Cultural Appropriation in KPOP: Thoughts from a Korean dude

Cultural Appropriation in KPOP: Thoughts from a Korean dude

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  1. Woow I kinda got mad at you when you said you used to “comment” that people were being too sensitive, but I really like your change of perspective. I’m really proud of you for having the speech and make the students be more aware of cultural appropriation. Good job


  3. Great video, I didn't expect my mind to make new connections… Living in the " West", we think we are aware of our other western neighbours' cultural issues, sometimes it doesn't quite fit because we still went and go through different situations: Slavery in America or Europe's colonial history for instance. Resentment and/or regret are so heavy!

  4. Cultural Appropriation is a term used by those who want to enforce the actions of others. World is globalizing and cultures are mixing in an alarming rate. Mexican food was not seen in the US but now every city has a taqueria. Sushi was a hidden gem until the 1980s gave its exposure internationally. Dreadlocks have been used by Latin American Tribes (my ancestors) along with Africans and minority groups throughout Asia. Humans have created this phenomenon that shows no sign of slowing down. PC culture will just reverse the oppressive rules long instigated by the oppressors through history. You can’t do ___ because we couldn’t. It’s such a bitter stamp on society. How can we move forward with grievances of the past? Alas only fate knows.

  5. Thanks Danny this is a great video
    But, and this is my opinion, I am African and I don't think those Kpop idols with those hair styles were being racist or anything (except maybe they outrightly had ulterior motives for them)I think a person who copies the way you dress,talk,cook etc is just telling you even without words they admire that in you and that's the biggest compliment, I get the fact that some people out of ignorance hurt others when they do this(and when that is the case let try to educate or correct instead of condemnation, the way some love throwing pity parties through these avenue, aarrgghh 🤦) and please the whole story especially about the hair is not just "struggle the of black person",it is also a beautiful African heritage,our hairstyles are usually works of art to say the least
    Also I really did like that comment that said something like "we should try and get out of our own heads" while it is important for everyone to learn to respect other people's culture/history if don't get out of your own head one day you'll find yourself offended a member of your family is breathing 'cos it somehow OFFENDS you and your Struggles

  6. I don't mind the dreadlocks – cause every ones hair will do that without regular maintenance – but as a black american woman – What I do mind in "cultural appropriations" is when I see our blood, sweat and tears of music, dance, style being used as if another culture thought of it first, knowing they "borrowed" it from the black culture. So much as been stolen (sorry, borrowed) from black culture and we know there will never be a sorry or shout out to the originators of style in music – dance or fashion. But, this is a start thank you.

  7. Danny this was beautiful. You are right what the whole world needs right now are proper conversations and understanding. Good job!

  8. I love how whites and Koreans seem so similar in excusing their crimes away with "ignorance" and with their insistence on TALKING instead of listening. It might be best to let the victims explain more accurately what is actually taking place. While literally cried during your explanation–only for my appreciation that you seemed to get it–your initial segue into the lecture was disappointing and makes me feel that you honestly don't get it (since I imagine it was added afterward). IGNORANCE does not explain away racism or discrimination. To talk about cultural appropriation absent of racism, bigotry, and power struggles with racial representation which is ever-present in Korea speak volumes regarding your assessment of the problem. The real issue of why "cultural appropriation" seems to be less of a problem in Korea isn't because it's…less of a problem. The problem is that there are no social penalties against even blatant discrimination and racism and seemingly ZERO real concern for the racial effects of Korean people's cultural appropriation inside and outside of the country. People don't talk about cultural appropriation in Korea because they barely ever give the victims of it a platform to do so, or even make racism in Korea an issue beyond Internet whining of the few who want to remain ethnically faceless. If you consider the level of racism and xenophobia in South Korea that runs ALONGSIDE these a cts of de-racialized cultural "celebration" for entertainment purposes and cheap thrills (e.g. dreadlocks; blackened skin; blackface), you'd be closer to really getting why such acts aren't just about shades of ignorance. Korea really does need more discourse on race, but with other POC and people who struggle with race there (not just white folk). That said, this doesn't mean that one needs to meet racial others to learn respect and to be considerate of racial differences. South Koreans know well the racial connotations (and many even the cultural appropriate nature) of wearing dreadlocks, blackened skin, blackface, throwing gang signs, and yelling native American-esque calls. South Korea is an advanced country with one of the world's most educated and Internet-connected populations. Most people live in advanced cities or in Seoul's Megalopolis. This stuff isn't just about fashion choices and balancing PC ideals–it's about exploiting people with few repercussions or concerns. South Koreans know exactly what they are doing, when they do it, why, and often its positive and negative effects. Anyways, thank you so much for the lecture–it truly moved me to real tears, anger, and frustration. RH.

