84 thoughts on “Donald Trump on State of the Union: Full Interview

  1. Rubio says, "friends don't let friends vote for con men"…a true statement… Fat Slob as the Attorney General…bridgegate on steroids…scarier than Nazi Germany!

  2. See those "bags" under his eyes? Sure sign of constipation…he might be fulll of s..t? Is there a colon therapist in the house?!

  3. The brain is almost firing on all cylinders… No hear me out!  The arrogance, is almost fading away.  He has made the mental adjustments that are necessary to get elected, because at his true core, he knows, what America used to be.  Now, when it was great, may have been great when he was a kid, working for his Dad.  A different time, he may have inherited a fortune, but he was raised to earn.  I think his reflection is from his own father's time.  The guy is  pretty transparent if you keep listening to him.

  4. Cristians 4 trump. this man has 10 billion reasons not to run 4 president. Yet here he is funding his campaign with HIS own money. Why ????BECAUSE HE REALLY LOVES THIS COUNTRY PEOPLE. HE WILL MAKE IT GREAT AGAIN. and NO MORE HANDOUTS. THAT IS OVER……..TRUMP 2016.

  5. "i don't like the term mandate because that sorta means mandatory" and i don't like the term democratic because that sorta means democracy and the united states is not a democracy it is a Constitutional Republic.

  6. A Fantasy 2000 Miles Long And Renamed WALL Street Trump..Oline, Will Not STAND A Chance To Keep Still, That Can Not Happen In Real Life On Red Hot Mobile Sand, Not Talking About The Incredible Amount Of Fortunes Needed To Try To Build Such A Thing ! ! !

    Dear Mister Trump, AnyWhere Out_There Are Always Some BAD NUTTER CASES Of Different Colors Ready To Strike, So That Sounds A Great Job Not Being Racist Any Longer Talking To The Media, That Can Increase Chances Very Easily On Election Days With All The Millions Of American Brothers ! ! !

  7. I think if Trump is going to be president, lobbyists and the left wing media are going to HATE him. And they will smear him however they can, but it wont matter to the average person, because Trump is going to do what is right for me and my community, and not the billionair lobbyists.

  8. I love the Make America Great Again, I love Don's love for the country, but let us be frankly honest with each other, he has no idea what he's doing.

  9. Donald Trump is very interesting. We need a leader like him here in Europe. Good luck Mr Trump with my best wishes to succeed.

  10. Real black people understand the only way to gain back US prosperity is to bring jobs back. They knows only TRUMP can do it. Real back people knows he's not a racist at all. Real black people know OBAMA failed them.

  11. It's concerning to hear Donald Trump say he wont let anybody die on the street. With his medical plan he has for this country. Then he says he would get rid of the EPA. We don't have the EPA. Who's going to prevent things like the tragedy that is going on in Flint Michigan, here in 2016 Where the governor has declared a state of emergency. Due to its citizens becoming extremely ill even have and lead poisoning. From their water being too contaminated. Experts say there is at the very least 19 other states facing similar problems if not worse. That's a lot of cities towns country. That is facing their water being polluted, contaminated. Nobody's mentioning it. Let alone a solution. Another issue nobody's bringing up, is the 17 million children American young citizens. That go hungry each and every day. All year long. Nobody's mentioning the 200,000 children that are going to be abducted this year. Nobody's mentioning that there is a child born every hour upon the hour. Every day all year long in this country of America. Addicted to drugs or alcohol. Other countries don't have these problems. We can learn from that. And our citizens will benefit from the learning. You as a person as a citizen. Have the opportunity to prevent these type of leader neglect. By presenting questions and solutions. I have solutions too many of the major problems this country faces. And they are so simple fast and effective. That other countries will adopt. Some of the solutions for sure. Wish or pray… For the leaders to be held spiritually accountable. For the laws be put in place.

  12. Was
    Donald Trump Wrong and Trumped?

    By Brian
    Frederick Weymouth

    We agree
    that Trump then has made it hard with the matters so

    But was
    he trumped, when he played his cards, by the status quo?

    Trump is
    just a ruthless businessman and not a politician

    He jumped
    with his uncouth dizzy plan and got just opposition

    I think he’s naïve to absurdly say he is covering his own expense

    the fink, I believe will further pay, discovering what he’s up against

    No one
    is just convincing him, showing so that he just can’t win, going against the
    oppressive wind!

