Doña Isabel ASMR Head & Neck Massage cracking whispering spiritual cleansing limpia espiritual

Doña Isabel ASMR Head & Neck Massage cracking whispering spiritual cleansing limpia espiritual

[whispering] [chanting in Quechua] Good morning my dear. Now, let’s see about you… You have a lot of stress You have some bad energy… Let’s try some massages so you relax.. so we can get rid of that bad energy Okay my dear? First, let’s start with my hands…like this… Out bad energy! May all the negative energy be gone! All the stress… may all of it be gone from this young lady [whispering] [candles are believed to have powerful healing properties, which is why Doña Isabel uses them to banish negative energy] Now inhale deeply, these natural remedies Are for stress, for the negative energy, for insomnia, for everything… For everything I have a remedy for you… In the name of God and the holy mother… May this young lady be cured of all her maladies Put your hand together, like this… that’s it Turn your hands over. Now stomp on those plants with all your might! Stand up please, and really stomp them, kill those plants [which have absorbed the negative energy] Stomp those negative energies until their dead… Please do not bathe today… Show me your hands… Rub it in well, inhale deeply, and exhale… Inhale deeply and breathe out… Yeah! Rub it in, inhale deeply, and rub it over your head please.. Yeah? Rub it in, and over your head please. That’s it. [🐦 birds chirping 🎶] He are all finished. How do you feel? A little more relaxed 😌 Yeah. We have to do the cleansing two more times, so you receive the full dosis. Okay my dear. May you be well. Take care.

74 thoughts on “Doña Isabel ASMR Head & Neck Massage cracking whispering spiritual cleansing limpia espiritual

  1. Estudiante de medico en el USA. I'm gonna bring some plants to the hospital to hit my patients on the head con todo ganas. Ojala le curara, si no la seguridad me tiran mi culo fuera del edificio lol.

  2. Doña Isabel se me hace extremadamente amable y probablemente eso sea lo que mas me relaje del video, esa sensacion de 'proteccion'

  3. Vídeo ótimo e com essa garota ficou melhor ainda 👏👏👏😍😍🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  4. I know that innocent curiosity causes some to ask questions about an individuals physical ailments but it can be inconsiderate as well. Please stop commenting about her hand.

  5. Thankyou sincerely for the English subtitles. It made the video so much more interesting to me although I enjoy them anyway, this is a added bonus to understand the healing experience

  6. Thank you for adding the subtitles!!! I know enough Spanish to get the gist, but the subtitles really help 🙂 and the info added in them was wonderful!

  7. Mamá Isabelita, bom dia👍😉
    É uma honra assistir suas limpias e ouvir sua voz belissima👸💐
    Bjus querida💋💋👏👏👏

  8. These videos are amazing 😩❤️ This is my favorite model so far from all the videos I’ve seen. She makes me want to be relaxed 😌 I love also doña Rosa and doña Isabel. Personally my favorites so far. The effort put into these videos, even with the background are just beautiful. Thank you 😊 you are very appreciated.

  9. Me ENCANTA su voz. Doña Isabel tiene las energias cariñosas como una abuelita. Yo quiero viajar a Ecuador solamente para visitar a esta mujer.

  10. Estas mujeres se ganan la vida de una forma preciosa, un saludo muy grande para todas las doñas del canal!❤

  11. Im sorry to say that, because I dont want to reduce women to their outer appearance, but damn it, is she pretty. Flawless skin, such pretty eyes, and a wonderful smurf. I wish I would live on the other side of this planet…

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