  9. I made sure to take my time with this video. I didn't want to jump to any conclusions or ideas.

    This is a Great presentation. I actually remember seeing that comment about the flag. Yes, I feel like some people shout "Cultural Appropriation!" when it's not, but there are plenty of things that truly are and things that remind different groups of terrible time from the past and sometimes even Today. It can be hard to see someone casually wear something that can get you fired or even suspended from school. I'm really glad we're having this conversation. Sometimes the internet has too many people getting mad first and asking questions later. Thank you for this.

    Context: I'm a first-generation African American, which means that my parents were born and raised in Africa but I was born and raised in America. I have locs too.

  10. I wouldn’t call Soyeon racist or ignorant per se, and I definitely feel like the hate she’s getting is a bunch of nit pickers finding stuff to get angry over. But ngl, after what she said G-idle’s music feels so superficial now. It sucks. I can’t take them seriously anymore. Idk, I used to love them but they feel so….meaningless you know? Like I get music doesn’t need a meaning all the time, but the sheer lack of effort they put into finding a concept and just mashing literally whatever together, makes it so hard to get hyped for them…I hate it.😕

  11. Racism, ignorance, and not being educated enough on the topic are three very different things. Soyeon May have been very stereotypical and disrespectful while doing this but you can’t say she was specifically trying to offend the African race. Like seriously she’s not stupid. She’s not going to disrespect a minority on national television. Especially since she has her reputation as an idol to uphold. Also why do I have a feeling the majority of people claiming something’s blackface or racist ARENT EVEN BLACK.

  12. I'm so glad i watched till the end, I was getting a bit heated half way through, but then realized where this was going. This was such a good speach, i even teared up. I'm really proud of you, Danny

  13. I loved this lecture and it actually got me emotional…I've always seen korean people as a little close minded and the fact that you encapsulated the idea of cultural appropriation beautifully and made Koreans think in a similar way we do made me feel at ease. Thank you so much, till a world where we can understand each other ❤️

  14. I love this! The only thing I don't agree with is the dreadlock thing because other asian ethnicities have dreadlocks too. Also some European countries had dreadlocked hair.

  15. Because Asians aren't looking to virtue signal our social status like pathethic white SJWs

    "Cultural appropriation" is a retarded label we just actually don't fucking care

  16. Honestly cultural appropriation is so fucking stupid to be honest. What people don’t realize is that it’s bringing people apart that’s why we’re failing the human race. And for Korean people you shouldn’t stereotype all korean people as ignorant because there are actually many Koreans that are well educated on different cultures.

    I mean can’t I eat food that comes from your culture and can’t you eat food that comes from mine, can’t I speak you language and you can speak mine, can’t I wear fashion that comes from your culture and you can wear mine?

    We’re failing our world and it’s also with this cultural appropriation shit. If I saw a white woman singing gospel music you think I would go up to her and say “Shut up! Your not black stop singing music from our culture” or if a white woman was wearing braids you think I would go up to her and say, “Take off those braids! You are mocking black people!” Just because a person is a different color than me or comes from another culture doesn’t mean I have to tell them what they should and should not do. And I actually learned that the first people who wore braids were not blacks, it was actually Native Americans.

    Cultural appropriation is dividing each and every single one of us and sooner or later there is going to be someone telling me to go back to my country.

  17. Nobody understood what Soyeon from (G)I-DLE was talking about and barely anyone knew the instrument Soyeon was talking about either and then they immediately call it “Cultural Appropriation”

    Like some said, “Cultural appropriation is destroying Cultural Appreciation”

    When Soyeon started talking about an African chief most people were saying, “What is An African chief ugh Soyeon is just making up words ugh Soyeon is ignorant.” I was surprised Soyeon knew what an African chief was and she even knew that there were two meanings for it. One for a king and one for the police.

    And it has come to my conclusion that the reason people are calling what Soyeon did is cultural appropriation is because she is educated. She’s a young korean female that is well educated on our cultures and they hate on her for that.

