Culture Lesson: American Thanksgiving Traditions | Văn Hoá Mỹ Lễ Tạ Ơn | Audrey Nguyen

Culture Lesson: American Thanksgiving Traditions | Văn Hoá Mỹ Lễ Tạ Ơn | Audrey Nguyen

Hi everybody! Welcome back to my channel!
If you’re new here thanks for joining and if you’ve already subscribed thank
you so so much. In today’s video I’m going to tell you a little bit about the
American Thanksgiving traditions because the Thanksgiving holiday is right around
the corner I know that I’m gonna share with you my Thanksgiving vlogs when I go
home to see my family but before that I just wanted to give you kind of some
information about the holiday before just so you kind of know generally how
Americans celebrate this holiday. So Thanksgiving is held every year at the
fourth Thursday of November, so this year it’s gonna be on November 23rd 2017.
Thanksgiving is also known as turkey day because we eat turkey on Thanksgiving, so
I’ll tell you more about the food in a little bit but just so you know that it has
a second name turkey day. Also Thanksgiving is one of the busiest
travel times in the United States because everybody is trying to go home
to their families. I know probably in Vietnam or other places during Tet would
be the time when it’s the most busiest but for us you would think it’s Christmas but
actually it’s Thanksgiving is when most people go home a lot of people on
Christmas go home or they just go like on vacation or do something but for the
most part Thanksgiving is the holiday where everybody’s going home to see
their families. It’s a very family centered holiday so the basic purpose of
Thanksgiving is to give thanks for everything that you have in your life is
kind of like the main like if you want to just use one line for what the
holiday is it’s to give thanks for what you have. And this holiday actually
originated back I think like 1621 when the pilgrims were
in they came to what is now the United States back then it wasn’t the country
yet but the European settlers came here and it said that they had a feast kind
of to celebrate the successful harvest of their crops because it was like early
times when they first got here and in America when we when you’re a little kid
in elementary school they’re kind of teach you this story about the Native
Americans, we also call them the Indians but the Native Americans who were
here already before the Europeans came they tell the story that all the Indians
and the Europeans came together for Thanksgiving harvest feast and it was
peaceful and wonderful and everything was great but actually that’s not
completely true so what actually happened is the European settlers came,
they robbed graves, they killed Native Americans
you know they had guns they took over so from the perspective of a Native
American Thanksgiving Day is also known as like a day to mourn because they were
basically like ransacked and taken over so it’s not a very happy day for Native
Americans and I think America has just kind of tried to forget that and just
teach some random story to kids so now if you probably ask any American a lot
of them won’t know that and they’ll just be like oh yeah the Indians and the
Americans we had Thanksgiving feast together as a peaceful time and whatever
so that’s just a little background history on the holiday. So some of the
things that we do on the Thanksgiving holiday are we go with our families of
course we spend time with family we give thanks for what we have we have a big
feast like a lot of food and some people watch the football game like
American football on TV or the parade there’s a very famous one it’s called
the Macy’s Day Parade which is in New York City and they broadcast it on TV so
people when they’re with their families they just have the TV on they watch the
parade they watch the football game they eat and they hang out so that’s kind of
like what a typical American family would do for Thanksgiving. Some of the
foods that we eat are turkey of course because it’s called turkey day too
so we usually have turkey then we’ll have like mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing,
vegetables, typically like winter or fall vegetables so like squash and things
like that things that are native to the region and also to like that time of
year. Then we have like bread, butter, tons of desserts like pumpkin pie, pecan pie,
maybe apple pie, just pie a lot of pie and sweet stuff and crazy it’s just like
basically there’s so much food on Thanksgiving that you have to eat the
food for like a week after because it’s just like a turkey itself is like
literally like I don’t even know like this big so if you have a small family
of like four or six people you cannot eat this whole turkey so you have a lot
of leftovers and so those are some of the typical foods that we eat for
Thanksgiving so everybody eats and then we just have
a joke like because turkey has some kind of chemical in it I guess
supposedly makes people sleepy but science has come to show that you’d have
to eat like 30 pounds of Turkey to get actually sleepy from it so most people
joke like oh the turkey is making me sleepy but really everybody’s just
really sleepy because they ate too much food. Basically this is the day or maybe
I should say this is the season in America this holiday season winter
holidays where people will eat eat and eat even when like they’re full they
just keep eating because that’s just like how we celebrate so we just eat and
a lot of people that’s why on New Year’s everybody always says their New Year’s
resolution is to like go to the gym eat healthy lose weight etc because they
have just been basically eating for like two months all kinds of food so it’s
pretty crazy it’s indulgent and yeah that’s part of
how we celebrate. Then on the day after Thanksgiving we have Black Friday I know
a lot of you probably know about it some of you asked me about it
which is why I want to talk about it so Black Friday is a day right of the day
right after Thanksgiving so Thanksgiving is always on Thursday, Black Friday is the
day after all the stores like in America have crazy sales so like it’ll be like
