Deliver Us The Moon – The Blackout | PS4

Deliver Us The Moon – The Blackout | PS4

Assembling Section 3C now. Copy that. Do you think we’ll finish construction anytime soon? With the Council claiming more supplies each week? I doubt it. I’m surprised we got this past
MacArthur in the first place. Yeah. Hey, listen. I’m getting strange
readings here from the lunar surface. Are you seeing anything? Just wrapping up. What the hell? All the lights…
are shutting down. Are you all right, Rolf? What just happened? I can’t see a thing.
Everything is dark out here. We lost power.
The whole station is down. Can you find your way back to the airlock? Negative.
I don’t have a visual. Right. I’m sending Alex to block the airlock doors. Do you see him? I see his flashlight. Heading back to the airlock. What’s going on? Everything on the surface is dark. Rolf, not now.
What’s your ETA? Ten seconds! Make it faster! Once the airlock seals,
you’ll be locked out. Noooooo!!!!

64 thoughts on “Deliver Us The Moon – The Blackout | PS4

  1. I was here four minutes early but I spent 6 minutes trying to come up with a creative comment that my time is already over 😔

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  3. Hey Sony, how about you do something decent like make PS Plus free for a few months for all the people who are locked down.

  4. Duck this

    Just make a game about the year 2020 🚨
    Why did you cancel reductions in turkey
    It feels similar to Observation

  5. Looks interesting but I’ll be 9 inches deep into final fantasy 7 remake then.
    Will check this out at a later date for sure.

  6. We can't wait! One month countdown is GO!

    If anyone has any questions about the game feel free to ask!

  7. What happened to moons of madness? It was supposed to come out in Jan, then got delayed to march. I’m sure coronavirus delayed it further. Is it cancelled?

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