Dr. Pillai Talks About Spiritual Ways to Combat Coronavirus

Dr. Pillai Talks About Spiritual Ways to Combat Coronavirus

It’s about 4:10am in San Diego. I haven’t gone to bed yet. Probably I will do it later. But Agasthya told me to talk to you. He gave me a lot of ideas. It’s not possible to talk about all of them. But I will talk about a few of them. In an earlier video, the first video, the
long video that I did, I just mentioned that the problem is due to fear and I am not going
to talk to you about whether or not the virus is real. It is real and it is not real and it is both. I am not going to be philosophical. So let me give you some concrete thing that
has happened. The fear was boosted by the media. Here at-least in the West, particularly in
the US, people freaked out – You are going to die. They did not know what to do and it’s a
culture where people go by reasoning, science and the worst thing is nobody saves any money,
at-least the middle class people, the lower middle class people don’t save money and
all these combined created tremendous amount of fear. The stock market collapsed and then the fear
drew them nuts and is keeping driving them nuts and everybody nuts. If you keep watching the number of people
who have been affected and how we are not tested and then probably everybody has this
virus and everybody is going to die – all these kinds of things combined together can
create the unpleasant reality and probably death too. In ancient times, you know, in different cultures
people dependent on the higher force that created us, whether this is God or nature,
or whatever name you want to call and that faith helped and just because I came to this
video or presentation, I was watching Benny Hinn. He was telling that, “Prayer will move.” Move who? Not the mountain, but God. Prayer will move the heart of God and God
knows the destiny of everyone and then he will move the mountain. That was a great way of putting things and
I have a lot of respect for him, although he puts down other religions which I don’t
agree. You know you should be able to only pick and
choose using your own brain and discretion, whether you are getting the right thing or
the wrong thing and then you are God yourself, the intuition part. You may not have education, but still you
have the God within you. So on the level of your soul, you are God
like everybody else and then when you pray you will have the proper understanding of
what to do and we have lost touch with it and then we are giving credence only to the
rational reality and that makes us to freak out and this freaking out is responsible for
all the suffering that we are going through, globally. Globally what the Coronavirus is teaching
us is to understand the limitation of the body, the limitation of the mind for which
we have become victims. We have to rise above the body, we are not
the body. We are not the mind. The mind is tricky. The mind presents this illusion of the body. When you go to sleep, you are not dead. What happens? You have no memory of anything. You don’t even know that you have the body. You don’t know that there is the world around
you. This is a philosophy called the Chittamatra
which means mind only. Nothing exists except the mind. Nothing exists except the mind. That’s why when you go to sleep, the world
disappears. So the world is not real. That’s the argument of the school called
Chittamatra. It’s both in Hinduism and also in Buddhism. So it’s such a realistic philosophy. It’s not simply a philosophy that’s good
for armchair philosophers. It is a very realistic one. Now quantum physics is behind that which says
that nothing is the same at the particle level. The particle is non local. It’s everywhere. So the lesson for us is to just to go deep
into self enquiry and understand the self as God, the self as a particle, the self as
infinitely powerful and we are not going to be subjected to a rationalistic reality and
that is where all the problem comes. Fear comes because of that. Fear has no place when you identify yourself
as God or infinite being. You may not have money. That doesn’t really matter at all. If you really, really, truly, truly live the
faith that you are God then there is no problem. There won’t be any problem and then in earlier
video, a few hours ago when I made I said that put your attention here in the third
eye, in the pineal gland, then momentarily you will forget about this reality presented
by the data given by the televisions and then when you see that in 24 hours so many people
died in Italy and just now I saw to fear that because this may be applicable to the United
States. The information that we get, you know, can
create this reality. I just had a good acquaintance of mine. He was a senior man and his name is Norman
Cousins and he was told by the doctors that he will die and he said that, “No. I am not going to die. I am too young to die,” and then he watched
comic movies and then he reversed the terminal illness and he wrote a book called The Anatomy
of Illness and forty years later or thirty years later, he had another terminal illness. Again the doctors said that, “You are going
to die.” Again he just did the same thing and got well. Then, he went to UCLA and then told them about
what he intends to do. He is very well respected man. So he was responsible for creating what is
called the Psychoneuroimmunology which simply put means the biology is your thought form. Head First was the book that he wrote. Head First. If you think that Coronavirus on one level,
you will create it and then he related it to the breast cancer fear that people have. Every three months or every six months or
every one year you go and then check that you don’t have or you have breast cancer. The fear itself creates and he did a lot of
Placebo studies and told the five hundred people, cancer people and then told them,
