9 thoughts on “Colony Extended Gameplay

  1. what about instead of immediately using the unstable one, Jen can use it along 2 sixes to get a 4 and making an upgrade thus using all unstable dices?

  2. I think it makes more sense to blow the chips when you have a full warehouse to ensure you build something crazy and maximize your chance of being able to use the unstable die (since you are more likely to combine a bad roll with the stuff in your pool).

    Of course, if you have stabilisers or tweakers or an upgraded supply depo, that's not so important.

  3. Investment Bank / Scrap Shack / Stabilizer looks like a better combo to me than the double Scrap Shack. It doesn't pump up the Bank as fast, but it's more useful once you've hit the maximum.

  4. And when agonizing over what to convert the two 6's to (at about 18:30)… she could have converted them to a 4 for the upgrade action. Which is why you should never feed the Investment Bank immediately just because that's what you expect to do. Makes it much easier to see the options when you keep the dice out there.

  5. Oh, man… and before trading in two dice for a specific value, you might as well try rerolling one of them if you aren't going to be using the Transmogrifier for anything else. (Well, when you've got an upgraded Supply Exchange, anyway.)

  6. It seems to me that when getting scrap if you roll a pair you should always take the third die, forcing your opponent to take one of the pair.

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