Colony Cafe

Colony Cafe

Colony Cafe is located at 1125 Penn Avenue, right on the border of Downtown and the Strip District. Cafe hours are 8am to 10pm and Cat Loft hours are 11 to 8 with a catnap from 2 to 3 to give everybody a break. Erik’s my husband. We co-own this together. We used to live in New York, in New York City, and there are three cat cafes there. Cat cafes started in Asia in the ’90s really because people couldn’t have cats in their own apartments. When they started to move over to Europe and the US the adoption component came into to play, that all the cats would be up for adoption. I’ve always been involved in rescue and adoption, so I was curious about it and then when they started to open up permanent shops we visited them and thought it was just a great concept and starting to think about the idea that maybe this will be our second act that we could put our own take on one. We set out to look for a new city and we actually made a list of what we wanted, things like an international airport and a good restaurant scene and friendly people and Pittsburgh checked all the boxes. So, we don’t have any connection other than we visited a few times and really loved it and we said “this is it.” This cafe runs like a traditional cafe the difference is upstairs we have the cats in their own Cat Loft, so it’s separated. You can come in just for the cafe and the wine bar. You can come in to reserve time with the cats in the Cat Loft. You can kind of combine the two; you can bring up your food and your coffee upstairs with you. Generally right off the bat most people already know what’s going on here, with the Cat Loft essentially. They don’t know though about the coffee program and the wines that we offer so I hope that we can educate them that we have quality all around. When people just walk off the street for the cafe and are like “Oh, what’s upstairs?” and we kind of just run through “We work with Animal Friends…”, we run through what that process looks like. We make all of our bakery in house. The cherry pistachio biscotti is my favorite currently. We use Ruby Coffee Roasters out of Wisconsin. They’re a micro-roaster, so the attention to detail and the quality is there. I’ve been waiting for a cat cafe for a couple years in Pittsburgh, so I’m really excited about this one here. This is really nice, it’s very clean. It’s very comfortable and you feel like the cats are in an environment where they’re going to thrive and hopefully get adopted too.

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  1. I AM SO HAPPY YOU CAME TO PITTSBURGH! We're going to LOVE your cafe! Welcome! I will definitely be visiting soon! (Also side-note – my brother's girlfriend Kirsten is in this video!) I'm going to share this on Twitter and Facebook to help get the word out! It's so nice that they are adoptable! Great advertisement as well! Yay! 💚👍🏻🐱

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