  18. This is amazing Danny! Thank you for having the courage to put yourself out there and speak the truth. I agree with your point where people don't need to be "canceled" or anything, they just need education. This should also be done in the U.S. about Korean culture!

  19. I haven’t watched far into the video yet, but coming from a Native American, what soyeon did doesn’t bother me. To me, parts of cultures can be shared as long as no one does it in a way to make fun of others or to say that culture is inferior. I don’t think what soyeon did was offensive at all. Just my opinion on that small clip, not having anything to do with the rest of the video (bc in all honesty I didn’t finish it yet)

  20. To all the SJWs:
    Yall better not dress up as elves or santa clauses or use the hat, Santa Claus is originally from finnish culture so by doing that u r using someone elses culture!!!!
    ((Please keep in mind im just mocking how SJWs view things))

  21. I knew it. I knew I've been subscribing to one of the best people on Earth who can both entertain, inform, educate and share wisdom with me. Thanks for that "Ted Talk"-ish speech Danny! I hope you'll do something like this on your channel as often as possible.

  22. I'm glad i watched this… ✨💜😊
    It's really inspiring and I learned alot through this 19:44 video… I hope you speak on bigger platforms one day and change the narrow mindsets of many people around the world.. Love from Nagaland (India) to DKDKTV News.

  23. I just wanna say. That most stupid issues dealing with ‘black cultural appropriation’ is not raised by black people themselves. Its people who claim that they are ‘not racist’ and try to prove this by jumping at any slight racist remarks. Us black people have dealt with so much more then some Korean artists wearing dreadlocks. So my message as a black person is for people who are not black and have no right to be raising alarm to stupid issues they believe is cultural appropriation, back off. Your making us black people seem as if we are super sensitive to these things and we will bash anyone for even the smallest things. We can fight our own battles, thank you very much, we don’t need other races telling us what we are mad about in the media. It’s making everyone uncomfortable, including us black people. Logging into social media and seeing some dumb ‘cultural appropriation’ claims is really sickening. Stop because again, WE CAN FIGHT OUR OWN BATTLES AND SAY WHAT NEEDS TO BE SAID, IF WE FEEL LIKE IT NEEDS TO BE DONE.

    This was a great video, full of awareness and the way he approached the topics was very respectful.

  24. i actually remember having a conversation with you on twitter about this and being frustrated because i'd always enjoyed your videos so much but was disappointed at the same time. this is so good to see and i hope that more people can be like you and continue to grow

  25. I’m not going to lie. There’s a lot I’m still iffy on. Yes, I understand certain things like blackface is offensive bc it’s essentially mocking black people (like minstrels in slavery time where black people were portrayed as dumb, brutish and lazy). Basically, as long as a person wasn’t intentionally mocking/hurting someone for their culture or butchering it, I believe it isn’t CA. (Ex: a hairstyle ft in a music video)
    On top of this, CA at the moment is very subjective. As a Vietnamese person, I don’t give a shit if some other race wears an áo dài. It makes me feel more happier if anything bc it’s a beautiful traditional outfit. Another example, black people always seem to be split over “CA” in Kpop. Some are offended. Some see it as normal and aren’t offended. The line between CA and not is too blurry. It’s so blurry that I think I could scream “eating pasta is CA bc it’s originally Italian” and people would probably rage along.
    Finally, I still see such comments as just “SJW”. Why? Bc people always seem to rage overboard like said SJWs and don’t bother to explain why it’s offensive. They just say it’s offensive and/or “google it up you have no excuse”. Well how am I going to know the full extensive history of said offensive thing if I don’t even know where to start? 3 articles isn’t going to be enough to explain why. Instead of properly educating, people just rage and scream at you for not understanding.

  26. Loved this. I have been working on just that with my son and myself. I think it’s important to consider cultural backgrounds. To understand each other communication is key. I have noticed not only with Koreans but with people in general it seems easy to look at things from just one side. We all need to try and see the bigger picture.

  27. when that rising sun flag comment came up i felt like fifty things in my brain clicked and there was a giant explosion of relief and knowledge

  28. We should share or watch more of these types of videos before accusing and harassing the idol as other people do, instead of getting wet and contributing something to communicate better the only thing we do is send hate to artists.

  29. I feel like kpop like to take other cultural influences to try and appeal globally than just Korea itself. They way Koreans see cultural appropriation is more like cultural appreciation. Eating Korean food, wearing traditional Korean outfits, etc. Is a good thing. Koreans wear other Asians clothing without a problem, because other asian countries also think the same way about culture. But it’s the ignorance is where it goes wrong, there’s a lot of stereotyping involved which really sucks.

