Culture Shock – How Hulu’s Ramy reminds us – diversity is now part of our lives

Culture Shock – How Hulu’s Ramy reminds us – diversity is now part of our lives

hey guys welcome back to TohirT’s
channel Tohir is here I hope you had a fantastic week it’s very nice to see you
as always well as you have seen before if you’ve
been on this channel for a while exposure to new things and new ideas is
kind of my mo yet the new show that I’ve watched throughout this weekend a little
binge watch the entire thing Ramy on hulu got me thinking about why
it is yet again so important to remind everyone dipping your toes into the new
cultures into new ideas is so refreshingly important to how you
develop yourself that I have to talk about it in this video it got me
thinking what it’s like to be an immigrant in another country it got me
thinking what it’s like to be a first-generation person in another
country and hopefully by the end of this video you will either learn something
new about your own culture and how you’re assimilating with another country
or if you have friends who are of different ethnic and cultural
backgrounds well you will learn how to tackle certain issues with them as you
go along and this is gigantic world becomes smaller and smaller and as we
learn how to mix it up with each other well I really hope that videos like this
content like this will help us all understand that at the end of the day
we’re all exactly the same let’s do this Ramy is a TV show produced by on24 for
Hulu the streaming platform this is the only platform where you will find the TV
show at this point on July 21st of 2019 and the story is very unique it’s a
story of an American Egyptian guy american-born Egyptian guy who is about
25 to 30 years old who is living in New Jersey and as a lot of other young
adults he is still trying to figure himself out for all intents and purposes
he’s an American he was born in United States and he’s an exposed to American
culture yet he lives with his parents who are Egyptians and were born in Egypt
he’s surrounded by friends who in their range of cultural differences are
anywhere between being fully Islamic Egyptian like they’re almost were born
and raised in Egypt to those who are completely westernized who were born in
America and behave like what you would think an American would behave I highly
recommend the show if you are anywhere from Central Asia Middle East and
northern Africa some parts of Southeast Asia you will recognize a lot of the
situations that Rami the title character finds himself in and the Rami Yousef the
person who wrote the show who came up with an idea and who also plays the
title character really got me thinking about those cultural differences and
what it’s like to come from a different background from a different culture and
assimilate within the new country that you now call home well surprise I’m an immigrant myself
well I’m currently living in the United States yet my background I was born in
Central Asia and my family is coming from very technical backgrounds
check out my 23andme video if you’d like to get the exact reference and as I
watch the show as I recognize different situations that trauma found himself and
it got me thinking about all the different things that I’ve experienced
myself the times when I would encounter the new ways of thinking new ways of
acting in particularly situations that clash with the way my home country
taught me to behave and I would have to go and resolve those issues one by one
and finding that line between me as a person the new culture that I live in
and my more traditional to my region upbringing and in the world where people
move more and more they emigrate to different countries they settle they
find other people they marry they have kids the topic of cultural differences
and figuring out how to merge or makes different cultures is becoming more and
more prevalent and yet when I think about Ramy when I think about things
that he had gone through it reminded me of the fact that yet to this day we
still see examples when tough some of us stay closer with the group of their own
almost like they’re afraid of the change almost like they want to preserve the
way they were raised while the others just died neck deep into the new culture
and try to behave exactly like the new place tells them to and someone like
Rami they find themselves in between of that in that limbo not knowing exactly
which way they should go if you’re looking for a silver bullet
solution to a situation like a rama find himself in that conflict that limbaugh
in between different cultures i don’t think there is one diversity in the
cultural diversity should be treated as a gift
you should cherish the fact that we get the chance to expose ourselves to
different people figuring out the ways they see the world and sharing the way
we witness the events around us yet we cannot expect it to be an immediate
resolution it will take time you cannot come in and say here are the things that
my culture does well here the things that you’re cultured as well now let’s
mix them up and tada man i wish it would be that simple
instead we have to be accepting we have to be understanding to the process and
the duration that it takes for cultures to assimilate and become one when you
think about your parents if you are the first generation or if you think about
your parents as a immigrant who moved to a new country just now realize that the
way your parents grew up the culture that they develop together with their
