21 thoughts on “Community mourns 6-year-old Faye Swetlik

  1. My little sister is 6 years old. It almost feels like sheโ€™s my daughter! I always tell her to be aware of her surroundings because unfortunately.. even babies suffer foul play in this cold cruel world. I hope this doesnโ€™t go cold and unsolved. Come on fbi/ authorities.. its 2020, we HAVE the right technology to find answers. Whoever did this is already rotten from within. It takes a certain type of sinister piece of shit to murder and dispose of a child like that. I canโ€™t wrap my head around the shit I hear on the news. Spouses killing spouses, parents killing their children .. predators everywhere god damn give the world a break. I am convinced that as long as people exist.. so will evilness.
    RIP little angel, your story will not go cold.

  2. This is unbelievable! This evil was done by a friend of the family or a family member or a neighbor…. the dead Male has got to be the killer…. two dead bodies found in one little town… what are the odds of that?!?! Well, at least he did the right thing and ended his worthless life!

  3. hey, how about the fathers in SC go get all these baby killers and take care of the problem that seems to be epidemic in your state.

  4. I'm so sad for Faye. I prayed all week for her safe return. Shared her face and wished I could go and search for her. But I live in Ohio. I saw the new and cried my eyes out. The world is so cruel.

  5. WHARE did they find her and what condition was she in was she sexually assaulted.she is with Jesus now pray for her family

  6. Omg, sooo Saddening and Tragic.
    May God YHWH Punished All Evildoers Who Harm the little Children.

    NB : Jesus loves the little Children, all the children. Red and yellow, black and white they all Precious in His Sight.

  7. Where did they get this phony reporter with female voice? Don't you have somebody to fix that?
    Good Lord! It's scary to look at a male reporter with a female voice tone.
    What's that? Transgender propaganda now or what?

  8. This dear little girl how she must have suffered. My instincts tell me that she may have been abused for a while, and my heart breaks, Like our family here at @MommyRamblingsBlog my heart breaks and I hope the truth comes out. Now our thoughts are with Dear little Gannon, as time goes on it's not a good feeling all. I am of no religion as most of you know, but I do believe our loved one's passed are our Angel's. I also believe in Karma what you give out comes back to you 3 fold. So to the Evil on this Earth that harms innocent Children, Animals, any human, you will get Karma back in some form. "In the arm's of the Angel's" little Faye" Fly little wing home ๐Ÿ•Š

  9. it's just too dangerous anymore to let your kids play outside. Some even bold enough to come right up in your house. I just dont understand why there are so many pedifiles out there. Cant even go running in parks or camping too many freaking weirdos out there. I feel so bad for this family. I'll pray for them.

  10. I wonder if the male they found was trying to help her and was killed in the process.. its absolutely sad that your children cant play outdoors without having to be fenced in and watched like a hawk bc people are disgusting it's sad it took this long to find her in the community ๐Ÿ˜ญ rest in peace beautiful little girl ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’™

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