50% off or even like 70% off crazy crazy and with that comes a lot of people who
want to buy the stuff so some stores open at midnight like so Thanksgiving
you’re enjoying your Thanksgiving and then midnight Oh time to go shopping
crazy right? And even worse some stores open on Thanksgiving Day so I personally
do not like this whole Black Friday thing I disagree with it completely of course I
like to have sales and like buy stuff that’s cheap of course who doesn’t want
to buy like discount stuff but the fact that they kind of attached it to
Thanksgiving as like almost like a unit so when you think about Thanksgiving you
thing about Black Friday on the TV it’s always like oh enjoy Thanksgiving in
Black Friday so they put it together and I just find it kind
of distasteful because on Thanksgiving you’re giving thanks for everything that
you have and then a couple hours later everybody goes to the store and they
basically trample each other people have died in the store trying to get this
discount stuff. I can’t believe people died going shopping so for me personally
I never I think I went once when I was a kid because my family wanted to go but
for me I don’t do that um I think it’s silly
they have Cyber Monday which is the Monday after Thanksgiving where you can
buy stuff online for discount that that’s a little bit like calmer for me I
don’t mind like that but the fact that you’re like running out from celebrating
your family to go be greedy in the supermarket or the store or whatever the
mall that’s just I don’t like that so that’s what Black Friday is people get
like sales and it’s kind of like this commercialism because it’s all about
buying stuff for Christmas which is the next big holiday which is technically a
religious holiday but turned into a holiday where you spend all kinds of
money and you get all kinds of gifts it’s kind of stupid but that’s for
another video because I could go on and on but anyways, so now that you know
the basics of like what Thanksgiving is I’ll just give you a rundown of how my
family personally celebrates because while those are the common things not
every family does exactly the same. Some families go out to eat because they
don’t want to cook and clean because it is a lot of work to cook like all this
food and then clean and everything but for my family we
cook, everybody helps and we cook two meals um so we have the traditional
Thanksgiving meal with the turkey potatoes gravy vegetable stuffing bread
and everything like that and then we have a Italian meal because my
grandfather was Italian he passed away a few years ago but we still celebrate
just as if he was here. So we have tomato sauce with like pork and sausage and
meatballs, spaghetti,i ravioli with cheese inside, veal cutlets and it’s just crazy.
So we have literally like a whole meal and then a whole nother meal and it’s a
lot of food and then we have dessert so my grandma she makes apple cake or apple
pie or like Apple related stuff because that’s like a fall thing to eat here in
America. I feel like I mentioned that in my cooking video which if you haven’t
seen my cooking video you can see that here. But anyways, apple is very big,
pumpkin is very big, so pumpkin pie my family doesn’t really care about pumpkin
stuff so we don’t eat pumpkin pie but I might make those cookies that I made
before the pumpkin chocolate chip we’ll see. I might get sick of it by then but
my grandma’s gonna cook apple stuff so we eat all this stuff we don’t watch the
football game and we don’t care about the parade whatever I mean I don’t care,
but we play cards. So after we eat we help clean up and then we get the games
going. So my family is really into playing cards. Every time there’s a
holiday we get together and we play cards so Easter, Christmas, Thanksgiving,
the family reunion, basically anytime we’re together we’re playing cards and
my grandma she’s crazy about it like she just plays normally she calls up her
friends that come over and they play cards my uncle police cars with her. It’s
a card playing family and I’ve been playing cards since I was like
super little so that’s kind of how we celebrate so I mean being together is a
way to celebrate then we eat and then we play cards which is a lot of fun and of
course we’re still eating um we have like snacks on the table while we play
cards. So I know that I did a Thanksgiving video last year if you
haven’t seen that one you can click the card above and check out what we did
last year. The quality is a little bad because I had I didn’t really have a
good camera and honestly I wasn’t like into YouTube at that time so I wasn’t
concerned about like how I filmed or whatever I did but you might enjoy it if
you haven’t seen it and just to get you kind of like ready for this year so this
year is gonna be a lot better because I’m like kind of prepared to film this
time and I’m just looking forward to sharing everything that we do with you
guys and also to save it as a memory for myself because you know my grandma she’s
getting older so you never know like how many more Thanksgivings she’s gonna be
with us like I’m not trying to sound like scared or like scary or sad or
anything but it’s just the truth people get old and you don’t know. So I’m just
gonna try and make some videos with her my sister my family everything and it’s
gonna be great so be on the lookout for those Thanksgiving vlogs and I can’t
wait to share them with you. So that’s the end of the video let me know down
below if you have any questions about Thanksgiving traditions in America or if
you have recently come to the United States and you celebrate Thanksgiving or
if you just live here already what do you do differently than what I mentioned
in this video? I know some families have like special family traditions like I
have the card playing, so tell me what you guys do to celebrate Thanksgiving down
below I would love to hear from you. Don’t forget to subscribe if you don’t
want to miss out on my upcoming videos and that’s about it. So thank you guys so
much for watching and I’ll see you next time. Byeeeee