  30. Koreans have internet.they can search for themselves.everybody thinking this isn't a big deal.let me tell you something,first of all be a black person and let someone pull this nonsense and let's see if you will be all goody about it.secondly even after we found out that this is what gidle planned to do.G-idle fans emailed their management to not proceed giving them reasons why they shouldn't but they still progressed.even non black gidle fans were saying they will be happy if gidle gets dragged so that it pops sense into their heads since both management and the group weren't listening

  31. I can appreciate your journey and your acceptance of different cultures, ensuring that you're sensitive to their customs and traditions, but I didn't think there was anything wrong with your comments. You were being honest and didn't mean any harm by them, and the people who got offended probably need to spend less time on the internet. They should pursue an education, a job, spend more time with family, friends, etc. Not worry about "microaggressions" and "low-key racism". We have it so good in the West that we search for ways to get offended, even over someone not intending any harm. They're branded a racist and people won't support them over it. That's pretty sad. I'm even more sad that you've given into the bullying and are brainwashing other Koreans to walk on eggshells like people in the West have to do. We should all focus on issues that actually matter like climate change, pollution, gun violence, etc.

  32. I liked the direction you took on your lecture, but I'm afraid it does little to make the concept of cultural appropriation reasonable. Getting out of my head in order to understand the experiences of others will never convince me that, for example, a non-Hispanic guy wearing a poncho deserves to be called racist and to be bullied because of it. Harassing a person, a celebrity, for using some cultural elements alien to his own would be considered racist in any other context, but when the harassment is done by these depressed idiots, it isn't. And I see some people here confuse the act of trying to empathize with historically oppressed peoples with conceding their points because of their condition. The fact that I'm an Hispanic doesn't mean I have a say in what other people from other cultures can or can't wear, regardless if what they finally decide to wear is a poncho or a Panama hat. It doesn't even make sense to think Hispanics own these cultural elements, we would only own their origin. Also, I and everyone on this planet borrow from other cultures. What right do African Americans have to deny a White person the use of their hairstyles when all of them wear Western clothing? And what right do I have to deny Soyeon the use of Hispanic music in 'Señorita' when I fucking practice Taekwondo? It turns even more stupid if one considers the fact that Hispanic music takes elements that are Arab, Indigenous and African in origin. And surely, the musical notation and musical instruments like the saxophone aren't African in origin for African Americans to think of their music as purely theirs. I agree that we all should be a little pc, but the concept of cultural appropriation (or its use) is dumb. I honestly think that, more than a case of a Korean celebrity being in her own little mental box, is actually just another case of Americans trying to impose their viewpoint on other countries. There's few kinds of people so close-minded as the ones crying for shit like this.

  33. Small story:
    My class was assigned to read a story. Due to the title, I knew it was a Russian story (I'm half Russian), so I was extremely excited to read. However, the story was portraying Russians as aggressive, manipulative alcoholics, which made me very upset. However, people laughed along at the incidents in the book.
    It's really not just what you use, but how you use it. This is what offends the majority of people.

  34. i think the main issue is the fact that kpop is becoming global and artists and their companies are clearly purposefully using strategies to globalise it further, and yet none of them think about how damaging this could be considering the artists don't know how to handle such a wide audience. i don't think the artists that get caught up in these controversies and get cancelled are bad people they are just ignorant as a result of their environment. if they're gnna purposefully try to appeal to non-korean audiences they should really sit down and educate themselves and get better publicists bc their apologies take way too damn long if they ever come

  35. What I don't understand is that some people think primitive tribal culture is African culture. People all over the world experienced tribal and nomadic cultures in primitive times. There are people who criticize So-yeon just for saying the chief. But the funny thing is, if you give the word chief to children, most of the children will think of the native people putting their hands in their mouths and making sounds. The development of civilization in Africa is only a little later than in other parts of the world. Every region has experienced a culture of chief presence. So-yeon only thought she could make a powerful voice like the chief because the voice of wougie was thick and the vocal range was low. So-yeon talks about everything in music, and some bad people call her racist ignorant. She also talks about the direction of arrangement with the music genre, and people criticize her for ignoring her pure intentions and teaching her. Honestly, it's ridiculous. Some people are generous to themselves and strict to others. Different cultures interpret different meanings of actions and words are also negative expressions in some countries. So what kind of culture do you intend to protect without understanding the differences in culture? How does music use culture? There is music in culture and there is culture in music. She is, of course, an influential artist, and she should consider each country's risers to her fans. But don't try to teach her.

