Cultural Context of the Biblical World (Introduction)

Cultural Context of the Biblical World (Introduction)

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  1. I'd suggest doing a video examining fundamentalism (the idea that if the Bible is God's word, we should be able to understand it in a modern context with little of this kind of knowledge of the ancient world).

    If someone watches this series of videos with a fundamentalist mindset (either from a Christian side or not), they aren't really going to listen to anything you have to say.

  2. Thanks for the Bible Introduction. They didn't teach me THAT in Bible school. They taught the Bible as "history" but NOT the mindset of the Hebrews.

  3. The Bible will always be God's word. It will stand the test of time & it will last forever long after we are all gone.

  4. Cultural context doesn’t change the actual content of the Bible. It only serves as justification for that content, or it would if it justified anything at all.

    For example, God told the Israelites to stone a Sabbath-breaker in the Bible. I’m sure that was all well and good for the people of the time to think of themselves, and had a cultural purpose and all that, but there’s an all-powerful, all-knowing, all-good, unchanging, personal deity involved in that.

    I’m pretty confident that, in the course of this new series, IP will deny the truth of the Old Testament, try to justify subjective morality, or advocate for various obvious immoralities, if he doesn’t fall back on the old “God is by definition good” canard. If he has anything else of use to say, I’ll be pleasantly surprised and open to conversion as a result.

  5. Don't dismiss the knowledge and curiosity of the ancients. Most people had a far broader knowledge than people of today. The average farmer could build a house, deliver a child, refine ores, tan leather, hunt, understand medicinal herbs and was more often than not a veteran of conflict. We like to think we are more intelligent now but I don't believe that for a second simply based on what the average modern person experiences and produces in a life time.

  6. To understand the Bible you have to understand it in context. Every book has a specific purpose as does the two Testaments. The old and the new.

  7. We acknowledge Evolution and the Big Bang? Do we? Speak for yourself. Not every Christian believes in that hogwash. Creationism is far more realistic.

  8. Like the value of Hospitality, it's so annoying when wanna be Fundamentalist mock what every actually scholar knows the Sodom and Gomorrah narrative is actually about by saying "yeah, God destroyed tow cities for being Inhospitable".

  9. The peoples of the Ancient Near East are different to the Ancient Israelites who received revelations from God! What a tenuous argument to claim there’s a substantive correlation between the meaning of the biblical text and what pagan cultures believed or even what the Israelites believed before they received revelations! Let the Bible interpret itself, rather than favour pagan cultural practices & beliefs/minor linguistic differences as being the deciding factor. Additionally, we can, with research, understand what the Hebrew writers were saying. I don’t see how it follows from the linguistic nature of Hebrew to what the Bible really teaches. You are grasping at straws InspiringPhilosophy.

    Walton’s theories are not very good and they receive more attention than they deserve.

  10. Science supports the big bang? I thought Evolution wasn't supposed to be about explaining the origins of the universe. Or wait that's because they've never found inorganic life being able to evolve into organic life so they can't explain the origins of life. And yet modern society has proven evolution? Don't you realize that evolution is nothing more than man's attempt to eliminate the knowledge of God from people's minds. Nature is one of the ways that reveals God's nature to humanity (Romans 1:18-25) so mankind is trying to eliminate their responsibility of knowing who God is. Problem is they can't. Evolution is completely unprovable and if they can't explain how the first cells evolved then they can't explain evolution at all. It's dead from the beginning. Trying to mix Evolution with the Bible is one big mistake.

  11. Good video IP. I wish some fundamentalists would get this through their head. We Christians shoot ourselves in the foot when we use bad hermeneutics. The Bible was never meant to be read as a science textbook.

  12. I don´t understand why this channel doesn´t have more subscribers and supporters than Joel Osteen´s channel. any thoughts?

  13. Wow and I was just dabbling in the cultural context of the Bible through other vids and lectures on YouTube then this vid pops up thanks ip glory to to God

  14. Hi InspiringPhilosophy! Your focus in this video is on distinguishing the cultural context of Hebrew with English, but the New Testament was originally written in Greek.