23 thoughts on “Culture Lesson: American Thanksgiving Traditions | Văn Hoá Mỹ Lễ Tạ Ơn | Audrey Nguyen

  1. I'm off all next week and Heading to Dallas to see my family for Thanksgiving. We are a Americanized Vietnamese family, we have Vietnamese marinated turkey with Vietnamese side foods on the table lol Black Friday I buy gifts at a good price before Christmas because I have little cousins. When you have kids or little niece or nephews etc it's different

  2. Everyday is a Thanksgiving when you have a loving family, great friends, and good health and of course having you Audrey is a blessing haha

  3. For me, I usually eat Rotisserie chicken ( from Costco 🙂 on Thanksgiving, since turkey is too dry. Thanks for clarifying up about the Native American Indians story (teachers didn't tell the truth when I was doing teacher's aide in high school). About the l-tryptophan thing, people also get tired after eating due to insulin spikes which helps to move glucose into tissues, which is more pronounced after you're eating a large meal. Looking forward for your next video 🙂

  4. No wonder why the teacher who teaches me speaking skill of English, he just went back to America last Monday. By the way, this video really broadens my horizon because of the useful information and knowledge you provide about Thanksgiving. Next time, can you do a video about the most popular sport in the U.S. Thank you !!!

  5. thank you for your english sub. it helps me a lot improve my english! and I also appreciate your sharing of Thanksgiving. Have a nice weekend!

  6. Thank you for the information , I didn't know the historical meaning of thanksgiving day and thought it was just a christian holiday created by the americans .
    On the lunar new year day ( tet ) the vietnamese eat a lot too ( esp. sticky rice cake and and all kind of candied fruits ) and exchange wishes . It's the most important holiday in Vietnam.
    The reflection on your grandmother shows that you mind family bonds , you are not material ( not attracted by black friday )
    About american tradition if you can make a video about baby shower .

  7. History is written by the victors, therefore the whole whitewashing of the happy Native Americans peacefully feasting with the Pilgrims. 🙂 But I also wanted to add that Christmas isn't a Christian holiday. It started out as a pagan holiday and got heisted by the Christians. I'm also not a fan of Black Friday. I don't mind the shopping as on Thanksgiving Day it can get boring cooped up all day with family – I want a change of scenery and options. I like to be able to get out and do things and the women/girls usually get out and do things together. So from that aspect, I do not mind. What I hate is the whole obsession of it and how people line up for hours to save a few dollars and trample each other to death. I'd much rather stay in bed and sleep because I'm lazy like that. 🙂

  8. Hi Audrey. Thanks for sharing. Enjoy Thanksgiving. Thinksgiving is a Great American Culture of positive APPRECIATION. Learning to APPRECIATE what you have. Thanksgiving is also a chance for families to gather together (modern times, we're so busy all the time). ======>Audrey đọc 2 tài liệu tiếng Việt nói về Thanksgiving, Audrey giỏi tiếng Việt sau này có cơ hội làm Thông Dịch viên – họp thượng đỉnh CEOs – Global Business ——————————————————————->Mọi người đọc Lễ Tạ Ơn Canada trước Mỹ 1 tháng. Lịch sử Ngày Lễ Tạ Ơn Canada Source: + Lịch sử Ngày Lễ Tạ Ơn Mỹ

  9. ahhhh! so excited for your vlogs with the St. Pierre fam in Maine!! Wish you and the hubby, Huy, the most wonderful time back home with family and safe travels, and my best wishes to the amazing St. Pierre fam back home. ❤️ p/s. (so sorry if I’d gotten the surname wrong)

  10. Great history refresher course on thanksgiving its been so long since school. Very informative. Now i must eat to my hearts content. Gonna start the new year off Big ie: 15 lbs heavier jkjk 😛😀

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  14. I'm excited for thanksgiving, nothing better than spending with family, happy thanksgiving, lots of blessings to you and you're family

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