  36. It is discriminatory in itself to say that chief refers to Native Americans. Every region experienced primitive times and there was a patriarchal society. It's not because she's racist to use it as an Ethnic hip. Of course, she has to fix this word as an artist. But you can't force it. You have to let me know. So-yeon said, "She's an Ethnic hip, and she's not going to like it anymore." Those who accuse her of being a bad-natured person are worse off As a fan, he is making various efforts to communicate with Korean fans as well as the company to let them. She is a person who loves music very purely, hates discrimination, and wants to impress people with music. Don't make her sick by spreading one's mistakes.

  37. 차별하는 사람들은 따로 있는데 아티스트를 차별주의자로 몰고 완전히 인격을 비난하고 의도자체까지 변질시켜버리는건 좋은 태도가 아닙니다. 물론 그들을 이해해고 공감해야합니다. 그리고 아티스트로써 다양한 리스너들의 마음을 위로해주어야 합니다. 그러나 그녀를 향한 끝이 없는 의도의 왜곡과 비난은 매우매우 나쁜 행동입니다. 한국인팬들이 큐브엔터테인먼트에 이 사실을 전달할려고 많은 노력을 하고 있습니다. 제발 gidle을 나쁜 사람으로 생각하지 말아주십시오 부탁드립니다

  38. This was AMAZING. Danny you knocked it out of the park here. Really, really good.

    I also love the growth you show. A good example for me …I love Weezer's first two albums. Rivers is messed up and a bit sexist and his attitude towards Asian women is all over those albums. Pinkerton is even named after the opera Madama Butterfly where the character Pinkerton marries a Japanese lady and then abandons her. It's clear Rivers from Weezer has this hope for a loyal Asian woman but nowhere does he kind of explore his character as far as how he treats women. There's also the song Pink Triangle which as a bi chick i found hilarious, but still in there is a very traditional view of women that hasn't been challenged very much.

    Many people think that Weezer never really lived up to the promise of their first two albums. It's because he never grew. His vulnerability and weirdness in the 1990's was charming and people loved it. But I read a comment he recently made on the genius website where he talked about girls being 8's and 10's and sounded like a pick up artist. He's married (to an Asian lady btw) and has a daughter. You'd think that some of this celebration of not fitting in due to geekiness and nerdiness, and then growing up, might lead him to explore some of these things a bit deeper but sadly he hasn't.

    Really though how can people really do that kind of growth without examples of what it looks like. Your speech gives examples to people who might be at a good starting spot but don't know how to navigate the wilderness.

  39. The issue with the locks hair style isn't that it's just a hairstyle. It's the fact that one group who wears it gets ridiculed, gets fired from jobs, gets suspended from school for wearing it (even when their religion like Rastafarianism has this custom) but a foreigner wears it and suddenly it's edgy, it's cool, it's the new thing and they get praise from the same people who hate to see it on the people the style came from.

    Imagine getting made fun of for eating kimchi or wearing hanbok from foreigners only to praise kimchi and hanbok when white westerners wear it and eat in magazines and on their TV shows? You feel disrespected. You feel invalidated and not taken seriously. But when it's not happening to you, of course you don't have empathy when it happens to someone else.

  40. Very interesting video. But I think the key point in trying to understand each other better is not just to not offend others, but people who are easily offended also need to understand the intent of what offended them. Specially the white people crying because of blackface, give me a break, it doesn't concern them one bit, that's called virtue signalling, they know other people will see their post and they try to act like they're ethically better or some shit.

    A lot of people don't understand the origin of blackface, it was done to replace black people in plays at the theaters and in movies. Painting yourself black to create a picture of a certain color or to represent something is by definition not blackface because you're not trying to replace a black person in the process.

    Understanding each other revolve around knowing what can offend people but also letting go of things that are objectively not offensive and stop making a big deal out of literally nothing. Because if all we do is remove all the little things that offend someone somewhere, we will end up having nothing left to do because there's always a clown triggered by something.