“I am going to give to what’s called chemotherapy and as a result you will lose hair.” So the people lost hair although they were
not given chemo. Everyone was given just the Placebo. So just the information can cause you the
loss of hair. Placebo is very important. Placebo is not unreal. So the information that goes into your brain
can be devastating. So that is what you have to be very careful
about. You don’t want to put negative thoughts
into your mind and you will create negativity. You become poor because the thoughts are poor. You become rich because the thoughts of prosperity. Not simply thoughts but you truly, truly believe
that you are wealthy, you are wealthy, you are wealthy and don’t believe that you are
loser, you are loser, you are loser. If the thought becomes so powerful then it
will become true. Remember this is not philosophy. This is really the truth and approved by Quantum
Physics now. It once used to be philosophy but not anymore. But people want to discard this and then just
to stick on to the sense reality, the reality presented by the senses and the mind and as
long as you are stuck there, there won’t be any miracles in your life because you don’t
expect miracles. Then miracles do not even happen. They are nonexistent. They are nonexistent because you don’t believe
in them. The moment you believe in miracles, miracle
will happen. So who asked you not to believe in miracles? Well, common sense and that is where the problem
is. Miracles do not commonly happen. So do you want to be a common man or an uncommon
person? You want to be uncommon. Look at people who have made, who became exemplary
and they are all the people who believed in miracles. Einstein said that all the things that he
was able to discover. He did not say that he discovered it because
he believed in intuition that is beyond the mind. Patanjali’s true definition of Samadhi is
the wisdom that is beyond the mind and when we are focussed on that Artha Mātra Nirbhāsaṁ
Svarūpa Śūnyam Iva Samādhiḥ , just focus on only the object and let the object reveal
to it. Even if you focus on the Coronavirus then
if you are a scientist you will know how to understand the bottom of the virus and know
more and more into biology and at the very subatomic level because what basically we
are made up of particles. We are made up of particles, subatomic particles. You know if you look at the molecule, because
now the molecular research is at the top in the medical community, especially small molecules,
but the bottom line is you are just carbon atoms, hydrogen atom, sulphur. So fundamentally these are atomic particles
that go and interact with your bodily molecule which create a disease and then binds with
it and then diffuses it. So the interaction takes place between the
atomic levels, atomic levels in the medicine and the atomic levels of the disease. There are also the diseases DNA. So it binds with the DNA and then it destroys
the DNA and that’s the mechanism of it. So at the DNA level, it works at the nucleotide’s
level. The nucleotides are just only the atoms. So this is what the ancient rishis were talking
about. They were not talking about as nucleotides
or molecules. They went even beyond that. They did not speak this language. Now I am drinking milk with turmeric in it. The power in turmeric is infinite. There is infinite power in turmeric. What kind of power? Not just molecular power, not just atomic
power. It is more at the level of the subatomic particles,
at the level of isotopes, at a level even beyond the level of anti matter. That is the power of ancient Siddha and Ayurvedic
medicine and people have not presented it in proper light, so you know, especially for
people who are listening from India, you should go and look at there are tremendous amount
of research done on turmeric like 40,000 research papers that have been published and 4000 patents
have been given to turmeric but still they are not able to crack the secret in turmeric
and which I have been able to. So I will soon reveal this to the world. Still there are some things, maybe two or
four percent of the work needs to be completed. So what we need for this world is just a new
body, a new mind, a new science. We should not be hanging on to any science
whether that is the Western science or the old Eastern medicine. We have to bring them together. That’s what I say. That’s exactly what Einstein said that science
is lame because its methodology is limited to material science. So it becomes lame, crippled, but what about
religion? Religion is blind faith. So my own desire or purpose in life is to
bring science and religion together, east and the west together so that we can have
a better life and also you have to be very objective in understanding the reality and
then must be quite intuitive and few days ago Donald Trump came and talked about the
need for medicine that need to be administered to the people as a priority and then he talked
about the malarial medicine and that a few other things that arthritis medicine that
can be applied to the Coronavirus. He intuitively knew that and there is some
research also. But the scientists were putting such resistance
to that. So you have to be objective. You have to be objective and I am sure that
he is still persisting on that. You know, being a man who is very strong,
he will push that. At one level of reality is the virus is not
real and that is at a high level, for a person who is meditating, who is enlightened, nothing
exists except the mind exists. But for most people the virus exists and then
it spreads and for them they need the medicine and then the medicine will be able to help. So we have to have to look at the reality,
not with a fixed mind, but with a mind that is open, then only you can understand things. There was somebody who came and then said,
he was a Republican, “Donald Trump came and then he talked about this and then he