    In spite
    of all the perverted tricks to fight with indifferent shame

    To fight
    with dirty politics is quite a different game!

    greatest obstacle in his way arose from all of the bloody New World Order

    debates he’ll contest and often say he knows that it’s true but he has hurdled
    over this

    he doesn’t know the extent the globalists will go

    Acting as
    his own defense, as though he didn’t know

    Will he
    sober with a rude awakening? Indeed he’s absurd and incites disgust!

    Will the
    globalist dudes be making him eat his own words and just bite the dust?

    In case
    he didn’t notice their basic hidden motives?!!

    start a rebellious tragedy with their Machiavellian strategy

    true sometimes it means, inferring, what just is meant

    dudes behind the scenes are now stirring up discontent

    Will he
    decide it’s wrong to then refuse their demands, with lobbyist quests that are really

    divide and conquer is in their usual plans, the obvious question is: will he be

  13. He want's FEMA camps to hide th ehomeless. Soon they'll be exterminated because that's the American way…..home of fascism

  14. Donald Trump always give it to you straight. I guess that's why he doesn't need a teleprompter, he doesn't have to remember all the lies the other candidates do.

  15. A vote for Trump ,is a vote, for hate and discrimination. #MakingAmericaHateAgain

  16. I hope he makes it we desperately need him to restore our country to it's greatness, but we all know what happens to great men who want to make things the way they should be, that's right, they kill them. and i predict they will. God be with you Mr. Trump.

  17. Donald Trump is an accomplished businessman, whom like the majority of the 1% are either Marxist Leninists or staunch Fabian Socialists. That said, if I cannot have Cruz, I'll cowboy up and vote for this socio-political-economic incompetent. The only thing I like about him is he has a 4 tier PROGRESSIVE INCOME TAX proposal. We currently have a 7 tier. Hillary is a treasonous traitor and needs imprisoned–excluding her Marxist-Leninist stances. DO THE RIGHT THING DONALD IF YOU WIN THE NOMINATION and PICK A STAUNCH CONSERVATIVE VP

  18. 6We do need Strength….I agree….. I But we also need financial reform, debt renegociation and reset,  social housing, drug legalization, …better minimum wages,. better overall wages, more corporate taxation, ….free education…they can go hand in hand….a Strong America Is A Strong World…..This November6 Vote and demand DRAGAN FOR PRESIDENT ! ADRIAN FOR PRINCE OF THE FREE WORLD !6……One of the first things that I will do is Hug Trumpy real hard, tap Bernie on the back and tango a little bit with Hillary !..In my government they all will be assigned special positions !  Join me Citizens, brothers and sisters at

  19. Interesting opinions from Mr Trump. Perhaps he will be a worthy candidate for the Presidency ? He certainly is starting to make political sense imo – time will tell but watch this space meantime … Peace y'all !!! Rx

  20. OMG Are you Americans dumb enough to vote this Joker?? what the hell man?? if this guy win, all the bad things that were said about you people s gonna be confirmed!! greeting from France!! VOTE FOR BERNIEE

  21. it seems that when anyone points out facts about Donald he insists on calling them liars and diverts attention away from the issue without responding or answering questions.

  22. TRUMP’s opponents offer nothing but their arrogant condescending attitudes towards the voting population. Their use of scare tactics on voters will no longer work. These cookie-cutter politicians and their obsolete powerful old-boy establishment handlers are wrong for today’s challenges and tomorrows solutions. Stop wasting voter’s time and energy trying to make this election about personalities, gender, race, minorities, religion, fear and hatred. TRUMP has faith and trust in the voters; TRUMP doesn’t insult or scare voters; TRUMP offers voters hope and a future ALL Americans can believe in and deserve.