generation was one thing now you represent the new branch of that culture
whether you are Irish Arabic Polynesian Jewish Japanese whatever you are we all
go through the same we evolve we evolve in a similar way that nature evolves the
creatures and plants out there when you think about how they develop skills or
traits to inhabit the new region to inhabit the new world that we live in
using the example of harami the person who is an American Egyptian Muslim
growing up in the new culture by the time he will have his own kids by the
time he will raise his kids the way he will teach them the ways he will teach
them will be that mix of the American Muslim Egyptian culture that his
generation uniquely developed in his kids as they run along with it as they
moved to yet another country and as they add new cultural aspects of that new
country they will develop yet another branch of that generation it will happen
it is impossible to remain without any kind of change and it is impossible to
just completely palette swap and pretend like your culture doesn’t exist and now
there’s a new culture for you it will be an evolution it will be the process of
mixing different parts of it and you you will become the next generation of
interpretation of what that new culture will be for you a lot of people are afraid of that and I
totally understand change is always scary Betsy it’s another topic that I’ve
been discussing on this channel a lot yet I fully realize as a parent of two
who now lives in the United States whose kids are essentially now American I
cannot expect them to grow up exactly the way I grew up back in Uzbekistan so
we have to be understanding of that process where they will have to learn
the cultural ways that I’ve learned the cultural ways that I’ve brought back
from home in the new ways that they can learn going forward I’m thinking back to
the way our generation grew up when we had to look back at our parents see
their ways and see how they were raised accepting certain ideas seeing how some
other ideas clash with the way we see the world and whether we had to go
through those conflict resolution exercise as a kid as a young adult as an
adult we learn a lot through the process of parsing through that bucket of ideas
through that bucket of traditions new ways the world now perceives the things
should be we had to figure it out we had to mature through that process and I
quite frankly think my kids will have to go through the same their kids will have
to go through the same and every subsequent generation in the future will
have to go through that that cultural shock that we all experience is nothing
new you do not even have to move out of your own country as a technologies
evolve as the world around you changes you have to go through the same even in
your own country I really truly believe that the happiness lies not in trying to
pigeonhole ourselves in particular groups of cultural individuals but
rather be individuals who then express the ways they perceive their own culture as I heard myself speaking through the
last section I realized if someone would watch this video as the very first video
on my channel but think about oh this guy’s very philosophical and he just
pushes for us offical ideas yeah there will be different things on this channel
just give it time trust me we will range from being very philosophical to being
really silly and with that I’d like to pause on this topic because it’s
impossible to unpack everything in a single video I made it more of an intro
to a Express how hirama the TV show made me feel and the
ideas that it got me thinking about that’s I guess the benefit of having a
youtube channel you can just turn on the camera and rattle off your thoughts and
be I really want to dig deeper into this whole idea about seeing how other people
are simulating the new culture I have already did a short list of
different people and organizations I want to talk to so as we go through this
channel as this channel involves you will see some of those interviews you
will see me coming back to this entire topic of the cultural diversity and
hopefully we will all learn something new about someone else or something else
and at the end of the day were all the same I mean trust me between how you
were raised how I was raised how we see the world it’s all the same with some
minor differences maybe my unique experience was going through those
awkward cultural miscommunication moments in my first year when I moved
here about 10 years ago believe me there were a few of those may be worth another
video later on not right now did you experience that kind of cultural
dissonance and past was it you trying to immigrate into the new place or was it
your friend or some relative who is trying to move in and you’ve been
helping them assimilate within the new culture like one of my friends tried to
do by show me Chapelle show well if you have some thoughts ideas or
other anecdotes like again someone tried to explain to me American culture
through the Dave Chappelle show well share those things in the section below
you laugh but it is true sorry my best friend who I met during my first year
here in United States he truly and literally sat me in front
of Netflix and showed me the Dave Chappelle show and try to explain that
hey a lot of the things that you’re gonna see here other ways the Americans
do it yeah I don’t know some people say I simulated pretty well but I’m not
quite sure if Dave Chappelle gets the entire credit thank you very much guys
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