9 thoughts on “Community Mourns Orange Coast College Baseball Coach John Altobelli, Family After Helicopter Crash

  1. It’s not fair anybody was taken, the fact that 3 13 year olds were taken from us in this crash hurts me to my core. To me those are kids (I’m 16). I cried sm over this even though I didn’t know Gigi, Alyssa, or Peyton and they lived across the country. It’s awful, all bright, talented, and gorgeous. Alyssa reminds me so much of my baby sister and I think that’s why her death shook me the most out of the 3 young girls. Same great looks, same kind hearted nature, and they both play and have a love for Basketball. Godspeed girls, Kobe, John, Keri, Peyton, and all else who perished you’re gone but never forgotten.

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