Commercials Organizing Update | Ads Go Union

Commercials Organizing Update  | Ads Go Union

(music) Hi everybody. You know, like you, I care deeply about the growing non-union commercial work that is impacting our careers. And that’s why the Ads Go Union campaign that we have been working on is so important. I just want to share a few things that the union’s been up to. One. There have been too many digital spots that have been non-union. And that is why we created the Low-Budget Digital Waiver to increase work opportunities for our members. You know, some of the advertisers who do low-budget digital spots have never been involved with our union until now. There are others who haven’t done union commercials in over a decade. But they are now. That’s for real. Two. We’re holding meetings across the country so we can harness the power of our membership, that’s you, and make this campaign a success. Three. We have also turned a bunch of non-union commercials into union jobs. That is real money in members’ pockets. This includes a series of spots for a national insurance company, a commercial for a major telecomm company, and two different car companies. Pretty good. And this happened because of members. So please, keep forwarding non-union commercial information. It’s all confidential. You just send it to [email protected] and we’ll do the rest. Let’s keep it up and let’s create more union work opportunities. I’m Gabrielle Carteris, thank you for watching.

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  1. Dear President Carteris…This is a very effective way to disseminate the Union's information. I encourage you and the board to continue to do this whenever the most important subjects come up.

  2. Went to a local meeting last night and I am encouraged by the increased involvement by my fellow members and staff. Get involved, learn what our Union is doing, let your voices be heard whether it's something positive or whether you need to vent. WE are the Union. Send anything you think will help capture more work, bust people working off the card, turn a job, does our current contract cover this? to [email protected]

  3. Why is it whenever these videos come out they never name the Companies that have switched form Non Union to Union, the names are always anonymous? I call b..s…

  4. I am happy to see that the Eunice working on our behalf because frankly I’ve been very discouraged. Nonunion numbers in commercials as well as BG work is too high. I’m aware that an increase in union background numbers was not addressed in the last two contract negotiations. We did get an increase in hourly rate as well as safer working conditions for which we are thankful, but one needs a job in order to benefit .

  5. Thanks for this update. I joined AFTRA as a kid in St. Paul, doing radio & TV commercials & PBS specials, and joined SAG when I moved to LA. I'm in AFM, as I'm also a composer and lyricist who produces, arranges, and plays piano and oboe. When your background music faded out instead of ending, it made me wonder if you were using a non-union music library loop. If so, for the future, keep in mind it's helpful to all unions when all unions are helpful to all unions. I also encourage you to credit the musicians & composers, as well as yourself. If the actors hadn't been listed in the credits at the end of the last Star Wars movie, SAG/AFTRA would've voiced their concern very loudly. It broke my heart to see the caterers and drivers listed, but not even one musician in that incredible orchestra for that amazing score. If the whole cast and crew, all those thousands of people, had to bring their own sack lunch every day like millions of students & workers do, the film would've still been as great as it was. But, if there had been no music at all, that would've made a huge impact on the audience's experience. Crediting musicians and composers in these little videos, and always hiring union musicians, might seem like a little thing, but it's all helpful to all of us. xo, Sunny Hilden

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