in a box and water mining equipment. Habitats on the other hand I think they will utilize current companies like bigelow or AI Space factory – at least at first. But spacex being the main proprietor of the fuel, water mining, satellite internet for mars (or marsnet as I call it) and transportation economies plus whatever else (boring company) means all the investment will someday pay off MASSIVELY. Elon’s a friggin genius

  30. 1: I would need time to consider dark matters construct and actuality or illusion before i can reply back to you. 2: I would seriously want to take part in building some of the 1000 Starships here on earth. 3: On Mars i would like to be in charge of colony governance, resource extraction and construction. 4: wish to take part in creating the best possible government humans can prosper with.
    I will help promote your channel when possible. I am EWoodley5 on Twitter. I hope you follow me back. Thanks.

  31. What occurred to me is that Mars might be better off for us as a mining industry, because we may not be able terraform it into the planet it once was, due to the continuation of loss of atmospheric energy resources, like water and oxygen. Scientists have stated that Mars is losing water faster than had been previously predicted.

  32. You guys are great. Good vids. Real informative. Jixuan…i must say, you are sexy⚘You too Sebastian 😍 Dark matter could be nothing more than effects we observe here in our dimensions of other dimensions we cannot directly observe on ours. Or even another universe bumping up against our own..if this makes any kind of sense. I also saw the animations of ppl living on Mars don't think radiation should be that much of a problem on the surface of Mars. The atmosphere at the surface of Mars (pressure, temperature) is around the same as flying at altitude in a jet here in Earth' about 5-7 miles up.

  33. Dark energy? It's in the what if category. Those who propose it are no different than rocking chair philosophers.

  34. Aim High!
    Now I doubt a 1000 ships and one million people by 2050, but even if it would turn out to be just one tenth ot that… It would still be far beyond what anyone was planning.
    But then again, it's Elon 🙂 The guy who is right now building and launcing sattelites by the thousands…

    What a time to be alive!

  35. I always had the dream of becoming Mars's first "Brew Master". . .
    I did use the title "Master", right?
    But, growing sufficient barley crops on Mars is still a very long time off.

  36. I always had the dream of becoming Mars's first "Brew Master". . .
    I did use the title "Master", right?
    But, growing sufficient barley crops on Mars is still a very long time off.

  37. Okay you Two; yet another informative and entertaining video. Your invitation to think is what I like the best. You actually cultivate thought. That brings to mind the job I want on Mars. Primary Positive Personal Cultivator of Creative Thinking and Happiness. PPPCCTH. You pronounce it by sticking out your tongue and blowing real hard. Basically I'll be a pimp with a great comedic attitude. Dark energy, to my thinking, is actually a by product effect of cumulative atomic motion within all matter; and, it is not a stand alone physical phenomena. Just like electro-magnetism; it takes two or more physical things interacting to matter. If matter-(1) cannot travel-(2) through space-(3) there is no energy.

  38. i volunteer to be god emporer of universe most actively involved deleting stupid titles. just be proud of what you do whether that is the janitor or the uber high level elected king king would have a shatty live without the janitors

  39. I know what Dark Energy is……It is what my partner transmits when i p**s her off, i can't see or touch it but i know its there 😉

  40. I was always dubious of dark energy, but on the other hand we can't see magnetism, just evidence of it as proven by the efficiency of Tesla motors. Just a little plug for Mars man Elon.

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    My hobby will be to do some amateur astronomy 🔭 from Mars. Jupiter and Saturn will look amazing from Mars! So will Halley’s Comet 💫 Virtually no atmosphere will make all astronomy incredible to see on Mars!🤩
    The flurry of Tweets from Elon was Awsome!Bring on the Battlestar Galactica fleet of starships to Mars!🌎🚀🚀🚀✨

    I also have never been a fan of Dark Energy at all.
    I imagine this will make redshirt surveys of distant galaxies even more vital!

    Can’t wait for JWST to cast it’s eye 👁 on the Alpha Centauri system!🤩

    10 out of 10, Yoda!☺️

    Thrilled about the perfect launch 🚀 abort test!
    Bring on Q2!👨🏼‍🚀👨🏼‍🚀

    Thanks again for another top space-science Vlog 👍🏻

    Rick, from Sydney 🇦🇺

  42. He's going to have to look at ways to project scenery on walls and ceilings of tunnels to reduce claustrophobia. Start by creating exercise equipment that generates energy and drives VR simulations of all kinds to make exercising more interesting. Could start with goggles or helmets but could be done in shall cells that put you right inside the simulation. So bike, row, walk or ski etc through any scenery available, even Mars. As to astrophysicists, I think they have been blowing air up our butts since the Big Bang theory screwed us up so bad. Why colliding Galaxies if we all came from the same explosion. Don't say gravity because there would be far too much momentum and speed for it to pull parts together again. Great show as always. Keep it up and Go Elon.