  15. To understand the Bible, you should ask God with all your heart for understanding and he will give it to you.

  16. You should do a video on 'contemplations on Judgment Day and the Second Coming of Christ' …….. that would be really, really, interesting…

  17. So, could you tell me what this me why in Exodus it says you can beat your slaves with a rod, but make sure not to kill them. But if they get up after two or three days it's fine, since they're your property. Further, it states you can sell your daughter into sex slavery in the near beginning of Exodus. Additionally, a woman should be stoned to death if she is not a virgin on her wedding day according to scripture. I'm failing to understand how these abhorrent verses are merely "out of context," when they were supposedly authorized by a omniscient being. There are pages upon pages in scripture about who to kill, why to kill, nothing whatsoever about science, the principles of diseases, nothing.

  18. Love your channel man we need this for people like me who haven't studied ancient cultures. Thankyou! Cant wait for the series!!!!

  19. I love the fact that this was published on my birthday. I have such a passion of the Bible and the culture surrounding it and I am looking forward to the rest of the series

  20. This video is pure sophistry.

    I'm a Christian, and I know for a fact this is still sophistry. Hate to break it to ya budd, but the Bible believes in a Flat Earth and doesn't believe in most of the pseudo "science" of today.

  21. Just letting everybody know. Not everything in the Bible is historical. While yes, some of it's historical. (E.g, The Gospels, etc) But, not everything in it is historical. (E.g, Poetry, Parables, Songs, Laws, Letters, etc.)

    Edit: Can't wait for the comments that I will get. 😀
    Edit 2: Just letting you know, I do think that the Bible does has historical things in it.

  22. For those who don't believe no amount of prof will be sufficient. For those that believe no amount of prof is necessary.

  23. The word you are using Ches-pey- tzadik, (what ever it is) is a word I'm not familiar with in Hebrew or Hebrew grammar. In addition, you didn't use the final tzadik which only comes at the end of a word. Did you run this by someone who knows Hebrew first?

  24. 2 Questions:

    1. If mind is fundamental and matter is emergent, where did human minds come from? Have they existed forever? Is God simulating them? Did he create them once he assigned his image to humans?

    2. How can a timeless God decide to create anything? Doesn't decision-making require time?

  25. Hey IP. I have a feeling I am going to love the series. I was wondering if you could do a video defending postmillennialism. As a premillennialist I dont fully understand it and I have tried to read multiple books by postmillennialist but it just seems kinda wacky to me. I dont see how its fits in with the biblical text and especially Revelation. I know your busy and you just started on this series but if you maybe give me some book suggestions or youtube videos that would be great.

  26. I see the "dislike" crew has struck again. Seems like every Christian channel attracts a small following of atheists that will routinely dislike any video posted. I've even seen dislikes for pending live steams exposing their unthinking hatred for anything Christian.

    Oddly, atheists tend to think they are so open minded and follow the facts wherever they lead, but I have never met an atheist like that ever.

  27. Yeah like some people would claim that Jesus in Mark’s gospel was adopted as God’s son after his baptism however mark contains a statement from Jesus in his trial narrative that indicates he is the son of man from Daniel 7 and that son of man has the same status as God because he is mentioned by riding on the clouds. Cloud riding motif can be found in Ugarit texts that describe Baal as rider of the clouds and that term is only attribute to him so putting that motif to Jesus, it’s basically him claiming he is equal to God

  28. Hello InspiringPhilosophy. Erm i really need your help on this. Could you either reply or make a whole new video on this.
    So my question is basically from my muslim friend. Its about Jesus saying he doesn't know the hour or day but only the father. I know you did a video on it and all but the question he asked was Whether Jesus was lying or not? And the video you made wasn't clear to me because First you said he did not know, then you said he knew. Could you help me out please?
    Keep up the good work and God bless you!