  41. Yeah, definitely always better to do the research and learn things when they seem off to you. I've had a few wtf moments when listening to K-pop. Times I either heard the word wrong, or the word very closely resembled something bad in English but was so utterly common that I knew it couldn't mean the same thing. (Nega/Niga for sure. Which apparently mean the words I and You respectively. I was simultaneously uncomfortable and curious to see where that rabbit hole lead.)

  42. My take on this is in a way you are representing that culture. Even if it's just hair or makeup, you are representing that culture even if you are not from there. When you use something you might as well know why your using it and its meaning. Not just yeah it's pretty so I put it there, be aware. Someone is going to recognize it, just like we can recognize the nazy flag even some slang that's why, awareness of yourself and others is key. It's nice to want to represent other cultures but do so with knowledge.

    Another reason and others pointed it out is because korea seem to only like light skin and being dark skin is looked down upon this is generally what I see and hear about. Anyway Then go a head and used something that's black. So it's like I dont like your skin color but I'll take your hair because it looks cool and I'm going to use it to make money out of it.

    Glad i watched the whole thing.

  43. It seems to me the PC police are usually more interested in just screaming “RACISM,” “cancelling” things and people needing “education,” rather than having intelligent conversation.

    It’s also interesting how it’s usually people from a different culture than the one perceived as being “appropriated” against, calling out the “racism”

    I also feel as if the “battle cry” (G)I-DLE did in that performance could exist in the history of many cultures. It actually seems pretty close minded and a bit racist for the PC police to attach the Native American stereotype to it. It was a song and dance performance by a very talented group. People just like to get offended, and it’s sad that they drag others down with their negativity. 😕

  44. Some people have got to understand that even if it doesn’t affect you or someone else doesn’t mean it hasn’t affected another person, if you are only using the culture for aesthetic purposes and using it to gain popularity, it’s culture appropriation , if use the culture and respect it and don’t do silly things to mock it then it’s cultural appreciation

  45. I partially agree with you, we do NEED to have conversations. However, while you took the time to try and understand the other person's stance, those who criticized you didn't take the time to understand yours.

    From my perspective it's not right to dismiss someone's feelings on something with an argument like, "it's just hair". But also, we need to educate people to move on from the past. We need to learn from the mistakes of the past, but not let the symbols be triggers, otherwise will get to a point were everything need to be tip-toed around.

    I'm mixed from 2 mixed raced parents, my mom is Asian and Latino, my dad is Black and White. So I'm everything and nothing at the same time; I'm short, my skin is fair, my eyes are almond, and my hair is 3C. When I'm with white people I'm anything but white, same with Asians, Latinos or Blacks, growing up I could never "fit in" with any group. It was a struggle, at school the girls bullied me calling me a "fried Chinese" or "washed out" and many others ("fried" because of my hair). I hated myself and even hated my parents and my siblings. I'm the only one of all four children that was an "equal" mix.

    Through all my teenage-hood and young adult life I straightened my hair, and if someone noticed or made comments about my curly hair I would get offended, until I realized that it wasn't them that had to change their perspective of me, it was me. I had to be in peace with myself.

    Going to the example of the dress you showed, yes, it might feel weird, but as you said, the designer just thought the pattern looked good, why would they need to apologize for something that was not an offense? again, you are right when someone says "I don't like this" we should try to understand the feelings of others, but ALSO when something as silly as a dress offends you, you need to step back and think "is it really offensive? am I not going too overboard with this?"

    Again, I agree that we need to have more conversations, that we need to be understanding, but also we need to let go of traumas from the past to move forward.

    I currently wear my semi-afro proud and realized most people that meet me like my curls, and looking back to my school years, it was only like 2 or 3 girls that made fun of me, not the entire class, I was letting the opinion of a few dictate how I lived my life, not any more.

  46. Eurasians and their everyday justification of racist minstrel showing of african peoples whilst pretending we're so innocent in it all. We know what we're doing. We're just too much of narcissists to admit it and will only do so if we fake a narrative of innocence on our part (which is all you've done in this video). Just like the racist narcissists we eurasians are towards african and african diasporas…..not surprised. So disgustingly obsessed wth exploiting africans and african diasporas. We eurasians need a life. We look pathetic.