  43. ** 5-Star Post **
    Wow, great video, best one you've done! I like the range of topics covered, esp. going into detail re Elon's tweet-storm! 1,000 Starships built by 2030, 100 each year so 2 or more a week as it ramps up. As the groundwork & pads & onion tents are being put up they're also getting all the positions in the assembly process of rings worked out. I can see how the assembly will accelerate over the coming months. Imagine seeing Starships rolling out every week!

    And the next Starlink batch of 60 satellites blast off this week!

    I like how you include lots of supporting materials, photos, clips from movies & science programs & JPL & Natl Geographic & NASA… it really helps clarify and raise the impact of your commentary.

    Keep doing what you're doing! Other channels are 1 or 2 talking heads sitting at a desk droning on. This is great. I try visualize living in a Starship for the 8-month trip to Mars, week after week going by encased in a steel can … I don't know, how will up to 100 people deal with the boredom? At least they'll have some % of Earth gravity by having Starships tethered in rotating pairs…

    Cool to learn the dark matter thesis has been debunked. Not in any dark matter sense, is it true that space outside our heliosphere is actually relatively 'dark'. SF movies always show space as like permanent daylight, but outside the region around a star's gravity field I doubt there's much ambient light.

    All the best to you both!

  44. SpaceX uses Hoehmann transfer to enter correct Mars orbital path!
    NASA / SLS, alas, misses Hoehmann transfer angle …

  45. They will definitely need to watch their gender balance when they are creating these colonies. If they are really going to be permanent settlements (with no real return prospects) these colonies will need to establish a functioning society. We see societies fall apart pretty quickly without adequate dating and family structures example: China's 30 million missing women or "the wild west" with almost exclusively male workers.

  46. No matter how hard I looked, I couldn't see the dark energy.
    So you have my vote – Will they have to give back the prize ?
    Actually, first they should take back Obama Peace Prize.

  47. Well, remembering the 'Armageddon' movie with Bruce Willis, i pronounce myself as a "Managing executive mission specialist officer' 😀
    On more serious note though, i think that the Mars colonization doesn't depend on just creating the incentive economy environment. Mars will not be "colonized'" untill 1st baby is born there – healthy baby.
    So far nobody knows what is gonna happen with fetus development in lower gravity. That is yet to be seen. But no baby == no settlement, just mere scientific outpost.

  48. I really loved this video, guys! It is very informative as usual! I have a few observations or topics about this I think are worth some discussion. First, I am also thrilled by Elon's numbers and plans. This is the future about which I dreamed as a child. I do think that although Mars is a great goal, we cannot overlook the great potential of using the Moon. There is water on the Moon, so we can have oxygen and hydrogen from electrolysis. So, it is conceivable that LOX/hydrogen propellant could be made there which could serve our rockets. We might also find some source of carbon, which would allow methane manufacture to power Starship engines without modification. Another interesting thought is that we may find uranium/thorium on both the Moon and Mars, making nuclear power a possibility. We probably could get along with solar power with batteries on the Moon, but I really wonder how good solar would be on Mars. As far as the frontiers of physics are concerned, I have always thought the whole notion of photons being "wavicles" indicates a need for deeper understanding. Furthermore, the ideas of zero-point energy and Mach Effect drives cause me further to wonder about the foundations of modern physics. I have in the past wondered how any star could be a "standard candle" in astrophysics. I think we are in for very exciting times this decade! BTW, what do you think of wavicles, zero-point energy, and Mach Effect drives?

  49. Once again, love your channel. Regarding dark energy/matter, a very smart friend of mine champions the electric universe theory, which easily handles that conundrum. It’s beyond my ability to fully grasp that theory. Wish you would speak to it. 👍👍

  50. I think Dark Energy and Dark Matter are likely both mathematical fantasies. Though I'd give Dark Matter a better chance of being real the existence of both was postulated to save mathematical models that are based on a set of physical rules we know to be incomplete and at least partially wrong.

  51. I agree with Sebastian; the 'creation' of Dark Energy for questionable reasons always felt wrong. Now on to slay the Dark Matter 'dragon'.

  52. On a different subject, I just saw the cover of Bloomberg Business today and thought of you two…you nailed that prediction on the Tesla short-sell.

  53. Maybe the eventual SpaceX Moonbase will just be a prelude to a Lunar Shipyard for building more massive ships with greater passenger capacity and more comfortable habitation such as rotating sections and better shielding. I think Starship is a great start for getting us into the solar system, but once the infrastructure can support them, I see no reason why SpaceX wouldn't upgrade. We already know they have plans for a Starship 2.0, and we know Gwynne Shotwell has spoken of potential future star travel, which Starship definitely couldn't do. So the Battlestar Galactica convoy might end up being closer to reality than just multiple copies of Starship.

  54. IF there was no SUN could you even see. Dark energy is the drawing board by which all can be seen in the light. I take it that you don't believe in GOD. Into the dark let there be light. So if there were no DARK you would not have LIGHT IT's a full circle. in other words they both have there own form of energy. You just have to be smart enough to figure out what that is. WHY do you think that your TV screen is dark or according to man BLACK. SO that light can bring you the picture. You maybe should rethink?

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