    All of Trump’s establishment opponents are begging for just one more chance. These opponent candidates squandered thousands of opportunities, for the past fifty years, at the expense of All Americans. Powerful corrupt insiders’, of every party affiliation, who discredit TRUMP, or any candidate, are also discrediting American voters’, the American voting process and the freedoms of democracies and republics everywhere. These discrediting efforts, to take down any candidate, will fail because this is America and in America the peoples’ choice for their next president must and will always prevail. American voters’ rights and choices must always be respected and never ignored. Because America is not a dictatorship voters’ choices’ still count. We are lucky to live in a country where we can agree to disagree. This is the essence of freedom. Thank you, Donald Trump, and every candidate, for running for President and offering informed voters an opportunity out of this nightmare and a path to a better America for ALL Americans!

    The debates heading into Super Tuesday continues to show voters TRUMP’s presidential qualities. Eminent Domain didn’t stick to TRUMP, neither will groundless tax allegations nor outrageous innuendos. TRUMP offers voters hope and a future ALL Americans can believe in. TRUMP will own Super Tuesday.

  23. Trump supporters = goons. Bullies support this man. Drumpf doesn't understand the first thing about how to run a country.

  24. If this Fool really wanted to make America great again you would see him setting up donations and helping the poor and needy with his loads of wealth, I dare you to go up to him and ask him for money to help you off the street, he'll pretend he never heard you, or give you the Finger…. You Americans are being fooled big time, this guys gonna fk u guys over like Bush, Good luck

  25. Trump only cares about him self
    He's just an attention seeker
    Open your eyes America don't be daft don't bite for trump u can do better

  26. Bruce Lee ·
    With all due respect over the last 8 months i have heard so many comments on what people will do incase this or that happens. I do believe we have some people that would take a stand for our Country but most will be in a fetal position when it happens. Like the ones who say they will back you in a fight against two or three others, when you turn around you will see no one but you will be there. These people have no guts , just a big mouth, pretending to be bad ass'es. My family comes first then others. I love my Country and everyone in it. To the people trying to Destroy America, call me what you will. To my Brothers and Sisters in arms from the White House to the farmer in the Hills of Kentucky, Remember the Constitution of America, and the Brave who faught and Died so we the People can have these Freedoms. Call me what you will. I love God the most powerful person in the Universe, Trust me He is with us and He will Fight with us. The Dammed will be Dammed. Let no one force a religeon onto you. Call me what you will, I am not a Racist, My Brothers faught beside each other in Vietnam, as well as other Wars. Do not let the people devide us. The World is full of Evil people and they will be coming for you and me. Call me what you will. I am an (AMERICAN).
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  27. Can people stop voting for this phony. Especially the hispanic, wow. maybe the only reason people are voting bc he has FUCKING money. okay?? so.. that doesn't mean it will solve our problems. right? Building a wall spending millions on a dumb wall. the weird thing is remember that crazy lady "I'm Latina and I vote for Trump!!!" she's Columbian not Mexican. other Hispanics beside Mexican don't have to worry about a wall across their country. VOTE FOR RUBIO EVEN THO HE IS NOT WINNING HE IS STAYING STRONG, AND THE ONLY ONE WHO STATES TRUMPS LIES. AND TRUMP KNOWS SO DURING THE DEBATE HE TALKS LOUDER AND LOUDER FOR RUBIO TO NOT TALK.

  28. Is it just me or has the Special Interest Groups – Super Packs – Bureaucrats – Democrats – Republicans – Liberals – and Wall Street are all scared to death to where they are hunting up every thing and any thing they can come up with to use to attack Donald Trump?.
    I never seen such a lost look on any ones face as was on Donald Trump's face when the subject of David Duke and supporting the KKK.
    The man didn't have clue what the hell they were talking about and had no personal dealings with the accusation and didn't even know how to responded it>

    I have thought I had seen some STUPID PEOPLE in my life but this Election has shown me I haven't seen nothing.
    Donald Trump is a Multi Billion Dollar American Successful Business Man" ,
    To get there you must have Honorable Honesty and Facts must take a great big part in a person's personal life Business life this is a Fact!!!
    If not the person is mainly hiding waiting to die or is looking to be indictment.