  47. (This is just my thoughts, you can disagree with me, but stay polite we are civilized and capable of discussion
    , thank you)

    I partially agree with you & partially disagree.
    Of course we have to be aware, we have to accept that there's terrible things who happend years and years ago.
    But I think putting the responsability to us is not really justified, I mean that it's not our era (if you want an imagery of thoughts, you can't blame a baby a child or a young person because of the world's misery he didn't even live it and probably didn't even know) we never live it so we don't really have a responsability in that way, but, we have to accept the past, open ourselves to diversity & differences and work to put everyone on the same framing.

    To do this we have to mix ourselves, we must be aware of the others culture. It's the same as educating an animal, to teach an animal to not be afraid, we sensitize him to what scares him, we show him, we make him touch, he learns to observe, analyze and understand to finally accept it.
    It's the same for humans. If you don't sensitize yourself to diversity etc, you will not be open minded at all.

    That's why I think those people mindset of accusing everyone of blackface, appropriaton, racism etc are in the wrong way.

    1 – I personally think those people are actually pretty insulting, like I see more white people screaming everywhere that this one this this, this one did that, doing their "white savior" (I'm using savior in reference of the Triangle of Karpman which is a psychologic game and thos people are actually playing hte role of the savior), like coloured people can defend themselves.

    2 – It's not by moving people away from other cultures and people that they will become less racist
    as I say earlier, we need to familiarize ourselves.

    3 – Those people are in fact racist, racism definition is "an ideology based on the principle without scientific basis that there's races within the human specie and considers that certain categories of people are superior to others."
    I will took an example we had in France : a french cosplayer who did a full body suit of the character Pyke have seen her qualification to Euro Cosplay cancelled because of people accusing here of blackface.
    – she did not darken her skin or do a makeup, she did a prothesis
    – there's is absolutely no intention to mock, humilate or caricature (she says it herself)
    – those people are basically saying her that she is racist when THEY categorize people themselves, and tell him roughly that whites must stay between whites to do things of whites and similarly for coloured people.
    So in a way, they are themselves racist

    So yes, racism need to stop existing, but there's ways to do it, and constantly blaming people for every little things & harassing them is not.
    You also say to people to be tolerant and to understand the others because of their culture etc, yes I agree, but you also have to tolerate that people aren't perfect and that sometimes they failed like (G)-Idle for example, it was clumsy, but that does not justify harassment at all the same goes for Chan etc etc. + I will had that none of us are in their head and we don't always know what they think or what they do if they knew about what they wear, or not etc, accusing people without even knowing is stupid.

    To everyone we need to be more tolerant in every way (both regarding others cultures & regarding that people are ot perfect) and open our mind, open ourselves to strangers, to other countries, to other cultures.

  48. Some of y'all need to learn what micro aggressions are and really stop it with this it's no big deal shit. If you truly wanna get woke instead of dismissing POC and saying it's not that bad, ask yourself who's out here making money off of these concepts?

    Cause it damn sure ain't the Native Americans and that's one of the many problems fans like me have. Yall got people in the comments explaining why this shit needs to stop and some of yall still wanna stay ignorant. I get it yall are proud your culture is being recognized but there's a better way to do it that doesn't dehumanize and/or perpetuate systematic racism. Not everything is being "PC" and that word doesn't even have the same context that people keep using it for. When it was first used in the 90's it was way for Republicans to say that Democrats weren't following the 'rules' in Congress. It figures they'd re-earthed the word to still be used to derail the conversation.

    Keep saying that you wanna listen to both sides but you stay picking the people who keep doing dumb shit. Cancel Culture don't exist unless you're in the minority so 🤷‍♀️

  49. Really? Making issue on the "ethnic hip" bruhahaha… Jesus f. Christ, get over it! You havent heard the blabbering and jibberish vile words that comes out from Donald Trump!

  50. as a black person, i do think the problem isn't using one type of hair style or making one type of music, the real problem is the fact that, somehow, idols feeds a racist industry that loves black culture but never portrait REAL black people. that's the issue. the companies seems to don't care about it and that's a big problem, because everything depends on them.

  51. A huge part of people not considering what they are doing as wrong, stems from the fact that they don't see the subject of their disrespect as human (at least not as human themselves). If you don't see someone as human, then you can ignore logic and deductive reasoning to do just about anything to them. There are some things that people do, that they know they would not like it to be reciprocated but somehow they convince themselves that their actions are morally just. Some times these cases don't simply boil down to a person innocently having a limited world view. I have reached a point in my life where I feel it shouldn't take personal anecdotes (like the rising sun) or knowing a person of a certain culture to have empathy or put myself in their shoes.