really means that and this will really help people,” and following that somebody called
me from India and then they said that, “The medicines are being administered in the hospitals,
even sophisticated hospitals and people are getting well and then they are being discharged.” But in India, the beauty is every medicine
is legal, homeopathy is legal, Ayurveda is legal, Siddha is legal, Yunani is legal and
then for the Indian mind to combine all these things is not a problem. After that she went and she had chemo. There is no contradiction. She went for a surgery because it’s already
small and then following that she did a chemo and she is well now. So she was neither for the alternative, nor
for chemo, nor for… in fact she was for all the options available. All the options are available. So people have to be open at the same time
and the most important thing is not get stuck. One thing that I want to tell you is the highest
wisdom that you have been given by God because you are God yourself to change everything
whether it is your finance, whether it is your diseases, your relationships, you can
make them as you want them. That means you can change everything and that
is the power that you have within. The miracle is not something impossible unless
you make it impossible. Everything is possible and provided you live
the non mind. You have to rise above the body, rise above
the mind and live the God that you are and once you do that everything is possible and
now turmeric is being available everywhere and then with all the researches that they
have, it’s a miracle herb itself. Go and look at the research that has been
done. So what’s important for you is just stay
in a state of mind which is not only positive, but unlimited, full of joy and then without
fear and then the fear will keep coming – what am I going to do, there are 3 million people
without jobs and one thing that I like about Donald Trump is that he said, “Don’t worry
about it. We will bring back the economy as it was before,”
because there was a time when he was very proud of the situation in the United States
and people had more jobs and the employees were finding it hard if the employees going
to shop because there are job offers, so many offers are there and then what happened, to
negate something negative happened because of this negative virus, because the virus
is negative. In religious terms, it’s an evil force. We have to kill them. So I am carrying this once because my approach
is eclectic. So eclectic in the sense that I compound all
different solutions and benefit from it and just having this vel which is a divine instrument
that Lord Muruga carries and when you have this you will have power and made with a particular
form of wood, Karingal in Tamil. I don’t know what they call it in English
or in other Indian languages and this geometrical shape is very important and it goes and destroys
evil. That’s for sure and then it also gives you
very sharp intelligence. For people it is dead wood, the scientist
will come and say this is dead wood, you are so superstitious. You live in another world. But the scientists do not know, they are more
superstitious than I am. They are victims to what they know. They do not know the definition of what is
knowingness. What is knowingness? I come from a tradition where there is a word
called “P-U-L-L, pull” and there is another word called “B-U-L-L, bull” and there
is another word called “full, F-U-L-L” and they all have different meanings. So they enquired knowledge by looking into
how we are diluted by language, by simple, simple syllables here, full, pull, bull and
how does meaning just appear in a very mysterious way in your mind, – these questions were asked
by the Vedic rishis. So without a word there is no knowledge they
said. So what is the word? It is just syllables and this is what led
me to create the science of Phonemic Intelligence. Nowadays I am more recluse and my students
are teaching this Phonemic Intelligence. They are going to give it to people who are
now homebound because the schools and colleges are now closed. So take advantage of the phonemic intelligence. Even a simple syllable like Ah, this is one
of the parts of the research that I did with the Worldcares and clinics at Harvard Medical
School, just by saying the sound Ah, the whole brain lights up. So we have to learn more. Not dump anything as superstitions and if
you dump anything as superstitions, you are more superstitious than anyone else. These are all the things that I don’t want
to say but Agasthya wanted to say that I should really come and put before you this knowledge
and this Agasthya is one whom I like very much. Many nadis said that I am Agasthya myself
and many times, an incarnation. This is the statue of Agasthya. We do not know that he looked like this or
not but this is generally believed to be his form. I am showing him and he still lives in a place
called Kutralam in the hills with a light body with his own troop of people and eventually
what we need to have is his body, the light body. Light body is not only for the Hindu tradition,
even in the Bible, Paul said, “In the wink of an eye, the body will turn into light”,
Corinthians. If the body can turn into light, then the
virus cannot do anything. So eventually what can I do is, I have taught
many courses on the light body, that has to become the curriculum for our schools, for
our colleges. So once you have the light body, nothing can
touch you and that is evolution that is becoming God. Then you become a Deva. Deva means God. Deva literally means a shiny being. So we want to become shiny beings and then
the virus cannot do anything to anyone. Then there is no ignorance in the mind. So this is what I wanted to talk to you during
this time. Thanks to the divine for giving me the inspiring
to give you this presentation. God Bless!

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