    Donald Trump has thousands of people all over the world who state time and time again over and over that he is what you see and is very respectful and very straight up, there is no misunderstanding where he stands and on what.
    What really get's me the most is that people can't seem to remember is when Donald Trump began his Election Campaign,
    he was very polite and respectful to every Candidate until they began to start their disrespect to him first.
    Does any one REMEMBER what Donald Trump said"
    I am not going to be disrespectful to any of the other Candidates until they start disrespecting me, then I will change and turn on them with disrespect.
    Donald Trump will tell just what is wrong and will state how to fix the problem and the Media will turn right then and say he doesn't have a plan.
    Oh" there are people who can't think for themselves but a lot of them have began to wake up and see they have been lied to and are supporting Donald Trump.
    Business Owners right now are hurting so badly because they know this Election Decided if they can stay or leave the U.S to keep there business alive.
    The people are broken hearted because they know how many people will loose their homes and and suffer.
    And this is all because of the Government we have and have had for the past 25 years.

  29. The various 'messages' flashing across the screen is something I find it irritating in the extreme. It's like the fool who is constantly faffing around with his 'phone, whilst trying to hold a conversation with you.

  30. If politicians (Congress) truly cared about affordable healthcare for Americans. Congress would not pass laws they do not have to follow because they exempt themselves, family and aids from obamacare, collage loans and who knows what else?. Dam that makes me mad (Not sure about you) but purchasing health insurance outside my state would make me very happy because my insurance sucks and costs me 1250 Bucks a month for a family of 3.

  31. A WARNING TO THE GOP: I certainly hope that Donald Trump will win the nomination, that's my personal choice. However, If Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz win the nomination I will support either of those nominees against Hillary Clinton as strongly as I can. But if the GOP forces a brokered convention in CLEAR violation of the will of the American people, I will call for open revolution against the Republican Party and become an Independent. And I will take as many people with me as possible. #GOP #NTEB http://www.nowtheendbegins.com/a-warning-to-the-gop-hold-a-brokered-convention-and-millions-will-leave-the-republican-party/

  32. wait hold up, your saying that black people like you bitch where I don't see anybody in my highschool saying that they actually like you its the opposite people said that if Donald trump becomes president they don't want to live in this country soooooo……….

  33. I just want to know how Donald Trump is going to make our country great again.?. He talks about banning people but thats it. America needs a hell of a lot more work than that. DONT PUT THIS MAN IN OFFICE..

  34. he will make wars all over the world and create a mess wall street will collapse people will loose their jobs by millions in the US only so imagine life without peace

  35. i voted for ron paul

    and i will for trump.

    even if trump sucks and only manages to stop illegal tresspassers thats enough

    if he can expose corruption, even better

    political correctness is a mental illness

    but what you should all be looking in is the elites plan for the

    north american intagration plan

    which includes you loosing your national sovereignty


    go look it up, its all the same stuff

    loose all borders, your done.

    europe lost thier borders

    now all thier women are being rapped

    look it up.

  36. tRump is a narcissistic egotistical psychopath
    he does not care about You or me
    he is an embarrassment to everything America stands for

  37. fuck this guy. he expects to just kick millions of people out of our country. does he have a plan on where to send him? I'm surprised he doesn't set up concentration camps as much as he condones violence. He WILL ruin this country with his bullshit. I don't want someone self absorbed and hateful to represent me, my family my neighbors or my community, let alone my country.

  38. He still has yet to explain the specifics of his grand and "great" plans. Make Mexico pay for it by taking it out of their foreign aid? That's not making them pay for anything, that's AMERICA diverting it's funding. So guess what, all you fuckheads, me included, would be paying for it. Keep getting duped by this con artist…

  39. Wtf… How can u vote for this person? He is a freaking liar.. Don't you see what's his plan? I'm not from the usa but even i can see that he's not going to make the usa better. He reminds me of Hitler tbh.. I'm feeling so bad for the americans.. I've heard a lot of americans that are going to move out of the usa when trump wins.. It is up to u if u want to vote for him but even the other countries can see that he's not good for the Americans.. So first think about it. Thanks.

  40. Even though I think he's abit racist. Something in me still makes me really want to vote for him. If only he'd leave Mexico alone. Build a wall around it and make it become a part of our country. My uncle is Mexican and I have friends that are so that's my only issue with that and that's why I haven't voted for him. If it's him and Hilary in the end trump will win without a doubt. Hilary is a joke! if Bernie beats Hilary. Trump will be in trouble ha

  41. Excuse me, there only interventions for an fair settlement. Conventions don't work because of mobs and rally from terrorist organizations.


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