  29. This doesn't mean that immoral acts in the Bible are morally permissible. I understand that isn't the argument you're making, but it is often used as an excuse for immoral acts such as murder and rape done by those in the Bible. The context does not matter on objective morality. What is wrong is always wrong. Just an FYI to the viewers, this video is on the overall subjects in the Bible, not specific acts.

  30. This is the series I have been waiting for. It's long overdue. A thousand thanks IP!!!!! 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🤩🤩🤩🤩

  31. As a Christ follower and inspiring paleontologist, I was disturbed by the thought of the Bible being silent on Dinosaurs. So last year, I made the best decision of my life by doing research for the whole year. It’s because of that research, I discovered some of my favorite apologetics such as William Lane Craig, John Lennox, and you. Now I have no worries about the Bible being silent on Dinosaurs.

  32. I want to better understand Inspiring Philosophy's take on the beginning of the universe. In this video you seem to adhere to the supposed validity of the big bang theory. What normally follows is a belief in macro evolution. Am I incorrect in drawing this conclusion? I think we should keep in mind that if macro evolution is true then death preceded sin, contrary to what the bible teaches.

  33. Thank you for your great videos! I have been watching through them lately and appreciate your rational approach. I wondered if you could do even a brief video on Baptism? I would love to hear you take on it.

  34. It's kind of more like a philosophy than the ultimate truth. People are screwed up and the "book" gets a lot of mileage out of that. It gets a bit more from people quoting it out of context making Jesus appear more hostile than he was. We may see some finality in Pharoah's curse that Ra was before the sons of Israel, and we may see some truth in Jesus sacrifice and some folly in his miracles even as Moses' miracles, as the years roll on. Yet even though the Shibbolet in Ecc. 12:11 truth, is defenses rather than nails and refuse rather than scholorship, may we see peace in this century as we have the past two millenia? You almost have to have baggage to reject it, I suppose, yet is it received equally? Is it equal? I still am an idealist in Jesus' miracles and am disappointed they are not with us.

  35. thank you you are really smart and defend against dumb arguments by atheists ill be clear i do not agree with you on evolution big bang etc but on everything else i think youre brilliant sub to you and brother hovind👍

  36. Great video IP, just keep evolution out of the bible as it should be.

    Science + bible= 👍👍👍
    Evolution + bible= 👎👎👎

  37. This man dosen't know how to pray.

    When you pray to The Father to send The Holy spirit to help you understand and to effectively apply it in your modern life.

    This man is trying to split hairs and when you split hairs it usually is treated as a license to sin.

    If seen it too many times in my personal life and abroad

  38. The subject of the cultural context of the biblical world is so important. well done ip as you continue to help and inspire my believers around the world. looking forward to the next video in the series.

  39. IP, Thank you, thank you, thank you! I started watching your videos and can’t get enough. Well researched and excellently presented! Your calm, logical approach to finding and presenting the truth, consolidated into digestible bits is a godsend. Again thanks for your dedication to putting together great work. Keep it up!

  40. Ever thought of doing a video on slavery in the Bible? Anti-Theists point of prescriptions and rules for slavery in the Bible and claim that this is God allowing slavery

  41. Well done. People tend toward errors in bibliology as a result of misrepresenting the Bible as juat a product of God or just of humans. When we start to understand that humans freely wrote in the style of their contemporaries and in line with their prescientific worldviews we start to appreciate how marvelous God’s intent is by creating us in his image. Jesus transforms philosophy and offers us a world where we will rule and reign with him! Good intro to language differences.

  42. Allegory, metaphor, irony, satire, typology, mythopoetic legend, folk lore , idom, mythologized heroes, embellished war stories told by the victories, need to be determined. And then a selection of meanings under the surface hidden from the proud or from the babs depending on the place in the story related to the plot and the main intention, a history of humanity expressed through Israel, as it pertains to the whole counsel of God rightly divided by the same spirit that inspired the written form.

  43. You should debate Jay Dyer (eastern orthodox) same age as you, learned in philosophy and theology.

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