  52. there is simply no ownership over a culture or style, therefore since you cannot have ownership over something like that, anyone is free to use it… people should feel proud to be represented by other cultures, not take offense to it, why everyone always gotta get all offended by everything

  53. 0:10
    In my opinion, dreads looked nice on Kai in Ko Ko Bop and because of his skin tone it made him look like an actual biracial black/asian mix.

  54. I love g-idle And don’t think they’re racist or meant any harm with their performances . That said, they could stand to educate themselves more , make amends and learn from their mistake. Oh and I’m not a POC by the way . Just another kpop fan adding her two cents and and acknowledging how diverse the global K-pop community is

  55. Such a good video, I really liked the way you presented those cultural differences to your students and described your own learning experience at the same time.

  56. Cultural appropriation is the worst thing you can possibly do. Speaking of which, America wants our culture back:

    Air conditioning
    The Internet
    Peanuts and all derivative products like peanut butter

    But seriously, cultural appropriation is bullshit.

  57. Im still so shocked to see what people say about certain idols who did these things. For example: stray kids's chan is still receiving death wishes because he had that hairstyle.
    As long as you arent mocking that certain cultural aspect or using it to put this culture down, its not a problem in my opinion. People are so sensitive today. You will always find a mistake on actions if you look at every detail and interpret.

  58. Thank you for talking about black face in KOREAN. I see some korean youtubers or youtubers that speak korean talk about it but in ENGLISH. Like the entire korean community can understand what you're saying completely…

  59. 10:02 we call ours locs not dreadlocks. However feel free to call kpop idols hair dreadlocks if you want 🤷‍♀️

  60. Dude? This is one of the best Youtube videos that I've seen awhile. It needs a bigger audience/exposure. Thanks for posting this.

  61. 1st of all in Holland's MV is just a kiss. Nothing wrong with it even they are both males like it's just a video guys don't be so alarm with it and also why most of millenials are always feel offended while my mother's time she enjoys watching In living color 😒

  62. The beginning tone had me. This was honestly great tho. I feel this should be taught to everyone. Will everyone accept it? No, because thats what happens with teaching. However, this is definitely help a lot? I believe so. As a black person, I am honestly very happy he did bring this up. This is so important. He's absolutely right about the hair thing too. I know there are a few schools in the US and many work places that frown upon our natural hairstyles

  63. Lmaoooo first half, I was ready to fight 💀💀💀

    I’m glad you are open to unlearning and also helping others unlearn things like this. As a black woman that likes kpop, it’s always hard to see the cringe portrayal of ‘black’ music and culture. Thank you for this

  64. I was about to get triggered. I thought this was going to be a video of some Korean dude freaking out about westerners liking kpop and calling it Cultural Appropriation… because truth is I've actually seen people make that argument and I'm like… kpop wouldn't even EXIST if it weren't for western culture. Kpop is literally shameless monetized western cultural appropriation. I'm not complaining about that. I have no problem with it, but to then turn it around and say that any westerner who likes kpop is a koreaboo or is appropriating "Korean culture" is beyond ignorant. If you think it's so terrible, then ditch the jeans, the loanwords, the konglish, the Starbucks, the McDonalds and show up to work speaking only pure Korean, wearing a hanbok, and only listen to Gayageum.

  65. Wow when i first started to watch this I started to get upset. I was like do you really think that way. But!! then I watched the end of it and I think everyone needs to hear this. Every culture needs to hear a different version of this speech. I think everyone is biased in their own way about different things and I think people need to be reminded that having open conversations where we don't get super defensive but listen to each other is really the way to go. They say this generation is too sensitive but I think the older generation just lacked empathy for others. Thank you for this <3

  66. One analogy i like to use is KIMCHI! Like America hates weird smelling food. Imagine being Korean American growing up bringing Kimchi to school and due to the fermentation you get called weird or other hurtful stuff. Then you grow up and as an adult you start seeing Kimchi at Whole Foods and these people who used micro-agression/racisim towards you and now they over here doing Koreaboo shit and trying to do aegyo. That's the best way i can explain it. Which us why when people like to say "no one has a say on dreads" like yea when black people had it they were told to cut it off and it looked trashy. But someone well known and "white" does it and it's trendy and edgy. That's what people are mad at about Cultural Appropriation. Do not mistake Appropriation for Appreciation. I know koreans would be piss if their Hanboks were mistaken as Kimonos

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