Culture Ministers of S. Korea, China and Japan vow to expand cultural exchanges and cooperation

Culture Ministers of S. Korea, China and Japan vow to expand cultural exchanges and cooperation

the annual culture ministers meeting
between South Korea China and Japan took place in Korea s Western port city of
Incheon today the ministers there signed a joint agreement named the Incheon
declaration to promote cultural exchanges and cooperation between the
three nations and we have our conn-young who at the scene for us to tell us more
about the mating hello what does the declaration say hi Jian so here at the
songul convention the cultural ministers of South Korea China and Japan have
vowed to make more efforts to develop and expand cultural exchanges and
cooperation between the doing the three nations as you just said in particular
the minister’s pledge to put more focus on the future generations and how
culture can play a role in the fourth Industrial Revolution now so in this
year’s 11th edition of the South Korea China Japan cultural ministers meeting
the three ministers South Korea’s paganel China’s Rossie Gong japan’s
masahiko shiva yama all agreed that cultural exchanges and cooperation
should be based on respect and trust for one another in the ancient declaration
they made it clear that building cooperative networks between the future
generations is important for the next decade the minister’s pledge to promote
exchanges between the youngsters of the three countries they acknowledge the
important relationship between culture and science technology in today’s world
and agreed to work together to achieve harmony and balance between culture and
technology the three countries also vowed to increase cultural exchanges at
a civilian level following the signing ceremony of the declaration South
Korea’s swinton China’s Yangzhou Japan’s Kitakyushu have been named as the 2020
East Asian culture cities those cities will be building networks with each
other to boost cultural exchanges now let me go back to what you’re saying at
the beginning June about the rising tensions between Seoul and Tokyo
especially in politics and the economy according to a south korean cultural
ministry official cultural ministers of seoul and tokyo implicitly agreed to put
aside all the other delicate matters like
ongoing trade disputes forced labor victims comfort women issues and the end
of the military intelligence sharing pact between the two nations
so the worsening relationship was not brought up during the ministerial level
talks yesterday instead they decided to focus on ways to promote cultural
exchanges and cooperation that’s all from me for now there’s a meeting but
there’s a meeting scheduled for this afternoon between tourism ministers of
South Korea and Japan followed by the three-way meeting that will include
their Chinese counterpart later and they will keep you updated on that in our
later newscast June

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