25 thoughts on “Colony Season 2 Trailer (HD)

  1. I hope that with shows like this and Mr. Robot, USA will rank up in the TV landscape and can have a better schedule, because I'm getting tired of watching 3 months of a season and then wait 8-10 months for the next one

  2. I never truly hated main character as much I hate Katie and every episode I watched season 1, was me wishing she was dead. She's the most arrogant, selfish person, knowing what would happen to her family her children she didn't give a damn and risked everyones life in process. She kept putting her own children life in jeopardy and her excuses still stand in so called 'better future for her kids' Not to mention thousands of people died at the end of season because of their so called rebellion. What did they gain? What did she gain in return? Nothing but being all alone at the end which she fully deserved. She couldn't just stay and do nothing? Bullshit!
    Will just loves her sorry ass which resulted him saving her over and over (which I wished over and over he wouldn't). Hope in this season he won't trust her anymore. I ship Will with Blonde agent anyway. Who cares if Will has 3 children which that selfish woman.

  3. katie was stupid on doing that last episode . they had enough time to see what that thing had . got so pist right there lol dam katie

  4. Almost at the end of season 2. This is a great series. They just keep upping the ante every week. Great show!

  5. Why do characters like Katie Bowman have to ruin an otherwise decent show? And now Bram seems to get on the idiotic side more and more as well? At this point I just want the aliens to win.

  6. This show is the most original show I ve seen for a while.no sci fi,alien invasion movie or series,depicts humanity s sociopolitical reactions like that.no cheesy tom cruise-y saviors ,no will smith saying welcome to earth(which I liked but whatever) .humans turn against each other while being enslaved,instead of uniting,families torn apart.this is genius writing,and great acting by everyone .and this gets cancelled.eveyrybody likes got ,aka lord of the rings with incests,casa de papel,just a good thief series.netflix u better save this one ,fanboy mode

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